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Unless you’re a professional artist, don’t waste your time or money...
2020年1月 • 好友
Zero teaching, instruction or guidance. It was literally see how an artist can paint, but go ahead...try to keep up. Very frustrating and unsatisfying experience. The only people having a good time were drinking...the rest of us left feeling very sad, disappointed or angry.
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英国萨里57 条分享
A great alternative and a lot of fun
We saw this as we were walking around Portland - and thought it would be a good fun alternative to just going out to eat/drink more seafood/beer.

We were right! It was great fun and all the staff were really friendly. I've not done any painting since a kid and was surprised at how much fun it was.

You send them a photo (in my case my dog), they print it out on to the back of a canvas and do an outline for you, which is then put on a light box, so you can see it just a bit - so more involved than painting by numbers! They help you choose and mix the colours and also give really good guidance from start to finish. It really was a great thing to do, and we got to keep our masterpieces.

If you want a different, fun and friendly experience run by some really good people, you should give this a go.
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纽约州布鲁克林203 条分享
I travel extensively through the US and Europe
I never experienced a place like that
The concept is truly unique
What a great idea to get "entertained"
During vacation 😊
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爱荷华Waterloo24 条分享
Fun Painting
2018年11月 • 家庭
My granddaughter has been several times and we went along while visiting her. A total of 5 in our group. The instructor gave great tips for the ones who are not so artistically inclined! Over all had a great experience, highly recommend.
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缅因州波特兰125 条分享
Just wanted a night with friends
2018年10月 • 好友
I am no artist. Must admit though painting along side a live instructor was fun. Everyone has an easel, palettes of paint, their own white canvas. We are all painting the same scene with a trained instructor on a dais up front. Time for your favorite beverage or food. Listen to music and paint. No expertise required. Relaxing. Sociable environment. Get to go home with your masterpiece.
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美国12 条分享
Three Times! (So far)
2018年4月 • 家庭
Actually, I did three paintings, one at National Harbor, and two in Gaithersburg. I couldn't find a place to write a review for those locations, so i decided to write it here. I did the feather for my first one, and that was my favorite. Second, I did Paint Your Pet, which was hard, but came out really well. Third, I did one that was I think called, Windy Autumn, which was probably my least favorite because it was too hard. I defintely did like all of them. I think It is better for 5-7, because they don't really care what their artwork looks like, and ages 11+, because at that age they still care what it looks like, but it looks better because they are older.
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California174 条分享
Lots of Laughs With The Family!
There were about 15 of us taking a class and having wine the evening we played at Muse. Our husbands did not want to go but once one knew another was going to attend they all agreed to do it and in the end they were glad they did! There was a lot of friendly banter, a lot of laughs and just a whole lot of fun. We all learned some good tips from Amy (she was SO patient with us!) and came home with proud paintings! It does take concentration so to get the value for your time, money and effort, be sure to stay 'reasonably' sober :-)
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Amy B
德克萨斯州达拉斯62 条分享
Good group outing!
2018年2月 • 好友
I went with a church group of about 20 or so. This was my first time to Muse, but I've done the paint & drink thing several times before. The staff were super friendly and helpful, all while encouraging creativity. Be aware that the parking situation can be a little challenging. There are only a few street parking spots out front. You'll likely have to find street parking within a few blocks, or pay for one of the nearby lots. The price is what I would expect for something on Commercial St.; however, their drink prices were quite a bit higher than I was anticipating. All in all...a great group activity!
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纽约州纽约市117 条分享
2018年4月 • 好友
I'm not the biggest paint bar fan. I call them places for people with no creativity. Any real artist would just buy a canvas and paint an original.
But Paint Bars are fun for those non artsy people interested in learning how to paint for the first time. Or when you need a guided group activity to keep people busy. In this case it was some relatives.

There are several things that are not so great about this location. The tables are set up in groups of 5 which make it hard to interact if you are with 3 or 4 people since you would be on opposite sides. The seats are pretty low so unless you are in the very front, you have to stand the entire time to see the instructor. Wine is a bit overpriced (cheap bottles going for $8-11 a glass). The music was pretty awful. A mix of 80's classics and top 40 that repeated by the end of the night.

Otherwise it was an ok time-the most interesting part is seeing the final results and how different everyone's paintings are at the end. Since i'm pretty much off the grid mine always looks like I went to another class.
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缅因州波特兰32 条分享
A family favorite
2018年2月 • 家庭
My family and I go there very few months because we have so much fun. You don't have to know how to paint -- the instructors guide you through the process step by step. Painting there is actually a very relaxing so well as enjoyable. The staff is so friendly and helpful.
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