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2023年3月 • 好友
if you are looking for a comprehensible nuanced understanding of the life + legacy of the Dows then you're not in the right place. Male host was barbarous and started our tour by making fun of a member of the group. He stood at the top of the stone steps near the door and shouted vague instructions to a member of the group on how the lock functioned. When she wasn't able to get it open right away he started laughing at her. The experience got worse.

An incident was a weird comment he made about the wife of Neal Dow while we were looking at a painting of her. ( many of the paintings were done by the same person and produced in the same way in what seemed to be either the 1880s, 1930s or 1980s. Every time we got too close he pulled us away or ignored the questions) He pointed to her portrait and says " I wouldn't would to be on the wrong end of a back ally and see her and a rolling pin". I was confused, as I haven't ever heard that phrase before but instantly understood the sentiment ( she was a portly woman with a stern by knowledgeable gaze) I asked what he meant by that statement, and he replied "IT was a JOKE" and tried to move on. My classmate asked him again "but what does that mean?". It was clear that we were not following the script, he grew visibly angry and gestured broadly "...FOUR of her children died before the age of 2..." He had a habit of asking a question that clearly had a specific answer then laugh at the brave soul who dare speak up.

We made it know that we are a mixed group of non traditional history majors from the University and looking to look closely at historical material. The request fell on deaf ears. The 2 person guide team corralled our small group through the house in a hurried manner. (this place also functions as a research library so everything should be accessible by tradition). I got the feeling that my classmates and my musings on the physical objects that were displayed were angering the male tour guide. He would loudly say weird slights like " those history majors too interested in ____, Hey! We are over here now! " In one corner of a room I was trying to find a marker for a piece of folk art on a bookcase. I found a few index cards with numbers and short descriptions. I thought it could have been a list of historical objects in the room. But I didn't get a chance to review the list because the male tour guide rushed over to me, accused me of trying to "get him" and attempted to take the cards from my hands. Which I felt really weird about.

At the end of the tour I was disappointed and feeling exhausted by having to track his hands as they had a habit of touching me and my classmates, going as far as to literally PUSH one of us toward a location. The two of them had a knack for trapping us in locations like narrow hallways and corners. Any questions we asked to further our understanding fell of deaf ears as well. If it wasn't about the things that he personally has collected or the narrative that he wanted to tell then it was made VERY clear. I would never allow my friends to walk into that building alone. The male guide misogynistic, wouldn't treat women with respect and latched on to the ONLY male in the group and rebuked the females. I am honestly disappointed, I loved the history and the access to it. I was working with REAL history in person, a history majors dream. But as a non binary femme presenting student and adult I would never recommend any women or non cis-straight white male to go into that tour alone with the male guide. I was physically afraid of his demeanor and clear distain for femme presenting people.
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Nikita R
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2018年8月 • 独自旅游
I like history and old things, so I really enjoyed my visit here. It was very amusing to learn about the daily 11am "rum break" in Portland and how P. T. Barnum was an active prohibitionist. I found the place by accident and I believe it's only open twice a week (Monday and Thursday) for a few hours, so be sure to call in advance. It's not a flashy place, but a good choice for those who like history.
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2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We thought this might be an interesting museum. We saw two partial floor of the house. We got the history of the place. The price was too high for what you got to see. In that way, we were disappointed. Seeing old portraits was interesting--but they were not identified and not known who they were. It was a rather rushed tour--maybe twenty minutes. It did have some history if you were interested in the abolition movement.
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