Greenbelt Walkway

Greenbelt Walkway(南波特兰)

Greenbelt Walkway
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Linda C
田纳西纳什维尔162 条分享
Nice paved trail to bike, jog or walk
The Greenbelt Walkway starts at the Wainwright Rec Complex and ends in Bug Light Park. Plenty of parking and restrooms at the Wainwright Complex - and a park mid-way thru the walkway - then we saw picnic tables at Bug Light Park - and jiffy Johns - no running water. The walkway is paved and fairly well marked - we made a wrong turn at Broadway, riding on a sidewalk, but turned around and got back on the right path! Without the wrong turn, the route is 5.6 miles each way. The lighhouse was a nice find and there is a memeorial to Liberty Ships that were built in South Portland for WWII. The walkway has some bumps from roots and some of the posts to keep motorized traffic off the path are rather close in places (at least for a bicycle rider or a wide stroller) We enjoyed our ride.
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新罕布什尔州Dover9,321 条分享
2019年7月 • 好友
The Greenbelt Walkway originates at the Wainwright Athletic complex near the Scarborough line, runs through Mill Creek Park, and ends in Bug Light Park.

It is part of the Eastern Trail and East Coast Greenway. The South Portland section is about 5.6 miles of paved trail.

Admission is free.

It is used more as a bicycle path.

If traveling the full length of the trail, one will encounter a number of different scenic views. From Bug Light Park, one sees Portland Harbor and the Portland skyline. In the Knightsville section of South Portland, one sees Mill Creek Park. A few miles away, as the trail parallels Broadway, one sees the expansive Casco Bay Bridge. About halfway along the way, the walkway follows Barberry Creek.

On our visits, we covered most of the Greenbelt Walkway.

We rate the Greenbelt Walkway at 5.0 and highly recommend a visit to at least part of it. The section in Bug Light Park is the most readily accessible

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Mark L
康涅狄格谢尔顿19 条分享
A Really Nice Multi Use Trail
2018年11月 • 商务型
I found this trail by accident when I crossed it at Broadway during my morning run while visiting South Portland for work. I returned the next day and ran from the west end at the Wainwright Sports Complex. It was dark and rainy when I started the run, so I had the trail to myself. My time was limited so I had to turn around at Broadway. Near Broadway there were several houses that backed up to the trail. At one CV of those houses someone had set up a "welcome center" for dogs, complete with water and s jar filled with dog biscuits. How cool is that?

My only regret about vfb this trail is that I couldn't run the whome thing. I hope to run the whole trail next time I'm in South Portland.

There is plenty of parking at the sports complex. The trail is flat and paved with asphalt. It winds its way from the parking area past sports fields and a nice wooded area. Near Broadwsy the owners
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缅因州开普伊丽莎白596 条分享
6 miles of trails through South Portland
2018年4月 • 独自旅游
This magical trail takes you past ocean views and through local neighborhoods. It is a great place to bike, jog and walk safely. This trail is part of the East Coast Greenway that will one day span 3,000 miles from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida.
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John B
Wilkes Barre, PA62 条分享
Gem in South Portland
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Great place for dog walking. Bicyclists respectful and give a verbal heads up or bell ring when coming up behind you. Well maintained. Not as good for roller skiing due to bumpiness. Allows for limiting car use due to proximity to shopping.
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科罗拉多埃奇沃特66 条分享
Great Place to Run
Very nice run here from Wainwright Sports Complex. About 5 miles each way. What a memorable turn around point, very cool light house. Picturesque!
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diane g
缅因州班戈22 条分享
the best
If your looking for a nice comfortable walking path, consider the Greenbelt in South Portland. It is a beautiful walk.
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缅因州波特兰364 条分享
A paved walking path...
2015年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This is an easy walking path connecting Bug Light Park to other parts of South Portland and by some roads and sidewalks to Cape Elizabeth in the other direction. It is popular with walkers, bikers, and joggers.
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Shelley K
15 条分享
Ride from the woods to the ocean
2015年11月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a well maintained bike path that passes through many types of settings. It has some small but gradual hills. People do use the path to walk so it is not soley for bike use.
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缅因州Greenville12 条分享
Love it
2015年5月 • 家庭
The walkway is great for walking, jogging, roller blading or biking. It's perfect and safe with young children.
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