Locked In Kansas
Locked In Kansas
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Liberty C
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2019年2月 • 家庭
Webpage is extremely misleading. We hit the button under a cool photo that said, “Book this room.” The actual Room is at the front of the building, well lit and much like a common cubical, nothing like the pictures. Asked for a refund, but owner was rude and said no. Argued with us that no one ever complains, no one expects the picture to be the same, and they’re always fine with the glorified cubical room. Perhaps it was our fault for expecting the photo, Mel sure seemed to think so. Zero customer service or admittance of faulty marketing. We spent $180 and will never be back, I really do not support businesses that don’t consider or appreciate customers.
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堪萨斯Leavenworth5,411 条分享
2018年9月 • 好友
4 of us together. Clues took a little time as they should. We made it out with only about 5 minutes to spare. Room is a bit small. The tunnels were great. Had a very enjoyable time
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德国海德尔堡2 条分享
2018年3月 • 家庭
No. Just no.

We've been to many an escape room across the country, but this one in Leavenworth is by far - the worst.

I'm hesitant to submit a review as I like to support small and local businesses. However. At over $20 a pop (for one hour) - this escape room is not worth your time.

The room is entirely too small. We were only three people and were cramped. I can't imagine having the max of 8 people jammed into this tiny space (equivalent to a large walk-in closet).
Some of the clues were old (falling apart, torn, hard to read, even though this was not part of the story-line).
Many clues were broken and unreadable.
And a few did not work at all (which warranted the employee to enter our locked room (while the clock was ticking away) to unjam or fix the broken clue.

Employees should not have to return to your room numerous times to "fix" their clues. This is not part of the escape room process.

One clue involves numbers written with sharpies on cheap plastic gold coins. Except - half of the numbers were smudged off and the employee had to enter our room just to help clarify what should already be easily readable to an escape guest. One should not have to ask for clue clarification due to malfunctioning and decrepit clues. (Seriously???)

We were all hugely underwhelmed. The establishment itself was untidy and unorganized. We were originally led downstairs to dark tunnels and asked to retrieve flashlights - but no information explaining why we were walking downstairs. We thought this is where the escape rooms must be located.


You go on a history tour of the tunnels beneath the space (which is cool to see!) but it was littered with garbage, debris, and cluttered along the way with filth. I mean - whaaaaat???? It was only when we came back upstairs....confused....and we asked - Are we going BACK downstairs? Why did we just see the neat historic tunnels? That we were told - "No...that was just a tour of the tunnel".

Then. The employee (who was actually very kind) apparently didn't correctly capture payment for one person in our party as the owner called my cell phone AFTER business hours to collect.


C'mon now.....have the business acumen to call someone for payment per YOUR mistake - during normal business hours. Not after.

An absolute total waste of time. I felt bad for my guests who also had a poor time and felt largely the same (without having discussed any of this with them). I was embarrassed I brought them with me to this facility.

Save yourself the time and trouble and visit the escape rooms elsewhere (we've been to a few in KC that were really good) and let this business reorganize their story lines, clues, management, and cleanliness first, before you spend over $20 for an abysmal waste of time. We would have asked for a refund but the fact that you get to walk in little-known underground tunnels...dating back to the late 1800s - was pretty neat and justified the price of admission, so to speak. Have low expectations and you'll be fine.
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堪萨斯Shawnee1 条分享
2016年11月 • 好友
I went with ladies from my church and we had a fun time! Great team building experience and we broke out of the Warden's Office! Had 11 min to spare! We are now ready for the next one!!!
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Laura N
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2016年9月 • 家庭
We went as a family with our 13 and ten year old. We got grouped together with another group of four, so we had members from 10-78. It was a wonderful time for all ages and everyone contributed to the challenge. This is a super fun time for all ages! Great, unique experience! It's rare to find fun activities that all ages enjoy equally.
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Thanks for the review Laura! We enjoyed having your group and both of your groups worked awesome together. Total team effort! We look forward to having you all come back and try the Warden's Office!
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Chris E
夏威夷火奴鲁鲁144 条分享
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This was our first experience with an escape room, we did The Infirmary. It was so fun that I'll bring my kids back for the Warden's Office. I think smaller teams (2-4) are better, so go during the lower peak hours. If you get stuck, the staff can offer tips.
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Thanks for visiting Locked In Kansas! We appreciate the feedback and look forward to having you and the kiddos escape the Warden's Office! Thanks, Greg
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This was our first escape room and it did not disappoint. We will be going back for the other escape room adventure! I went with my two kids 15 and 11. They had a blast!
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俄勒冈尤金85 条分享
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
This was my first escape room experience. The "Warden's Office" focuses on you and your team trying to escape from Leavenworth's famous prison.

Difficulty: Some of the challenges require you to really think through the clues. Nothing in the room is unsuitable for kids, but they probably won't be able to help much with the puzzles. Teenagers could be useful.

The room itself has a time limit of 1-hour. However, include a little time to get there early and spend a few minutes after. You'll want to get the story of the room and maybe chat with your team members (sometimes two small groups will be booked in the same time slot, resulting in a larger team).

The ideal team is probably about 4-5 people. Too few and you will run out of a time, too many and the puzzles become difficult because not everyone sees all the clues.
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