Jefferson Davis State Historic Site

Jefferson Davis State Historic Site(Fairview)

Jefferson Davis State Historic Site

Jefferson Davis State Historic Site
历史景点 • 纪念碑与雕像
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威斯康星Wautoma52 条分享
Worth a quick stop
Have relative stationed at Fort Campbell. This site is very close. Stopped here one time but it was after hrs and closed. This summer we passed by it and stopped again. Museum open as well as the monument. Doesnt take long to go through the museum. Ride to the top of the monument was interesting. Caretaker was talkative and humorous. Interesting to learn about Davis's life outside of the Civil War and all his accomplishments.
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堪萨斯堪萨斯城772 条分享
Interesting, but over priced
I had wanted to come here for years, but when I got here I was underwhelmed. I paid $11 to see a small museum on the life of Jefferson Davis (all of which I already knew)
& took an elevator ride to the top of the 351 ft tower where I got a view of the surrounding countryside in each direction. The staff was very friendly & wanted to talk & I appreciated that. However, if I had to do it over again I would probably not go.
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南卡罗来纳Ridgeland448 条分享
Worth the drive on a beautiful day
2020年10月 • 独自旅游
Beautiful drive thru the country and all of a sudden a huge monument. Great little park and visitors center. Visit it while you still can.
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肯塔基Winchester332 条分享
Underrate Gem of the Parks System
This is a great little hidden gem of the Kentucky State Parks system. Jefferson Davis is an obviously controversial, but import part of the history of the Bluegrass State, and this park preserves that chapter of our history.

The monument itself is a site to behold, but sadly it's not currently open for tours (usually an elevator takes you to the top for viewing). It's closed due to a mechanical issue with the 100 year old elevator, but the state has ordered custom parts to overhaul it, and should have it available by Spring 2021.

Other than the monument, the key attraction here is a neat little museum that honestly focuses just as much on the divisive history of the Confederacy in Kentucky as it does Jefferson Davis. The real gem here though, is the park's sole ranger. Throughout much of the year he's the lone employee of the park, and he's very knowledgeable on the subject and extremely approachable.

I recently made the drive down from the Lexington area, and thought that the park was well worth the trip. You can easily see it all in an hour and a half though, so if you're planning a day-trip for this park, definitely check out the surrounding area and find a few other attractions to see on your trip.
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加利福尼亚Hercules315 条分享
Great if we coulda seen it ....
Hi gang,
Working our way west across Kentucky I researched the Jefferson Davis Monument and wanted to see all 351 ft to it. Well....apparently the elevator has been down since July and the public isn’t allowed to use the stairs all I could do is crane my neck and say, “Wow”.
Looked around the gift shop, talked to the nice hostess (museum was already closed for the day) and finally left.
I sure hope the Kentucky State Park Dept gets their tail in gear so the visiting public can enjoy the hard work put into this project.
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Joe L
田纳西默弗里斯伯勒737 条分享
Beautiful Site
Was taking a leisurely drive through Kentucky and noticed a tall obelisk that caught my eye. Got off the main road and ended up at the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site. It’s no wonder I noticed it…it’s 351’ tall…LOL

This is a 351-foot concrete obelisk commemorating the birthplace of Jefferson Davis who was the president of the Confederate States of America. Was an impressive sight and there is an elevator you could ride, but it is out of order until next year. It was a bit hot outside so I headed into the visitor center and looked around. Some interesting history here about Jefferson Davis and The Civil War. The BEST part of the visit…spending time talking to the Park Manager David Smith who is a wealth of knowledge and just a pleasure to talk with. In his office are some interesting photographs and relics from The Civil War, and he took time out from the “fun” of paying invoices to talk with myself and other visitors. This spot may be off the beaten path but it is well worth the visit.
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Sam D
佛罗里达维罗海滩638 条分享
Totality of the Historic Site is Impressive
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
The Jefferson Davis State Historic Site is located in Fairview, KY, a remote and off the beaten path tiny town in SW Kentucky best accessed by US Highway 68. The two main components of the Historic Site are the 351 foot Memorial Obelisk built between 1917 - 1924; and the Museum. The site is open daily. Although off the beaten path, this Historic Site is definitely worth the effort to visit. The Obelisk is impressive and the Museum offers interesting mostly unknown information about Jefferson Davis’ life and historic impact on the United States. Plus, the local Amish Community provides a glimpse into another way of life. Enjoy.
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2 条分享
Road trip around Southern Kentucky
2018年11月 • 好友
The ranger was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the history of the site. The assistant that took us to the top of the monument provided details that my friend and I knew to be false and racist.
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肯塔基Elkton2 条分享
My family and I had a great time it great to have a picnic there and going up in the monument is awesome,
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Matt Roelandts
印度Mohali232 条分享
Delightfully informative
2018年6月 • 家庭
We discovered this monument while traveling some back roads in Kentucky. We enjoyed learning a bit of American history in the museum and also traveled up the elevator to the top of the monument. The look out windows on all 4 sides give a great view of the countryside below. Definitely a delightful stop while traveling.
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