Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo
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俄克拉何马州McAlester8 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Such a sad little zoo. We did not care it was small it’s just that the “habitats” -cages are in deplorable conditions!! I realize they probably need a lot more funding but it was depressing to see the animals in such conditions. The entry fee is cheap $6 per adult but honestly they should up the price and TRY (please, please, please) to improve the habitats- living spaces of these animals!!! We are not from this area but if I was I would work on fundraising for this sad and depressing zoo!
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Emily S
2 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
Monroe is a very small town and the fact that there's a zoo this well put-together, and this inexpensive, is quite impressive. We visited on a hot Thurs in June and attendance was very light so we had a great time moving about freely with no waiting anywhere. Grounds mostly looked very nice with lots of shade and beautiful flowers throughout. We throughly enjoyed the train ride, splash pad, budgie feeding, and reptile house. (The boat wasn't running that day and we missed the petting zoo area and gift shop). You're able to get pretty close to many of the animals which is fun. We were just 3-4 feet from the albino alligators! The area in the back where the bear and wolves are feels very secluded, like you're really in the thick of a forest or jungle. I look forward to returning and getting a chance to ride the boat. If you keep in mind that this is a small zoo and set your expectations accordingly, then you and your family can have an adventurous, fun filled day here!
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阿肯色州26 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
I used to visit this zoo all the time when I was a child visiting Monroe with my aunt. After twenty the zoo has changed a lot. The night house from what I could tell is no longer open and many exhibits are closed and over grown.
That said, I would still recommend a stop if you’re in the area. Admission is still cheap ($6) and adding the safari bayou and train tour is only a couple dollars more. Kids will still love this place. I didn’t get a chance to do the bayou boat ride, but I remember it being very fun.
The zoo just needs better funding and it has potential to be much better like I remember.
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路易斯安那州Minden19 条分享
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We enjoy zoos. Lots of shade, lots of benches to sit and observe. Plenty of trees, flowers and bushes. There is a boat ride and a train ride you can take for extra $3, for a smaller zoo we found it clean and pleasant- concrete large pathways. They could use better signage and a better map
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Crystal norred
1 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
First time 2 yr ago it was nice. animals to see on boat ride 8 months ago it' was so bad animals look depressed not many animals to see boat ride not a lot to see train wasn't working I feel so sorry for the animals I'm going to take my granddaughter one.more time to see if conditions.have improved and I will leave another rating I really hope they have invested some money into the health of their animals.
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路易斯安那州亚历山大城192 条分享
Husband and I (in our 60s) visited 2/23/2020 on a late Sunday morning. Place nearly empty of people and mostly empty of animals to see, and what we did see made us sad. In general the animals seemed depressed and/or lonely/bored and their enclosures seemed barely functional as far as being decent animal homes. I wish they had more things to play with and swing on, etc., and certainly more spacious, clean and thoughtful dwellings. The ones we saw with food in their spaces, they all seemed fairly disinterested, not sure why. One animal was busy removing or digging around the veggies to get to the dry dog food at the bottom of its bowl.

Whole place kind of unkempt. Rhino house full of large visible poop piles, almost knocked us and our noses to our knees as we hurried past. No boat or train running but almost no visitors at that time so I understand that I guess (as in why bother if no one here to ride). Concessions closed so no drinks or snacks for us. Gift shop closed, unfortunate because we wanted to buy fundraising bricks we saw being promoted (we asked the super nice lady working the admission window could she sell us one but the bricks are only sold in that closed gift shop, which maybe zoo folks could empower the window lady, a ray of sunshine by the way, to sell bricks in future).

Maybe we could blame the dreary day for some of our feelings, and anyone can tell for a fact the place just needs tons of $$$love to be transformed into something as sweet as the Alexandria, LA, zoo or even the awesome Caldwell zoo in Tyler, TX ... I'm always so irritated by the Duck Commander area ... I suggest that useless setup be trashed and the super rich Duck guys would unload a few of their ka-billion dollars onto this poor, sweet little zoo that deserves hanging in there all these years).

Having said all that, let me add that I'm sure as spring arrives and more people want to come out that the place will perk up both as far as blooming gardens, animal viewing and more workers there to tend to the place (by the way, every employee we ran across greeted us with smiles and waves and a "good morning.") We only saw a few workers and they were clearly busy bees trying to keep up with the day's zoo needs. I'm guessing feeding alone takes forever. We could see evidence food had been delivered to at least half with some others making loud calls as if to say hey, me next, I'm hongry!

A final note. We buy yearly memberships for the Alexandria zoo and were surprised that our card from there got us in free here. Some zoos do that but most just give a discount on tickets. After we left the zoo, I told my husband let's never take free admission there again, let's just pay. It's super cheap so why not? I really like this little engine that tries so much. Sure wish more money was poured in. We'll spring for bricks next time we go, and I encourage everyone to do the same, plus when everything's open, eat here, shop the gift store, ride the boat and train. Help this little zoo reach more of its potential.
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8 条分享
2020年2月 • 家庭
We went to the zoo today. The train ride was great. The train conductor was very nice. The ULM mascot Warhawk was out doing tricks. The zookeeper who ran the petting zoo as exceptionally nice. The animals were obviously well cared for. It is a little older, but has some nice features. We will definitely go back.
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乔治亚Temple355 条分享
I spent about 4 hours visiting the zoo on August 5th. Had a chili dog, and rode both the train and boat. I could see that this is an older zoo and can also see the efforts being made to bring it up to date. The zoo employees and volunteers were top-rate! I really enjoyed viewing the many beautiful creatures! I will return on my next stay in the Monroe area.
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Miranda A
1 条分享
There is an issue with the splash pad that really needs to be corrected, pronto. We paid for 3 people to get into the zoo just for the splash pad. This thing cut off every 3 minutes and stayed off for a minimum of 5 minutes each time. At two different times, it stayed off for 10 minutes. There were about 20 families there that were complaining about this, and most ended up leaving and stated that they would find somewhere else to go in the future. It is my understanding that the zoo invested a good deal of money to install this and was doing it in hopes of attracting business. I can assure you that this thing will not be attracting any such business by cutting off every 3 minutes and staying off for an extended period of time. Kids have very little patience, and the last thing us parents want to listen to in this Louisiana summer heat is whining, complaining children after we have paid a pretty penny to get into this thing! I have been to a MANY a splash pad over the years. This is not how they are supposed to work! I have even been to this particular one before, and it didn't do this then. I don't know if this is something y'all have implemented to conserve water, or what, but it needs to be fixed. FIX IT or stop running it!
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Debbie B
路易斯安那州Columbia43 条分享
2019年6月 • 家庭
Took youngest grandson (1 y/o) to this event. Weather was beautiful and everyone was so friendly and helpful. Would definitely go back again!
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