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Chester River Brewing Company
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Kennedyville, MD1 条分享
Beer very good, owner rude
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I was party at a table of 6 enjoying some light conversation and beer tasting. As would be the case I was "on call" and sure enough my phone buzzed. Not to interrupt our table conversation I took the call but stepped around the corner and sat on the bottom step of a stairwell leading to the second floor. After several minutes the owner, Kevin Shertz, approaches me and begins a robust tirade about me being in his private space and would I please get off his steps. BIG blah blah blah! It was such a rude way for him to treat a patron and dumped a big bucket of ice water on our entire table. Everyone was astounded.
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I will preface my remarks by saying that I did have my irritation with this customer get the better of me, and I do apologize for that and have been in prior contact with this customer to try to defuse their lingering resentments. However, there are several key points to this interaction that have either been misrepresented or omitted from this customer's review: 1) my interaction with them was solely based on my attempt to get between the first and second floors of our structure via our stairwell. This review makes it sound as though I, from across the room, decided I didn't like what they were doing and chose to insert myself into the situation. Not true. I was traveling from my office to the Tasting Room area. 2) the stairwell in question was blocked by a chair and an easel on the stair landing, clearly identified as being off-limits, or so I thought. The patron was in fact halfway up the steps to the second floor, not sitting on the bottom step as they have claimed. I am 100% guilty of allowing my annoyance with this customer's behavior to get the better of me, and I need to strive to do better. But it needs to be said that this was a very brief exchange -- and one that when I informed the patron that they needed to not be in the stairwell -- "sorry," was said by the patron and I thought it was a non-issue. I honestly didn't give it a second thought. But, clearly, resentment has lingered, and I feel the need to acknowledge that. I'm sorry I permitted my annoyance to get the better of me in this situation. I don't expect the reviewer to modify their account of what happened, but hope it helps provide a fuller view of the circumstances.
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Pennsburg84 条分享
Excellent beer
We stopped on our way to Great Oak Manor on Sunday, June 19th. We met the owner and had a nice conversation over a flight of 6 beers. I can honestly say that I enjoyed each one of the samples. If you enjoy craft beer, it is worth the stop.
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Thank you for your visit! I hope the rest of your stay in Kent County, MD was as enjoyable as your visit with us. Please come again!
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Paul G
Northern New Jersey4 条分享
Good beer, odd attitude.
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Using the reviews here, I looked forward to our stop at Chester River Brewing Company. There were six beers on tap and we tried a flight. All were well made and our favorites were the Rye IPA (me) and the Oatmeal Stout (my wife).
Then came the interesting part. I asked about filling a growler - I have several glass ones from other microbreweries and a double walled stainless steel growler that I love to use. Kevin noted that if I wanted to take beer home, it would have to be in his "nano-growler", which is actually just a half growler - 32 oz. I asked if he was considering any change in that policy. He responded by saying he had nothing to say about that but that he had no intention of considering doing that in the future. When I told him I already had enough growlers and would like to take beer home in my own, he concluded our conversation by saying that he didn't have to do that. "After all, I've sold 280 of my nano-growlers and I don't have to do anything differently." (I'm sure I paraphrased a bit here but it's pretty close to what he told us.)
I find that sort of reply - blowing off a potential customer - rather amusing. Whether the beer is coming out of the tap and going into one container or another shouldn't make any difference. I have visited many other microbreweries on the Eastern Shore and none of them have taken this approach, nor demonstrated this attitude.
I guess if you live nearby and don't mind buying beer the way Kevin wants you to buy beer, it's not a bad stop. But when I drove a good distance and was told how I'm going to be allowed to take beer home, then I have a problem with what I perceive as a lack of customer focus. But I guess that's the business model. You buy it the way Kevin wants to sell it.
Too bad - the beer is really quite good. The attitude - not so much.
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Thank you for your review. Our NanoGrowler filling policy is prominent in all of our advertising materials and my conversation with you was simply a reiteration of our current business decision to fill only our growlers. We realize some people will not like our policy, but we have made the business decision that we are proud of our beer and want it to leave our premises in our glassware. We like to think of our NanoGrowlers as our "Mug Club to-go" and it only costs $8.48 (including tax) to join the Club. If this policy is what brings your review down from a 5-star review of our place to a 3-star, we are sorry about that but again, all of our materials -- including our TripAdvisor "about" section -- are very clear on our growler policy.
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Stephanie S
康涅狄格北斯托宁顿83 条分享
Great Beer!
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Husband and I stopped for a flight. I really enjoyed all of the beers they were delicious. The brewery is in a really cool old building. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.
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Thank you! We are glad you came to visit and love hearing people enjoy our Tasting Room building as much as we do. Hope your trip home was fun!
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区213 条分享
Great beer, really sweet small venue, beautiful classic old building nicely renovated!
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
I took my husband there for a beer (surprise) and had a flight of all six of their first brews! Both of us like the hoppie IPA style and CRBC had a very nice IPA, kind of weak on the initial nose but flavorful and great finish. My husband is more of a beer drinker than I am and his comment was all the different beers have a great 'mouth feel' which might be partly because all of them are unfiltered. Anyway, the beverages were great. The service was great too! They only have pretzels to eat (literally) so don't go hungry. That is my only complaint, nothing to munch on.... If nothing else, they should consider a little more food, even if it is prepackaged.... But go for the beer! Support the locals! We will be back!
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Thank you for your review! We're glad you enjoyed yourselves. We hope to have arrangements to have at least a food truck on-site once the weather gets a little bit better. And, you're always welcome to bring food in with you, so long as we don't need to provide plates, knives, forks, etc. and you take your leftovers/waste away with you.
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弗吉尼亚列克星敦1,065 条分享
2016年3月 • 好友
Kevin and his wife, heather, have put lots of blood, sweat, tears AND love into this micro... and we finally got a chance for an official tasting this month.

My friend and I have journeyed to Alcohol Alley in Nelson County, Virginia to sample their micros, so we have a pretty good idea of where CRB's would fit into craft rankings. And locally we have Dogfish head as a standard.

Craft beer has to be fresh... and each of our seven tastings in our flight fit that category. Then you morph into your own personal tastes. The first effort was a cream ale that had a little more character than the typical Genosee, but then it kinda catches you as an everyday summer special... a brew that you can quaff ice cold when it's 95 degrees out. There aren't many micros that venture into this everyday category... and this was a successful venture. I liked the IPA as it didn't try to blind you with hops as some craft IPAs do.

I'm feeling pretty good until I get to the Belgian Dubbel... and WOW. This really is a special brew... and a versatile one at that. It's probably one of the more original Euro-style beers around. I'd go out of my way to drink this. The Porter was the next change of pace in an off-the-beaten path manner. There are so many ones out there that load so much malt, chocolate, oats, etc that overwhelms the subtleties and complexities that a Porter should have.

In any case, Kevin and his brewmeister, Matthew, have shown a gentle hand in putting out some first class brews. I'll be back.
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Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to your return visit.
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Chad W
4 条分享
Great local craft beer
2016年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Chestertown needed a place like this for some time now. This small brewery is great. Got a nice selection of different types of beer on tap to try. While there I got a flight of the 6 beers currently on tap and they were all great. My overall favorite was the Belgian Dubbel. Thanks to Matthew, the head brewer, for being a great bar tender. Thank you to Kevin and his wife for being great hosts for the evening of sampling. I am sure I will be back and try everything they have to offered as the time goes by.
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Thank you for joining us!
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