Morse's Sauerkraut
Morse's Sauerkraut
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新西兰Kerikeri77 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
A broad selection of first rate meats and cheeses. If you need quality and variety several notches above the supermarket deli counter, this place is a must. Even better, the counter staff is 110% accommodating, offering advice and samples, and taking the time to listen. There’s also a huge selection of packaged ethnic foods, mostly from around Europe, leaning German? Home made pickles and sauerkraut too. Not a place for the sodium-shy, but you already knew that, right? All in all, a fun destination, and worth the 8 mile diversion from US1.
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Lynn R
缅因州Monmouth1 条分享
Visited yesterday for the first time in months. I was not disappointed! The booths have been removed in the restaurant area, and it is now filled with holiday delectables. The selection in the rest of the store was every bit as good as I remembered, if not even better. I found everything I was looking for and more. You must try the Haus Kraut. It's in the refrigerator case in small tubs. It is delicious! Please note: All appropriate precautions against virus transmission are being taken. I felt very comfortable shopping here.
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缅因州Searsport450 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We travel over an hour each way frequently for their homemade pickles and sauerkraut, their massive selection of cured meats, sausages, andcheeses. Wide assortment of european ingredients and condiments, haribo sweets, licorices, coffees, wines, beers, jams, nectars, spreads,,,,,,, the list goes on and on........ out in the boonies of waldoboro no less.
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缅因州Thomaston329 条分享
This place is a must every time I come home. It's a small European market with an incredible deli and they have a restaurant that serves what they sell.

I always get the scnitzel Holstein. Make sure to ask for a runny egg, if that's what you like. There is an incredible assortment of mustards for you to use, especially if you are ordering one of the many sausages they have. Most of the food is German style, however they have a traditional bean supper (very Maine) available also. I also love the pickles that you get to eat while waiting for your food to come. No carb free app instead of bread? Yes!!!

There are some dessert dishes but I never get them. I'd rather go out and sample cheese!

Everyone loves working there and is very helpful. It's such a treat to walk around.

Get there early, I've had to wait 45 minutes before.
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jer b
康涅狄格布里斯托尔1,855 条分享
While we were waiting our turn for a lunch at the restaurant, we explored the shop itself where the world famous sauerkraut and sausages are sold. There are free samples all throughout the store and do sample, as the pickles and their sausage is just wonderful. I ended up purchasing things that are hard for me to find back home: candied citron, chestnut paste, etc. By the time we were called for our lunch the trunk of the car was filled with newly purchased treasures. The sauerkraut is just some of the best we have ever had, not acidic or overly salty. We always bring a cooler to take some home, but if you cannot make it to Waldoboro, the sauerkraut can be found in Maine grocery stores too. The parking is in front of the store/restaurant but beware as the road has a hill to the north and a curve to the south and people drive very fast here. If you are going north, it is best to back down a bit south in order to see the oncoming traffic a bit more easily. Just a wonderful shop and restaurant with such an long and interesting history. If you are going to dine, come early (they open at 10:30 am) or later (they do close at 4 pm.), as there is limited seating of about 5 booths. They do run out of things too. They had served all their potato and cheese pierogi before we were able to order.
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缅因州罗克兰2,759 条分享
While you can get Morse's sauerkraut and pickles in several places around the area, a side trip on route 220 is worth the effort. Morse's is a German deli/market/small restaurant off the beaten path. Beyond the pickles and sauerkraut you can find pickled beats, red cabbage and various sausages. The sandwiches are delicious and worth the wait. Given the small size of Morse's, you may have to wait for a table for to sit down but you could spend some of the time shopping in the store.
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RI, USA16 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Best weiners I ever tasted, served with a mountain of delicious sauerkraut and Bavarian mustard. Is this heaven? Maybe. Also, the rueben with corned beef and homemade russian dressing on toasted marble rye was huge and delicious. Definitely worth the thirty minute wait for a table.

The store was great fun, too. We wound up getting a jar of sauerkraut and the same delicious mustard, along with brattwurst and weisswurst. Dinner was as awesome as lunch! Special shout out to the guy behind the cheese counter. He gave us some interesting cheeses to sample and clearly loves his job. What a fun way to spend an afternoon.
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新泽西Hampton72 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
This place was delicious. No alcohol allowed in restaurant. The house made pickles that they serve as a starter in place of a bread basket were delicious and purchased later in the store. The make your own plate was the way to go. I got the spaetzle, Irish banger sausage and pickled beets. Each were amazing and I was very excited to have Curry ketchup at the table since it's one of my favorites with sausages. My friend got the bratwurst, the red cabbage and sauerkraut. It was also delicious. A meal that felt like Oma made it. Save time to shop in the store! Small place, so suggest early start.
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新罕布什尔州Gorham1,068 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
A bit off the beaten path but it's worth the drive. Whether having lunch or shopping for delicious German snacks, we always leave happy
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Pritch M
缅因州Union161 条分享
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Great stop for shopping and good for lunch too. Unique German items but can get somewhat pricey thus the 4 stars. Out of the way which proves if you have quality items people will find you
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