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Reno County Museum
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俄克拉何马州塔尔萨4,035 条分享
This museum was constructed in 1872 and started out as a jail. The two stories contain over 36000 historical items.
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Penny F
乔治亚Gay422 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We wondered in and the staff was great, friendly . The exhibits were fun , lots of what you would expect to see ,But many surprises. Go check it out. We had a great time
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Emily E
科罗拉多布雷肯里奇31 条分享
2018年7月 • 家庭
Wonderful and interactive displays all about Hutchinson and the neighboring counties. Really great history finds with a research library upstairs and a fabulous play area for kids upstairs for a $1 a kid. That place is perfect for a rainy day! And the little gift shop has $.20 cent candy sticks which is a perfect end to playing!
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堪萨斯Wamego70 条分享
2017年7月 • 家庭
The kids got a kick out of seeing things older than grandma. I thought you have done a wonderful job preserving all these things. Thank you!
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Tyler D
堪萨斯Hutchinson6 条分享
2017年3月 • 家庭
This is a great addition to Hutch. Nice little place and has a lot of cool stuff for kids. Well taken care of.
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Ryan D
堪萨斯劳伦斯1 条分享
2015年12月 • 家庭
it was an amazing place with many fun exhibits and a lot of fun things to see and learn. I think it is a great place for everyone.
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堪萨斯Clifton37 条分享
2015年7月 • 独自旅游
Stop and check out the Reno Co Museum. This is a great experience and the staff is lovely. Make a weekend out of it with all of the local attractions in Hutchinson, KS!
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74 条分享
2015年5月 • 好友
This museum tells the story of Reno county. If you are not interested in that, don't bother. I love history and I am from Reno county so this musueum is interesting to me. It covers many of the small towns in Reno county -- Haven, Sylvia, Turon, Partridge, etc.
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堪萨斯Hutchinson7 条分享
2015年3月 • 家庭
I used to take my children to the play area,which was on the first floor. They loved the dress up clothes and ability to pretend play with the teepee and the general store.Now I take my grandchildren to the updated Oodleplex upstairs and they enjoy those same items, plus many more that have been added. And they enjoy going through the museum too, as did their parents. We love this free little museum.
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Don H
堪萨斯Hutchinson125 条分享
2014年10月 • 好友
This museum unfortunately pales in comparison to most in the area (for instance, the Quivira Museum in Lyons, KS). They have some interesting material here, but it is very poorly organized and displayed (as an example, we have never seen more uncaptioned photos in any museum). A reference area on the second floor, with many irreplaceable books and publications has zero security. It is nearby a large children's play area (very out-of-place in a historical museum) and anyone and everyone can browse - or pilfer - any of the materials. This is absolutely inexcusable. A woman with three loud and unruly children who had obviously brought them in only to play with the toys, was present at the time we were there. There was much shouting and running to distract us. A somewhat disinterested employ or volunteer was present at the reception desk. She greeted us when we came in, but we never saw her again, through our entire visit. We had the intention of joining the Reno County Historical Society when we came in, but after seeing how things were being run, decided that we wanted no part of it. If we return, it will be only to use the reference materials; that is, providing that they are still there...
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Thank you for coming to visit the Reno County Museum and for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback. I want to address the issues you had during your visit. It is important to note that the Quivira Museum charges for admission, while the Reno County Museum does not and has never charged for admission. As a result, the Quivira Museum has the funding and the staff to do more with their collection than we do. We are dependent on funding from Reno County as well as from donations and memberships. Furthermore, we have only four paid staff members, and only one of them is committed full-time to this museum alone. This small staff fills many roles for this museum, including creating exhibits, community outreach, and public programming, with the generous help of our wonderful volunteers. As for uncaptioned photos, we provide as much information as we can for most photos in our exhibits. You may be referring to the uncaptioned photos in our first floor main gallery exhibit, which are contributions from Reno County residents; these photos are meant to provide a visual perspective on the 14 towns and cities within Reno County, rather than verbal information. They were part of an experimental crowdsourcing component of an exhibit and they were given to us by visitors to our museum. Our research room is open to the public, much like a library, and we are careful stewards of the items we offer for use there. For the most part, the books and other publications are duplicates (or sometimes even reproductions) of items in our artifact collection. Originals that are not Reno County specific, and so do not fit our collecting mission, are therefore not kept as artifacts. However, many generous donors have willingly allowed these items to be placed in our research library for the use and enjoyment of our visitors. We do have a security camera monitoring the research room, as well. Our historical children’s play room, the Oodleplex, provides us with at least 95% of our visitors, and it is an excellent way to introduce children to Reno County history and to museums in general. Their parents bring them to play as well as to look at our exhibit galleries. We do ask that parents supervise their children and keep them from being unruly. It is unfortunate that your experience was unpleasant and I’m sorry that you had to deal with an inattentive parent while you were here. If a visitor brings such behavior to our attention, we will address it with the parent(s). We would love to see you back again for another visit to the Reno County Museum, and would be happy to help you with any research questions you might have.
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