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Coastal Maine Popcorn Co
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缅因州萨考3,947 条分享
Like a kid in a popcorn store.
We didn't know there could be so many different and unique flavors of popcorn. Some were too outlandish to even try, but the Maine maple is fantastic.
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密西西比州Canton745 条分享
Great Flavored Popcorn.
2021年8月 • 好友
25 choices. Good location and good service. Good price. Various packaged sizes. Popcorn is fun and people like it. I would rather eat a Hot Dog.
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罗德岛East Greenwich1,841 条分享
Absolutely disgusting flavors!!
2021年8月 • 家庭
I’ll preface this review that maybe I made bad choices in flavors. But we tried 5 different small bags (both sweet and savory) and none were very good and two were outright disgusting.
We were excited to try this cute little popcorn place in Boothbay during our recent trip. It seemed to be popular and had lots of flavors. But man were they gross.
The absolute worst was the Pucker Patch. Not sour and smelled (and tasted) like a urinal cake. We literally spit it out. Citrus Grove tastes exactly like fruit loops. Very artificial. The Glazed Cinnamon and Maine Blueberry Pancake ones weren’t horrible but the flavor just isn’t strong enough.
Overall we would never go back and we’re looking for friends to give our five bags to!!
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11 条分享
Worth a Visit
Very friendly staff and great popcorn! No samples due to COVID but tons of flavors and options. The Maine Maple was delicious. Would love to return.
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Thank you so much! We truly appreciate you visiting and taking the time to write a review! Julie
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德克萨斯州Lockhart82 条分享
It was like walking into a room full of family!
We walked by a couple of times and our 3yo insisted that we go inside. Everybody in the room behind the counter greeted us and started giving us samples. There was a good vibe and energy and I felt like we were back in the South. the popcorn flavors were unique and very good from what we tasted. We bought a sample pack and will probably buy more online for our daughter. I would definitely recommend this place to any popcorn lover.
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Hello and thank you so much for stopping in and for your kind review! We truly believe that providing exceptional customer service and having fun with folks that walk in are 2 of the best things in the world! We hope you come back and visit us soon!! Julie
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7 条分享
Best popcorn!
Creative flavors, fresh, and welcoming staff! A quaint shop in the village, close to other shops and restaurants! Definitely will be back!
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Thank you so much for visiting us! We certainly appreciate it!
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Joseph L
宾夕法尼亚费城57 条分享
Very expensive!
I suppose it is quality popcorn....but come is popcorn....caviar costs less...did not purchase any.....instead, went out for dinner for the same amount I would have spent for a few bags....
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We are truly sorry that you feel this way... You can purchase a small, 6 cup bag of popcorn for $4.99, about the same price as an ice cream. All of our popcorn is air popped and hand made at our location one batch at a time. I hope you got to sample some of our different flavors and will consider visiting Boothbay Harbor again! Thank you for your time..
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Stanley S
佛罗里达Winter Garden371 条分享
Qquestionable service
While the popcorn is good, just adding the word "gourmet' doesn't justify the price. This business has been here for many years and I believe it started out in a small store across the way. I guess in the "gourmet" industry this is standard pricing. There are several varieties and my wife was in popcorn heaven. Me, I can take it or leave it. You can get bags to eat now or there are sealed the bags for travel. My wife had previously been talking to my sister who indicated she should ask them for the bag to be sealed and not off the shelf as the last purchase she had made was soggy from sitting. On this particular day my wife ordered bags to be taken home for her and for our daughter. Since we were traveling she asked for the bag to be sealed and the service person indicated there were bags on the shelf that were already sealed. My wife relayed what my sister had told her and asked for a newly filled bag and for it to be sealed. My wife received the stink eye from the clerk. The woman indicated she could only tie it closed or my wife could take the sealed bags from the shelf. She opted for a new bag and had it tied closed with a twist tie. A small boutique business in a niche area should make customer service their byword. My wife and I both work for one of the foremost entertainment endeavors in the world who sets the standard for customer service. This was not good customer service.
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Thank you so much for you review... We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the service that you received is not acceptable for us at all. I'm very sorry that this happened and we will be speaking to our staff immediately about this. If your wife had wanted a brand new packed bag that was sealed, that is exactly what she should have gotten. If you would be so kind as to send me an email with some flavors you would like, I would be happy to ship them on us. Thank you again and we truly apologize.
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Anne H
Fountain Hills, Arizona, United States31 条分享
Many, many wonderful flavors
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We strolled into Coastal Maine Popcorn on a recent trip to Boothbay Harbor. The shop was well staffed and we were immediately assisted by a young woman who was extremely helpful. We sampled a few different options and settled on Southwest Cheddar and Chocolate Caramel and Sea Salt. I knew I had to exit the store before I bought tons of flavors. Everything looked so good. I learned that her favorite flavor was Dill Pickle and that their most popular flavor was Maine Maple. You can also order on line, several different size bags as well as party favors. I received a discount coupon for my first online order. I believe they also have locations in other coastal Maine towns.
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Thank you so much! We are so happy that you had such a great experience!! Julie
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Rochester20 条分享
Good popcorn, but feels overpriced for...popcorn.
2019年7月 • 家庭
I really like this place and they are more than happy to provide any samples you’d like. Many flavors to choose from. My only complaint is the popcorn is pretty expensive. I paid $5.99 for a small popcorn, which is real pricey. Great concept and I hope this place does well so I would encourage making it a bit more affordable for people.
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Thank you so much for visiting us and for taking the time for your review! Your small bag (6 cups) that was $5.99 must have been a bag of our chocolate coated popcorn. All of our popcorn is air popped and is hand made in small batches. We appreciate your business very much! Julie
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