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Red Tail Golf Club


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Boston19 条分享
RIP Red Tail
2021年10月 • 好友
Red Tail was a great golf course. The course has been sold and it appears the new owners are short of money. The fairways are in bad shape, the carts are dirty and not properly charged. The portapotties have not been cleaned in a long time. There is no starter, no rangers, and no cart attendants. Even the food was subpar. All this for $130 on the weekend. Save your money and avoid this course. Hopefully someone else will take it over from the new owners before they run it completely into the ground.
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Not what I expected.
2021年10月 • 商务型
I play this course once a year and always look forward to it. Not sure what happened to the course this year but the conditions were really far off of the norm. Fairways and rough had huge areas of dead grass. Tee boxes were thin with grass and not cut.

On top of that we ended up with a 5 hour and 20 minute round and never once saw a ranger. Not what we normally experience.

Sadly disappointed.
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马萨诸塞北安普敦7 条分享
Exceptional course with a small flaw.
Played with the Safari Golf Group which is one of the finest groups in New England. We play better know courses in the Western Ma., Conn. and Vermont area. The Group donates money to the Springfield Shriner's Children's Hospital each year and the members are rewarded each year by playing great courses like Red Tail. The day we played it was extremely well organized with the shotgun start with our group consisting of over a hundred golfers. The design was very challenging and in impeccable condition. The play moved very well throughout the day.
The only flaw on the course was that the traps contained a large number of rocks including some the size of baseballs. I'm sure this issue will be addressed in the future.
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Carl T
新罕布什尔州Pelham16 条分享
Very Overpriced and over rated
$110 on the weekend for a mid level course that after June the conditions decline rapidly on fairways and tee boxes. Some some burnt and damaged areas on a handful of fairways. A lot of people not fixing divots and not being asked to by the starters. A lot of the tee boxes had you hitting off dirt when it wasn't necessary.

Beverages and food Double anywhere else and not worth it. Better off stuffing a sandwich in your bag.
The track is nice and challenging....BUT....Not worth the money especially considering that on the weekends they jam people on and is usually a five and a half hour round.
The ranger has no clue and hovers over the people that are waiting instead of working on speeding up play by the slow pokes.
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亚利桑那卡萨格兰德848 条分享
Great Course
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
Absolutely one of the best courses I have played. We travel the country in the summer and I try to play once a week. This course was great. Little slow pace 4.5 hours but acceptable. Greens were phenomenal and very fast with a lot of undulation making it very tough. Fairways were in great shape except people need to start fixing divots. I will definitely return. Staff was great and very helpful with hooking me up with 3 locals. Thanks!
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David T
英国爱丁堡36 条分享
Grwat course
2018年10月 • 好友
This was my second visit to Red Tail i think the course is great even though they were overseeding and playing rough only, challenging course with many great holes, greens were running really well, slight hold up but pace of play good. Also had lunch which was really nice served by friendly staff, young man in pro shop could take leason from girls at bar he was so dour.
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新罕布什尔州East Hampstead3 条分享
2018年10月 • 好友
We were really excited to play this course. We like to try to play it once a year. The layout is amazing. But the greens and tees were as bad as any I have seen. I was amazed that they had let it get to this point. That is probably the last time I will go there.
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Fake News !!!!!!!!
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弗吉尼亚布莱克斯堡1 条分享
Overpriced for children
2018年6月 • 家庭
Made a tee time with my 11 old son,his green fee was $89,the same as an adult. What happened to golf courses promote and children playing golf because I don't know many children they can afford to play golf often at $89 for 18 holes
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Brian A
马萨诸塞Boxford21 条分享
Another perfect day.
2017年9月 • 好友
Red Tail one of my favorite courses and it did not disappoint this time. My foursome got out early morning before a tourney and the conditions could not have been more pristine. The layout and views on the course are stunning and the Red Tail and coyote add to the idyllic environment. Perhaps the best public course in New England. I suggest everyone add it to their bucket list, and if you do play, PLEASE repair your ball marks !!!
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马萨诸塞安多佛28 条分享
Great Course, Pace of Play Issue
2017年7月 • 独自旅游
Let me say right up front that this course is my favorite in the Boston area. It is a great layout, challenging but very fair with generally wide fairways, and typically in great condition. Under normal circumstances it would rate a solid 5.

However, I've had a few experiences now where pace of play was an issue. On a recent Friday I teed off at 10:40, and finished 5 hours later. We waited on virtually every hole; there were sometimes 3 groups on the par 3's. Ranger was rarely seen on the course. After the round, I went to the clubhouse and inquired as to whether there was a pace of play expectation and was told that 5 hours on weekends (including Friday) is typical. Note also that everyone has carts at Red Tail.

My beef is that for a premium price (Red Tail is one of the most expensive courses in MA), the course should deliver a premium experience, and for me pace of play is essential. If a course is OK with 5 hours (the feeling I got from their response), then in my opinion there is a problem with the management of the course. For reference, I played about 60 rounds last year, and I'm a 10 handicap.
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