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缅因州布卢希尔73 条分享
Out of Business
2012年12月 • 家庭

(the building was sold and they are no longer there...which is a wonderful thing. Blue Hill Books is still in town just up the hill)
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Richard F Wright
马萨诸塞Jefferson118 条分享
Let the Books do the Talking
2011年10月 • 夫妻情侣
On our visit to Maine we stopped at North Light Books and Blue Hill around the corner. The North Light was clearly a town favorite. Lots of people popped in, made purchases and knew each other. As a tourist, it felt friendly to be there. Blue Hill is different in style, mood and content. But, there is definitely room for both. I'm not sure why anyone would have found a problem with the folks at North Light. We loved it.
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Kraye G
佛蒙特伯灵顿23 条分享
Plenty of books and quiet.
2012年7月 • 夫妻情侣
The basement is a great place to hang in the cool and read. While I'm a used-book fan, the partner isn't. Great assortment of new books. Comfy chairs. Whoever the interior decorator was, they should include multiple picts in the CV from this place.
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俄克拉何马州Nichols Hills177 条分享
Out of business
2012年6月 • 好友
They were doing the last bit of cleaning. Thank God there is the wonderful Blue Hill Books just up the hill.
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佛蒙特伯灵顿3 条分享
Charming store, warm and friendly owner.
I have been going to this bookstore for years and have never experienced what one reviewer has written about 4 times! I believe that this reviewer has a personal problem with the owner.
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1 条分享
Nice bookstore
I'm staying in blue hill for a week and was really surprised to see the nasty reviews. It's a perfectly nice little store and the lady running it was very nice. I came with my 8 year old daughter who looked at the kids books, and the owner treated her very nicely.
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缅因州布卢希尔1 条分享
The Best Book Store in Blue Hill!
2011年7月 • 独自旅游
The negative reviews are completely incomprehensible to me.Unlike the snobby owner of Blue Hill Books who won't give a customer the time of day, but have always been treaed with courtesey and had great discussions with the owner/manager of North Light Books! She is a real professional, who knows her market and her products. Maybe some undisciplined children were disrupting other customers and the selfish mothers can't see straight? Otherwise, I can't understand the rude and inaccurate reviews below.
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马萨诸塞剑桥1 条分享
Most wonderful Bookstore
I go often to this bookstore and the service and the friendliness of the owner is fantastic. Some one is obviously trying to sabotage North Light books and the owner who could not be nicer or more helpful. I really feel that Trip Advisor should look into what can only be termed malicious attacks.
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New york2 条分享
Horrible Horrible owner
I wish this place would go out of business. The owner is so rude and crazy. I love blue hill but it makes me cringe each time I pass by it. Blue Hill books is so nice and friendly. Why anyone would go in this store is beyond me . The owner needs to be committed.
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Virginia & Maine19 条分享
Unpleasant all around
I had the same experience as other reviewers, twice now, in Northlight Books. Why sell children's books, yet chase children away and chastise their parents - before the kids have done anything at all? The sign on the door between the store and the bakery in August 2009 was classic customer service. Despite being right next to a bakery/coffee shop with walkthrough, it instructed not to bring any open drinks or food in the bookstore. OK, so they have chosen to strike a balance between customer lounging comfort and potential spills that is different from some other book retailers. The last line perfectly described the ambience though. It had a snarky line something like: "common sense, right?" My view of common sense is to not shop where they don't like me, my kids, or my money enough to be polite. Particularly when there is a close alternative (Blue Hill Books).
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