Flag Ponds Nature Park
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新泽西14,535 条分享
This is another lovely Lusby destination known for the opportunity to find some ancient shark teeth, by serendipity at times. Nice place to relax on the beach sitting in a chair.
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new hampshire47 条分享
We knew we we going to a natural area but their map showed a handicapped parking and boardwalks so we thought (based on experiences at other parks) it had some kind of access. THIS IS NOT A PARK THAT PROVIDES ACCESS FOR HANDICAPPED. It would have been helpful information at the booth when we asked and paid but we were directed to the parking. We proceeded to the boardwalk which was good and then it just stopped. We were still no where near the beach and before us was shifting sand that no handicapoed person could struggle thru for long. I went ahead only to find we also had to cross a river that was about knee deep or balance on old two by six boards dropped thru the mud. Thats kind of like a building providing a ramp and parking, only to be met with a stairs. These board walks provided no seating on the way either. Another handicapped couple came along and they too had to turn back. The amount of physical effort for a person to get that far and then left with a barrier that COULD have been solved, or a simple " we dont have actual handicapoed access` would have helped both parties make better decisions.
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Ligonier, Pennsylvania, United States23 条分享
The beach is bigger and we found a few sharks' teeth. Going in the morning is, of course, ideal. I see a lot of complaints about the rangers scooping up the big teeth, but so much of shark tooth hunting involves watching the water and seeing what washes in. Even if the rangers cleared the higher portion of the beach in the morning, teeth will continue to wash up all day. It just takes time and patience to find them. I feel like some of the reviewers were expecting a hand to raise out of the water, a la Lady of the Lake, and hand them a tooth. When it comes to state parks, I'm just happy they are clean and open for us to enjoy.
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Michelle R
Norfolk, VA21 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Attempted to go to the park, but they are still only allowing Calvert County residents to access the park due to COVID. We did go three years ago and it was beautiful. Unfortunately it appears we will have to wait until the COVID restrictions are lifted to visit again. However, the State parks are open to all.
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Rickey R
1 条分享
I know one of the "Rangers". They sell the big teeth that they pick up every morning to private collectors for cash. The ones collectors don't want end up on the internet being sold by friends and families. I guess it's a good way to make some extra money. They really need to be banned from doing this.
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Frank A
Oradell, New Jersey, United States12 条分享
When you arrive, there is a sign - county residents only. As we drove to the entrance, we were told the same. Not open to non-residents of Calvert County due to COVID restrictions🙁
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baltimore10 条分享
I have to say I am in total agreement with GeorgeK about the staff collecting the large teeth each morning before the park opens for guests just to stick them in there "Trophy Case " in the Visitor Center they have. I think it is shameful, and unnecessary. We have been going to Flag Pond for years. It takes us about 2 hours to get there, but for some people they travel even further and most times we even go down the night before so we can be there right when they open in hopes to maybe find some bigger teeth. Those hotels is Prince Frederick aren't cheap ! Well I guess we won't be doing that anymore now knowing that the best teeth are gone before we even step foot on the beach. I bet the hotels, and restaurants we go to wouldn't be to happy to know what they are doing. Not good business ! We went into the so called Visitor Center 1 time the first time we went there, and they have hundreds if not thousands of teeth already in their glass cases for show. They don't need anymore teeth in there to show what can be found there. Let the park guests find them. I think the worst thing is that they would admit that they do this. They aren't the only game in town as they say for sharks teeth so maybe in the future we will choose a different spot. I will also be emailing the park manager in the hopes that this policy will be changed.
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2 条分享
I just read the review where someone was disappointed that park staff collects the best of the large shark's teeth each morning before opening. Frankly I am amazed visitors are allowed to collect ANY shark's teeth because most parks state specifically that you are not allowed to remove natural material from the grounds. By collecting the best teeth for the visitor center the rangers assure the public has access to see them. The park belongs to all of us so, please, let's be considerate and not take it's treasures for ourselves only. Also, since the park service generously allows visitors to remove shark's teeth, only take a couple. That way other children and adults, for that matter, have the joy of finding them. Our 5 year old granddaughter has learned to take joy in finding treasures and leaving them behind to share with others. I think we can all do that.
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George K
1 条分享
2020年3月 • 家庭
My Daughter and I drove 1.45hrs to be first in line when the park opens. We were first on the beach only to see a Park Ranger finishing up her collection of big sharks teeth. I asked why and she said they walk the beach each morning to collect the best teeth for their large display in the Visitor Center and she showed me a handful of large teeth (10-12). After 4 hrs we only found 6 little ones. I spoke to the Park Manager about my disappointment and he said it was their policy to walk the beach every day and collect the best sharks teeth to add the their huge display in the Visitor Center. I complained and he said they will not change that policy. I think it’s HORRIBLE that paid Park Staff collect the best sharks teeth every day taking them from paying guests and kids. Shameful!
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Dan M
哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区2 条分享
A beautiful peninsula of sand on the Bay. We brought folding chairs and set up looking at the water wash up on the beach. Pretty spot on the water. Very relaxing, private.
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