Bethesda Salt Cave

Bethesda Salt Cave(贝塞斯达)

Bethesda Salt Cave
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  • Bethesda • 步行 2 分钟
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Courtney P
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So Unprofessional
I have been a patron of the Salt Cave for many years, since they first opened. My friends and I have enjoyed many celebrations there and I have referred numerous professional and personal contacts who have also patronized the Cave. On April 25, I booked a massage appointment online with KIM for May 8. I arrived 15 mins early today for my $200 pre-paid massage, as prompt arrival is customary and considered respectful & professional with massage appts. When I got there, I was told that "my therapist is parking." 15 mins went by and no therapist. At 11:15, the owner, Janine, came casually strolling into the building with her dog. She approached me about a minute later and asked me what was wrong. I held my phone up and said "well I am supposed to be on the table right now." She promptly walked me back to a room saying "well lets get you on the table" and I was really puzzled because 1.) I knew FOR SURE that I had absolutely NOT booked a massage appointment with her and 2.) I was astonished that the owner was going to give me this massage without an explanation or apology for being late or an explanation about where Kim is. When we reached the room, I looked at her and said that I really was not feeling the relaxing benefits of being in a spa and asked could I have a refund. She seemed relieved that I did not want the massage and walked me back out front and refunded my money. Not once did she apologize for being late or for my experience -- she kept saying "I am so sorry you feel this way, Courtney." And here, I was thinking that at the end of my birthday weekend and during Mother's Day weekend, I could get a relaxing massage and support a small business, what I ended up doing was ending a long term patronage of a place that I once thought was a haven for relaxation. I will never step foot in the place again. On my way out, I simply said "just do better." I hope they do!
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Maximilian B
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Great experience with a great set of people. The salt cave helps with respiratory conditions and will help you relax. Breathing in the salt will help remove mucus and clear the throat especially in high pollen seasons. Will be back soon
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宾夕法尼亚兰开斯特县25 条分享
Utterly relaxed & totally decongested!
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a couples massage followed by salt cave session. Totally recommend this! For the first time in years, my husband slept a solid night without waking or snoring! We will definitely be back!
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马里兰哥伦比亚4 条分享
Salt Cave Experience
It definitely delivered what it promised. I only wish I had been more stressed when I began so I could relish the whole de-stressing experience!
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Poor customer service/not the best quality massage for
Your money
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
Unaccommodating to their customers/not very friendly over the phone. Overpriced for just OK massage service.
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马里兰贝塞斯达1 条分享
Wonderful relaxing birthday treat!
2019年6月 • 好友
My daughter and dear friends treated me to a salt cave therapy afternoon. We were greeted politely upon our arrival and clear instructions were provided. We all enjoyed the cave, relaxing in lounge chairs with pillows and blankets. I dozed off and woke up feeling fresh and relaxed. I was then introduced to Tiffany, who provided the best massage I have ever had. She is intuitive and knowledgeable, knowing just the right amount of pressure to apply. I highly recommend her! We were treated very well and definitely will be back.
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阿肯色州琼斯伯勒98 条分享
Great way to relax after a busy week!
2018年7月 • 好友
A work colleague and I visited after a long week of classes and sightseeing! It was our last night and we decide to catch the metro up to Bethesda and try it. We each got massages and time in the “cave” and it was wonderful. I had my massage first and then ended up with about an hour in the salt cave on one of the anti gravity chairs. I actually relaxed so much, I fell asleep!

I highly recommend the experience! Great value!
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥1 条分享
Yoga and Pranayama with Erica
2018年5月 • 独自旅游
I was so excited for my Yoga and Pranayama with Erica this morning!

Upon Arrival:
I arrived early as asked and when I walked in no one really greeted me. I walked around and look at their stuff, still nothing. After I asked where I needed to be or what I need to do I sat and waited for my instructor to bring us back. They offered to hold our personal belongings while we were in class which I thought was nice until I had to track someone down to get them back.

The salt cave:
The room was very nice but it felt like nothing was really ready for the class. They said to bring your own mat but there were mats available for you to use which was nice.

The yoga class:
We finally got settled in and going 5-7 minutes after the class was supposed to start. The class also ended 8 minutes early! Transitions were a little hard to follow and Erica seemed a little gruff when trying to help a lady next to me to was clearly new to yoga. We have all been there and on top of feeling self conscious, it doesn't help when an instructor doesn't seem to have the patience to help you get into the flow. The cherry on the cake for me was the shavasana, literally the most important part of a yoga practice, 20 seconds!! Not an exaggeration! We laid there and I took 4 breaths and she is like ok, Namaste? Wtf? Followed by please get out, there is another class I need to set up for? For real?!? Maybe if we would have started on time and the room was set up and ready to go we could have done a real shavasana. Possibly leave a little buffer with so you don't have to rush your clients out the door. Even while I was rolling up my mat she completely ignored me. She didn't ask how the class was, have I ever been there before. She was once again to concerned with the next class to even completely finish her class.

Needless to say, not impressed. I won't be going back or recommending their yoga to friends or family.
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马里兰盖瑟斯堡4 条分享
What a fantastic place to relax
What a great place to relax. The surroundings were peaceful & calming. I could have stayed hours (if I could afford it- haha). I will definitely be back again. Also, the bath bombs I bought were terrific- I need more!
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区103 条分享
Review from the Perspective of an Asthmatic
2017年7月 • 独自旅游
After reading about the healing properties of salt, I was excited to find the nearest salt spa. Bethesda Salt Cave was the nearest spa and advertised healing treatments for asthmatics. I arrived for my appointment and before I could enter the door, there was a huge dog in the reception area that was visible from outside.

Due to chronic asthma, I can’t be near pet dander. I called the spa on my cell phone to ask about the dog. The receptionist offered to put the dog up which she explained was the service dog of an employee. I understand that service dogs are necessary. The spa should understand that service dogs can trigger deadly asthma attacks for asthmatics. The spa should not advertise/target asthmatics given that they have a deadly trigger. Also, the spa should notify customers when making an appointment that there is a dog on the premises.

If I wasn’t aware of m surroundings, the combination of the service dog with my asthma could have been deadly. The spa should be accountable for communicating the risks to their asthmatic customers.
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