Saylorville Trail

Saylorville Trail(得梅因)

Saylorville Trail

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James F
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2019年6月 • 商务型
The Saylorville trails are a perfect place for a bike ride. Beautiful scenery throughout and the trails themselves aren't what I would call challenging. A great family outing.
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Matthew S
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One of our favorites
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Great area for a walk, run or bike ride ANY Time of year. Many shaded areas to get out of the sun. Love an autumn run through!
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爱荷华苏城11 条分享
I think it was a good way to spend a great day
2017年7月 • 好友
we started driving across a bridge that run over the lake it is a mile long then we drove over the dam that makes the lake followed the road in to a camp ground and it took us right down to where the water flows out of the dam and forms the Des Moines river again pretty cool area and really good fishing area people were catching fish pretty regular I will fish next time for sure and camp there are trails and swimming near by and a lot of different areas to set up a picnic and just relax when I come back I will need a few days to explore what a great area close to everything but in the woods
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爱荷华Ankeny1,022 条分享
You would use this trail to go someplace else.
2016年8月 • 独自旅游
I live in Saylorville. I have ridden my bike on this route many times. I am usually riding into Des Moines for the Saturday morning Farmers Market. Other times I ride my bike up to Saylorville Lake or the High Trestle Bridge. It is a flat, easy bike ride that runs along woods which are along the Des Moines river. The trail is not usually crowded with other people. You can ride along in silence and listen to the birds in the trees and look at flowers along the trail and at some open spaces you can see the water flowing in the river.
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爱荷华得梅因515 条分享
Well maintained, beautiful scenery
2016年9月 • 家庭
Walk along the lake, through the woods, stop at the butterfly garden or visitor's center. Get as much exercise as you want in a lovely, lovely setting.
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Chris J
爱荷华阿尔图纳23 条分享
Hearty trail with beautiful, curvy trails
2016年10月 • 好友
View fall colors while walking under tree canopies and brushy prairie grass. If you're we were...our dog alerted us to a curious deer peering behind a few scrub trees, just a few feet away. Whether walking, biking or taking your dog for a jog, the serene peacefulness of Saylorville Lake and trails will re-energize a fast paced soul to slow down and take in Nature's free gift. Stop and enjoy the visitor's center, picnic area or garden area. Your heart, mind and soul will thank you for it.
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Karen H
爱荷华得梅因8 条分享
Beautiful Trail
2016年5月 • 好友
This is one of the most beautiful biking/walking trail I've been on. Lot's of shade and beautiful views. One of my favorite trails for walking.
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Des Moines, Iowa34 条分享
Good trail for all abilities
2016年5月 • 家庭
The Saylorville Trail is officially called the "Neal Smith Trail", and runs for about 25 miles. The north end is at Big Creek State Park, near Polk City, and the south end is basically underneath the University Avenue bridge in Des Moines.

This is one of the original bike trails in the area, and one of my favorites. The trail is very, very flat from the Birdland Marina (in DSM) all the way up to the base of the Saylorville Dam... which is about 9 miles long. If you are just an occasional biker, or have family with you, this is probably the section you'll want to stick with. It generally follows the Des Moines River, and has a LOT of shade. So, even if it's warm outside, the trees will provide a lot of shade for you. However, there isn't going to be a lot of water available, so plan accordingly.

If you want a slightly more challenging ride, you can head bike along the northern section of the trail. There is a long hill to get up to the top of the dam, and then the trail has some significant drops and climbs afterwards. There are a few areas where the trees thin out and you'll encounter some wide-open spaces, too.

The pavement is in good condition, mostly. There are a couple of rough bumpy spots, but at least one of those is going to be fixed this summer (2016). Otherwise, I can't complain.

And be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife on your way. Along the river, you'll sometimes see deer & turkey, and on the river you might spot a blue heron or the occasional pelican.
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爱荷华Clive136 条分享
Vistas, Gorges, Forests, Oh My What a Trail!
2015年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This wide, paved trail is part of the Iowa network, and goes from Saylorville lake to the heart of Des Moines. It's a beautifully scenic trailing, offering forests, river gorges, lake views, a pass by the marina, etc. Be aware that it's a bit hilly and has some blind corners. And watch for pedestrians and runner if you're biking it, which I have done a number of times.
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Cliff K
爱荷华得梅因525 条分享
Best Kept secret in Des Moines
2015年8月 • 好友
Easy access from many places. Early AM for birds from early spring - Blue Indigos and Orioles to the Pelican Migration and Fall's numerous duck and geese. Its a place to walk or ride a bike - cyclists need to be aware of walkers. The picnic areas in what's know as Cottonwood are well maintained by the US Army corps of engineers. There are numerous shelters that can be rented and playground areas. It goes along the river so there is that wonderful view as you are riding or walking- Plus more birds such as Blue and Green Herons. At the end of the day you can see wild turkeys and many deer... so many along the trail you can almost shake there hands. The trail can be a little bumpy but I hear there is funding to recondition it. I think its a fantastic trail.
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