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Chris G
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2023年11月 • 商务型
I have personally been recommending this hotel for years because of work. I recommended it to a lot of people but never stayed there. We had an account with work. The reviews from people we hosted always came back great - great rooms, etc. I stayed there twice in three weeks for the first time EVER. LOVED IT. Great facility. Clean, professional, lots to do. The room was great. The work out room amazing., Good restaurant, entertainment. If you want to walk the river its right there. I loved it!! It is close to a lot of other options away from the property as well. I will stay there every time I am close.
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Dave M
伊利诺伊州罗克福德810 条分享
2023年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We were unfortunate to visit on the day that MGM and Caesar casinos were hacked. I completely understand that this was out of the control of anyone at this location however their handling of the situation left us feeling like all they cared about was keeping everyone stuffing their money in the slots. Their answers were evasive and unapologetic. We waited over 45 minutes to get our money out of slot machine while people who only waited 5 minutes were helped. I do not blame the folks trying to help but they way management handled the situation was unacceptable. We were even hassled at the hotel desk when I wanted to cancel the next night’s stay since we couldn’t get any straight answers but eventually got it cancelled. In the end we never even got a “we’re sorry” from anyone. We lost all of our rewards and could not get money out of machines without waiting for a hand pay. We will never go back… learn how to take care of your customers.
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Jay H
爱荷华达文波特378 条分享
2023年8月 • 独自旅游
Rooms are pretty good. I was bit disappointed that they shut down table games somewhat early through the week (not that many open either) and the Craps table wasn't open at all. I guess that's all the workers they can find for through the week.

Had some problems at Keller's American Grill. They over-cooked y my Filet mignon. Service was a bit slow and didn't work the best.

It's not a bad place, just has a few issues.

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爱荷华迪比克28 条分享
I would leave no stars, but you can't!
Cleanliness is lacking. Pubic hairs in the bathroom - yuck. TV had a big white spot in the middle of it, which was nice for watching $20 movies.
Website shows they have a buffet, but it's been closed since Covid. Maybe they should update their website. Website also says "meals anytime", but both "restaurants" close at 10:00 pm. And there is no room service. And the choices of food are lacking at each of these places.
We booked the room thinking it was $179, and were then charged another $75 on top of that for "fees", and then charged another $13.50 for "resort fees".
The coffee in the room was disgusting, and there was no bottled water as shown in the details.
Slot machines are very tight. Would not recommend the casino. Not once did we hear an announcement of a jackpot winner. Rhythm City is 100% better based on cleanliness, friendliness, and fun in the casino.
Very disappointed with the whole experience! Have stayed at much nicer hotels for half the price. Won't be back.
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Barney R
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The casino is decent as casinos go. They have a pretty good selection of slots and they've kept some of the vintage slots that we prefer to play. And they have plenty of newer slots too so something for everyone. I don't do much of the tables games. I remember some of the dealers from so many years ago. I don't go back to try them again. I'll just leave it at that.

The rooms are decent and they make for a nice stay. I think a good number of them have been updated not too long ago. The North Tower is newer compared to the South Tower, but not a lot of difference. Nice rooms, hi-def cable and comfortable beds. They have a nice mini fridge that gets stuff cold. So far, so good. It's perfect.

Food here however is a problem. It's actually a big problem. I went Saturday morning to Keller's Express and ordered two ham croissant breakfast sandwiches and tatter tots right after they first opened. Got back to the room with them and both croissants were dried out beyond belief. I could only get down about half of one and my wife maybe a third of one. We only ate them because we were hungry. Those were not good.

Next problem was we had some relatives coming in from out of town to also stay here and they were to get in at about noon or so, looking for lunch, of course. No way Keller's Express was going to work for that, for more than one reason. Nowhere else on property to eat. Keller's Grill doesn't open until 5 p.m. We went a few blocks north up the street to Pizza Ranch and that was very good. Seems to me you would think one of a casinos prime goals is to keep people on property as much as possible. They really can't with that they have. Not for us in most situations.

This place has some possibilities, they just need to fix some problems such as this.
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Jay H
爱荷华达文波特378 条分享
Any changes or improvements seem to be few, maybe a small amount. They seem to have gotten background music changed to something a bit better than what it had been for several years. They brought back self-serve coffee at Keller's Express which is a plus. That's about all we could find searching high and low.

When operating a Casino one of the top things is the offerings for food, that's a given. It's one thing people really look for. People gotta eat and as rule they expect it even be a bit better than something run-of-the-mill. It can make a lot of difference as to where people go and where they stay. Yet any choice here almost doesn't exist. Keller's Express for breakfast or lunch? No that really doesn't work. We've stayed overnight and tried the breakfast items, no thanks. We've tried the lunch too, nope. I guess part of our problem is we remember what this property has had over the years and when it falls short, you come away very disappointed. For years on the 2nd floor they had Tradewind's Express. Now they had good food. That space still sits on the 2nd floor, closed up last I saw.

We had hoped the buffet would be brought back, no luck there. That space was converted to add more slots to the Casino floor, brilliant. I think you already had plenty of slots. We've not had any problems finding one or something we would want to play. So thinking back again on what they did have and is gone, I think back to 2nd floor. Next door to what was Tradewind's was a huge space that was the buffet. My guess is that space is just sitting there with the doors locked and all the equipment, tables, chairs and all just sitting inside. If that's the case I would say they're really missing out there. There would be very little cost to reopen it.

So, mostly we find ourselves playing earlier in the day, venturing out for food in the area and we don't come back. We've not found any other solution. Maybe pack a ham sandwich, buy a bag of chips and a drink from Lone Wolf bar, sit back and enjoy : -) There is Keller's American Grill but that opens late in the day with limited hours to say the least. The food there is good, it's just not that readily available as to the hours. Then they have something called Caesar's Eats. Order in to your room from somewhere local. Give me a break. I mean that's their solution to the problem they know they have? Do they ever look around at what their competition offers? Anyway, it is what it is and anything I have mentioned before seems to just fall on deaf ears. So, we stop in maybe a couple of times per year. Nothing close to what we used to.
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爱荷华迪比克107 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Hotel Very Clean, Comfy Beds, Cozy and Clean. Rooms are spacious and include desk, a nice chair, and a small refrigerator. We can’t wait to staycation here again soon.
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Lee V
爱荷华Palo5 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Sketchy room at best. Worst casino/hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. Room with a view of roof plumbing and constant rumble from AC units.

TV didn’t work complained and they said they’d fix it after we leave. This was our 26th wedding anniversary
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Kathy V
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Nice layout to restaurants (other than Keller's American Grill) and the casino. Room was very clean and quite. Nice size refrigerator. Billing a little discombobulated. We made a reservation to include "pet". Looked like we were billed in advance - full room amount to our credit card. Then when checking in were informed of about another 80 dollars in fees. We are still trying to understand what exactly we were and are being billed for.
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Blues Fan
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2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Upon arriving to our "non smoking king deluxe" room(4022, 4th floor, North Tower) I noticed a very substandard desk chair in our room, complete with a cigarette burn and stains. I called the front desk to confirm we were in a nonsmoking room, telling the hotel employee about the chair...her only response was to assure me we wouldn't be charged for damaging the chair! I suggested that the chair be replaced, as it hardly represented furnishings worthy of a deluxe room that they were charging over $200 a night for on the weekend we were there (September 18, 2021). Thank goodness we had received a discounted rate as part of a close by music festival we were attending. Also noticed extensive mildew/mold in the shower. The Isle in Bettendorf definitely did not meet up to the advertised "luxurious" accomodations!
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