C. N. Smith Farm
C. N. Smith Farm
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Patricia L
马萨诸塞Marshfield2 条分享
Don’t go here unless you enjoy a prison farm ambiance and over priced fruit. The staff person monitoring the peach picking repeatedly yelled at my 94 year old mother for picking a peach from the wrong tree
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Ted H
1 条分享
Most of the trees were picked clean with loads of fruit laying on the ground and being trampled into the grass, no tree ladders for use to get fruit higher up in the trees. Supposed to wear masks, what a laugh, most of the staff weren't wearing them and people in the orchard didn't have them on. if I could give them a minus 10 I would.
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delfam d
马萨诸塞Bryantville26 条分享
Went today, yes it is expensive but we did get a lot of apples. Things are marked arrows, social distancing. We bought our bag online and we came to pick at our schedules time.
Very easy since weekday it wasnt crowded plus the time we were assigned. Good fun
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马萨诸塞波士顿131 条分享
This place is over crowed and overpriced. There were trees with apples on them roped off, the herded everyone to an area that was over picked.The hayride is NOT free, really? Everything comes with a cost to pay for. The least they could do is offer free hayrides. Save your money, there are many other apple orchards around 10xs better. Would never go here again.
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马萨诸塞波士顿7 条分享
We took five small kids apple picking here in September on a sunday. It was very busy, but with happy patrons and it didn't seem too overwhelming. The kids had a ball.
We also went and purchased donuts and icecreams, and saw the animals. There was plenty to do for hte kids for about 2 hours.
Will return next year.
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马萨诸塞波士顿773 条分享
I enjoy fresh off the vine, hard, juicy, crisp Macintosh apples. I go here every year either in September or October. They also have cucumbers, tomatoes, apple cider, and other type apples as well as pick your own apples and hay rides.
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马萨诸塞Middleboro34 条分享
They have apple picking and a store with baked good and fresh fruits, but I go for the apple cinnamon donuts which are served warm!
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马萨诸塞科德角716 条分享
We have been visiting this orchard for many years. Yes, it is pricey and there are rules to follow. We are a family of 6 and the ½ bushel of apples gives us enough apples to eat and bake with. They have many varieties of apples. They are not all ready at the same time. I recommend following them on Facebook. They will let you know when the orchard is open and what apples are ready for picking.

Dress weather appropriate. You will want to wear comfortable shoes or sneakers. The ground can be muddy.

Parking: Entrance to the orchard is down a tree lined dirt road. You will be parking on a grassy area. If you have small children hold their hands, it is a very buys area. There are porta potties in the parking area.

Before entering the Orchard you will need to purchase bags. You are only allowed to use the purchased bags for your apples. There will be a list of apples that are able to be picked the day of your visit.
2018 Prices
Peck apple bag is $28 (allows 4 people into the orchard, maximum 3 adults)
1/2 bushel apple bag is $45 (allows 6 people into the orchard)

There will be a list of apples that you are able to be pick the day of your visit. (Highly recommend following them on Facebook.)
September: McIntosh, Macoun, Cortland, Honey Crisp, Empire
October: Red Delicious, Fuji, Breaburn, Northern Spy, Spencer, Yellow Delicious, Mutsu, Russet, Granny Smith, Baldwin, Rome, Winesap

Before entering the orchard they will ask you to read a sign of rules.
Some of the Rules
No pets, Certified animals are allowed
Do not climb trees
Only pick apples from open areas

There a workers throughout the Orchard. They will direct you to the apples you are looking for. The area is very hilly and it is grass and rock terrain. It is not very small wheel stroller friendly. You will want a wagon for the little ones.

We usually visit each of the open varieties and taste them before placing in the bag. Our favorite is the Honey Crisp. We take lots of photos while in the orchard.
Once our bag is full we head out. There is an inspection table that will mark the bag before leaving. We have never had an issue.

To leave the area, you will follow a dirt road to the farm stand.

There is a large parking area near the farm stand. They have a food stall near the parking area that sells tractor ride tickets. Depending on when you visit, they may be heading out to the pumpkin patch.

There is a small farm area with chickens, horses and goats. My kids always liked this area. They liked the Silkie chickens. The farm stand has many fresh fruits & veggies for sale. They also sell flowers, plants and trees.
An improvement from years ago is the addition of the apple cider donut shed. It is located just outside the farm stand building. The line can be long, but worth the wait. We always buy a dozen, 6 to eat now and 6 for later. There are picnic tables that you can sit at and eat your donuts or food from the food stall.
Make sure to take the little ones inside the farm stand building to visit the Halloween train room.

There are a few cutouts for photo ops. My families favorite is the “How tall are you this year?”

Between picking apples and visiting the farm stand, I would give yourself 1-2 hours for your visit.
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马萨诸塞Yarmouth Port70 条分享
We have been here before, many rules, but this time a major hassle. We parked in the apple picking area. Expensive small bag ($28) & medium bag ($45). An employee gave us a long apple picking stick to reach the higher apples. We got to the 5th row and another employee yelled @ us for having these sticks. It seems you can only use them in certain areas but we were never told.
Last time we were here, they had the best donuts that we have ever experienced (Fresh apple cider). Asked about them & we were told that you have to go to the farm stand. We ventured over, but before we arrived , we were again yelled @ for walking. Seems as if there was another rule, you have to park @ the farm stand & pay for parking if you wish to purchase any other items. On our way back to the car, a cop yelled that we could not walk there. I asked "How can I get my car then??"
Pulling out & trying to leave, we encountered employee after employee yelling "Parking $5 dollars". We just wanted to exit & never return. We have been to other orchards around New England & never went through this.
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马萨诸塞Milton1,211 条分享
Drove down to pick apples. Saw a sign stating no PYO apples today. Had called to see if they were PYO, only a message machine. There was a detour sign down, to cross the bridge to the place. Mentioned it to the place. Thought they might like to know, it was hard to find if you were not from the town. One person was very polite, I will call the town. The other person, its the town's problem. Was not impressed. Was a letdown.

The Selection in the store was nice. The Halloween room with the train was nice. Would have been better if the train was running.
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