Driftless Area Wetlands Centre
Driftless Area Wetlands Centre

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Joe N
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2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We like to stop at centers like this and weren't disappointed. The staff was very helpful, there are a lot of hands on displays and my favorite was the video explaining what the "Driftless" area is, how it was created, and how should be maintained.

Make sure you ask to see it!!
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密苏里圣路易斯45 条分享
2018年6月 • 家庭
Quite a unique and educational location to visit. Filled with amazing historical and important rocks of the area. There is so much to see. They also have a fun Friday Farmer's Market.
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Kevin A
伊利诺伊州Park City1,283 条分享
2017年6月 • 好友
I went there with my friend and we had a good time and we had the place to ourselves and there were a lot of interesting things to see and like the birds in the bird house and when you see a butterfly and before it hatches and when we had binoculars to see the birds in the hole of the bird houses it was very interesting,
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科罗拉多利特尔顿13 条分享
2017年7月 • 家庭
We took a wrong turn while driving to the Effigy Mounds site, and stopped here for directions. We ended up loving this place more than any of the other stops on our road trip that day! Everything was "hands on"; the rangers encourage kids to touch all the displays, and there are tons of microscopes and bug boxes to interact with. My 8-year old, who loves all things that slither, crawl, or hop, was provided with rubber boots and a net and joined the ranger in looking for bullfrogs in the nearby pond. This is the best little nature center we've ever found, and we'll be sure to go out of our way to visit again the next time we're in this part of the country.
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Daniel B
Cedar Rapids361 条分享
2016年11月 • 独自旅游
The day I stopped here it was 73 above in NE Iowa and I am sure the last time we will see temps like these this far north in Iowa for quite sometime. I stopped here mainly b/c the last time I stopped it wasn't close to being done just yet. The center is small on the outside but holds a rather unique display on the inside. It also houses many displays about how this part of Iowa came to be. This area is known to be a "driftless" area. Its is known in these parts to be classified also as the Paleozoic Plateau. Deeply carved river valleys that have escaped the last glacial period and is now known as parts of NE Iowa, parts in MN and WI as well. The whole area inwhich this center is has got to be seen to be believed. This ain't no driving along the interstate and seeing nothing but flat lands and bilboards. This part of Iowa is diverse and its topography will drive you up into the river bluffs to stop and gaze and see wetlands and limestone outcroppings and river bluffs and yes, Effigy Mounds. Earthen mounds in the shapes of conical and compound as well as birds and bear mounds. This area is filled with these type of burial mounds and many of these have been here for thousands of years. The center has drinking water and public bathrooms. A small parking lot and a representation of a common wetland and a small walking path surrounding the pond. It also stores valuable information regarding the local parks and info from the DNR and US Forest service. If you do nothing but stop here you will not believe your eyes. In my opinion, this place is worth stopping for.
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爱荷华锡达拉皮兹55 条分享
2015年12月 • 夫妻情侣
We found this fantastic place quite by accident and when we were leaving Marquette. I'm sure this is an awesome place for all ages even though the building was closed. Don't miss it!
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Erin R
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2015年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This place is fairly new and is still being worked on. We stopped in and toured the prairie path that they are still working on. They have a nice display of an Eagles Nest. Inside they have several animals and skins as well as aquatic animals. They also have an education area with tables where they hold classes and activities. This is a work in progress and more items will be added.
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