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Thistleberry Farm
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2020年10月 • 家庭
If you are concerned about covid, do not go here. I felt very unsafe. Once you pick your pumpkins anf flowers, you must pay in their store. Outside there is a sign that says masks required in the store. But neither the store employee was wearing a mask (it was hanging around her neck) nor the other customers. There was a woman coughing with no mask on right by other people waiting in line. I put my family at risk by going here.
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Theresa L
佛罗里达桑福德14 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
So much fun for this grown adult! I felt like a kid again.. the Caramel Apple Cider with whip was so DELICIOUS! The critters about the farm were so much fun to see!!
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田纳西Germantown262 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
This ‘Pumpkin Patch’ experience was so far more than pumpkins! Of course, there were lots of beautiful goards and pumpkins. And an enormous field of pumpkins to wander through. But there was so much more...numerous corn mazes, corn boxes for the kids to play in, LEGO block area, numerous play areas for little ones, the corn cannon (extra charge), hay rides, petting zoo (cows, goats, sheep), playhouses and the biggest bouncing area I have seen plus some pedal carts to race. It was extraordinary and I thought very reasonably priced ( we went during the week).

I commend Thistleberry Farms on a great great experience!
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印第安那North Liberty6 条分享
I enjoy taking the granddaughter here annually. Good time for all. Only downfall is that it is a bit pricey. I believe $10-$12/ adult, which is kind of crazy to me. Maybe if they threw in a free pumpkin/adult admission, the cost would make a little more sense.
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Vanessa I
印第安那南本德15 条分享
2018年9月 • 家庭
This is a great place for the entire family to visit. They have everything you need for your fall decorating needs....pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds, beautiful mums, sunflowers, signs, and corn. There’s also food, including donuts! For a nominal fee, you can purchase a wrist band that will allow your family to gain access to the interactive area.....giant bouncy pillows, pedal bike tracks, a giant slide, the cow train, storybook corn mazes for the littles and larger mazes for the older “kids”, hayrides, petting zoo, lego play area, and more! Free parking. Portable potties on site. A local favorite!
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印第安那南本德445 条分享
2017年10月 • 家庭
I would recommend going early in the Halloween season in warmer weather. We we went it was really cold and the kids did not want to stay long. They have a maze, hay rides pumpkin patches, animals to pet and many other attractions. They also have a nice farmers market and some fair type foods.
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印第安那南本德3,362 条分享
2017年10月 • 家庭
This year, Thistleberry had a little different pricing method. In years past, I could get a wrist band for just the corn maze and hay wagon. It was sort of the parents pass. No so this year. Wrist bands were $12, which for my daughter, her friend and myself wasn't too bad. Once you add on water and food, plus pumpkins and stuff, it was about a $100 day, but that's totally up to what you want to buy.

The kids did the jumping pillows and stuff while I wandered around taking pictures and stuff. We all did the corn maze until the kids got tired. In all, we were there around 3 hours, so the cost wasn't a bad value at all.
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Jason H
3 条分享
2016年11月 • 家庭
If you go to Thistleberry Farm make sure to watch your kids close. There are abominations of nature there. My family and I saw a chicken trying to mate with a duck. I know that the idea of a delicious fowl that contains both the heartiness of duck meat as well as the comfort of chicken sounds amazing, but be advised, it just ain't right.
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Don S
印第安那Mill Creek57 条分享
2016年10月 • 家庭
Very good place to take a child to so they can run off all that built up energy. Highly recommend eating a few of the fresh made donuts.
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田纳西克拉克斯维尔25 条分享
2016年10月 • 家庭
We had a wonderful time at Thistleberry Farm! The weather was perfect and there was so much to do. The kids' favorite thing to do was the jumping pillow!!! The petting zoo was great and they saw baby goats and rode a horse. There were a total of 5 corn mazes with 1 being significantly longer for adults. The cow train was also a huge hit as well as the corn box. They had snack bars and pumpkin picking too. We got to spend time with family, which was a great time. So much more, made our time at the farm a wonderful October day!!
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