Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach(奥甘奎特)

Ogunquit Beach
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Pamela R
宾夕法尼亚Glen Rock284 条分享
Beautiful, clean beach
We found this beach by accident on a drive around the area. It turned out to be a nice, uncrowded beach with room to let our dog loose to run. You do have to pay to park there but it is very reasonable. There are clean restrooms and an outside place to rinse the sand off you and the dog.
we really enjoyed our time there.
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Judy L
9 条分享
Absolutely one of the best public beaches anywhere. Beach is very clean. Restrooms available are always clean and updated. Best walking beach at low tide. Spend hours walking up and back. It is our happy place. Spring, Summer and Fall are all amazing times here!
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Ni Ni
马萨诸塞索格斯1 条分享
Gettin dirty
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
It is a nice beach if you come early enough in the morning and ignore what you see during the day. The public areas were messy when we visited. There was no police and I doubt the lifeguards can legally drive. Restaurants are pricey especially for drinks. $8-$10 for a beer? 1 star for reminding me of Revere beach. The water was brown both times we came and weather not great. Prefer a cleaner and less crowded beach next Summer.
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Ady K
74 条分享
Nice Beach!
The beach is very nice. In September it was a bit cold, so we mainly walked around the beach area. There isn't free parking in the area.
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20 条分享
Fabulous floating down the River
2021年9月 • 好友
One of my favorite things to do is float in the changing tidal Ogunquit river. You can just jump in and float or pick up an inflatable float. It feels like flying along in the water.

I prefer to do it without going under the bridge since it can be very hard to get back depending on the current… and head to shore before you get to the mouth of the river if tide is going out. Typically no lifeguard on duty there.
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纽约州Clifton Park12 条分享
Warm water for Maine
I actually went in the ocean. The temperature was 68°. Even though the beach was crowded we were able to find a spot. I especially like that they have very clean restrooms at the beach as well as a shower to wipe off your feet
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宾夕法尼亚Colmar17 条分享
Crystal clear water
2021年8月 • 家庭
What a breathtaking beach. The water was chilly but crystal clear. The kids had fun playing in the sand and playing in the waves. The waves were small.
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纽约州波基普西市14 条分享
they could use more than one beach wheelchair
I would have loved to get on the beach, was a very hot and sunny day, but was not able to as I use a wheelchair and cannot stand or walk, and there is only one beach wheelchair which was already in use. Waited 3 hours in the area of benches watching the beach, but the chair was still was in use so we left as it was getting late. Did come earlier but no accessible parking spot available at that time (which we need, not for distance but because we have a van with a ramp on the side). My star rating is not in any way reflective of the beach, which is beautiful, but rather my experience that particular day. There is ramp access to the beach but dragging a regular wheelchair through the sand is very difficult and my companion not up to it. We were within walking distance of the beach but my companion also not up to the walk. Did come to this beach 2 years ago and was able to use the chair, although that was quite a cool September day and did not stay long, but really enjoyed. At that time, there were 2 beach chairs available. Do not know what happened to the second one, but would be great if more could be made available, and if a Mobi-Mat could be placed so at least could get on the beach. Would be wonderful if everyone could access this beautiful beach on any day. Note also there is a step to the beach store, and that seems an unnecessary barrier which could easily be remedied.
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康涅狄格Avon268 条分享
A lovely evening visit to the beach!
My husband must avoid the sun during peak hours, but we visited the beach in the early evening one night. We had gotten two pizzas at Cornerstone Artensinal Pizza and enjoyed them on the beach! There were a number of people at the beach, but it was low tide and we did not have to walk too far to find a very safe area to settle down. Even going into the water was not crowded where we picked. This was an ideal time for us to be with our daughter and her family at the beach. We were able to watch our granddaughter have fun with her boogie board too!
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德克萨斯州Bay Area Houston12 条分享
Not worth the profiling and fuss at this crappy beach. I’ll go to another beach in Maine next time ..
2021年8月 • 家庭
Very very packed with minimal parking. Very rude lady who is racist. Don’t go here if you want to be racially profiled and b*#%#d at.. old people who want to hold some power for no good reason lol 🤡
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