St. Clement's Island Museum

St. Clement's Island Museum(Coltons Point)

St. Clement's Island Museum
专业博物馆 • 艺术博物馆 • 历史博物馆
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
下午12:00 - 下午4:00
2-3 小时
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在 # 公里范围内共找到 1 个地点

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Carol D
马里兰Clements4 条分享
St. Clement's Island Museum
Make sure you visit on a Saturday or the first Sunday of the month and take the water taxi to the island and visit the lighthouse.
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Peter H
弗吉尼亚弗雷德里克斯堡444 条分享
Significant historic event
2017年3月 • 独自旅游
For such an important event in history, this museum and accompanying buildings leave much to be desired. There is a minimal amount of exhibits in the museum. The only other significant thing, I think, is the one-room school house dating to 1890. The island is where new settlers first arrived in Maryland, in 1634. In comparison with Jamestown, VA, this place really needs improvement!
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Joe M
马里兰La Plata41 条分享
Summer Visit
2017年8月 • 好友
This is a small museum on some of Southern Maryland's finest waterfront. There is a charge for the museum and a separate charge for a ride to the Island. There was a friendly staff and lots of history of the area.
Beautiful to walk around and a lot of neat little places in the area. A great day trip!
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Beverly H
新泽西汤姆斯河13 条分享
It's a nice introduction to Maryland history.
The facilities are well maintained. The brief movie is worth watching. Displays are nicely set up. The staff is helpful and informed. The water taxi is seasonal and depends on the state of the weather. Parking is adequate. Families will find room for children to run when they need to.
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马里兰巴尔的摩2,899 条分享
Visit the museum when the water taxi is running
2016年9月 • 家庭
We went on a weekend in September and the boat ride was in a small water taxi (the video in the museum showed a larger boat that I assume they use when it's busier). The museum is open every day except for a few days a year, but the water taxi only runs on weekends and the last departure of the island is at 2PM, so do that first. The island is a state park so anyone who owns a boat can go there any time, so expect to see other people on the island. The museum itself is pretty good, and we had already been to St Marys to see the recreated settlement, so we had some background information before visiting St Clements. This is a state museum so the admission is really cheap, and the people who work there are really great. I think anyone interested in Maryland History should visit this place.
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George M
阿拉巴马蒙哥马利138 条分享
Heritage Day
2016年6月 • 家庭
We came during their Heritage Day; the Museum and Water Taxi ride was free that day, a value for a large family. The museum was small, but well done, and had an area that allowed children to touch a taxidermied bear and beaver, along with arrowheads. The ride out to the island was short and pleasant. On the island they had games set up in the shaded picnic area, and the children enjoyed walking on silts, the bean bag toss, the clothespin drop game, and making bubbles, and eating ice cold watermelon. An author, a descendant of the Blackistone family that previously owned the island, was there to sign his books. A father and daughter duo were there playing Dr Thomas Gerard and Elizabeth, inhabitants of the island during the 1600's, giving insight to life during that time period. We toured the island interior, seeing the giant cross, and the lighthouse, which was open for tours that day. The children rang the bell, climbed up the Lighthouse's cupola, and explored the building. Afterwards, an interpreter gave a history of the island. We enjoyed the local beach, looking at shells, watching the waves and boats.
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区797 条分享
The Island Museum
2015年8月 • 独自旅游
It is a very nice museum depicting the history of Saint Clements Island that sits one mile from the museum.
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马里兰Chevy Chase3,330 条分享
A Key Point to Include in a Tour of Southern Maryland
2015年8月 • 夫妻情侣
From our hotel in Solomons, we had a picturesque and enjoyable drive to Colton’s Point, the shrine, and the museum.

Volunteers on duty were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic. Their narratives and ability to answer promptly and completely our queries impressed us both. There is a great deal of early colonial history packed in this little building, and the shrine on the adjacent lawn is touching, indeed.

We spent just over two hours here, and we both felt it would have been a shame not to have toured the premises. Sort of icing on the cake for our most enjoyable visit.
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Salisbury404 条分享
Amazing small museum!
2015年8月 • 夫妻情侣
The first thing you need to know is when you arrive at Colton's Point and see the museum, there is no place to park; that is, unless you know to drive a little further along the waterfront, turn left at the first street you come to and then make another left to go into the parking lot at the back of the museum. The museum is located facing the Potomac River and you can see St. Clement's Island from here. There is a water taxi which provides transportation to and from the Island, during the summer months; it is only a half-mile ride. The museum has some really interesting exhibits, along with a 14-minute movie about the history of St. Clement's Island the Blackistone Lighthouse.The main focus is on the English history that preceded the voyage to Maryland by the Ark and the Dove. You learn about George Calvert, the First Lord Baltimore, who founded a colony incorporating religious tolerarance. Father Andrew White's written account of the voyage and landing is available. And, you will see the 7 x 20-foot mural depicting the colonial arrival along with an exhibit about the Native Americans. There is also a "Little Red Schoolhouse (one room), the "Doris C" (dory boat), and The Catholic Devotional Monument. All are very interesting.
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Sharon R
弗吉尼亚弗雷德里克斯堡52 条分享
St. Clement's Island Museum
2015年8月 • 好友
Nice little museum. Staff knowledgable. Exhibits well put together. Admission prices very reasonable.
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