Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium(福克斯伯勒)

Gillette Stadium


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佛蒙特Hartland1 条分享
Elton John concert was Great!!! Getting to and from the venue was a nightmare. What should have been a 30 minute drive took us over 2 hours. Getting out was even worse. 2 1/2 hours to get home. An hour of that was just getting out of the parking lot which was over a mile+ away. There is no general parking available. Of course no one had masks and were elbow to elbow. A veritable Covid cocktail. But in the end Elton’s farewell tour was worth it.
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Boston, Massachusetts4 条分享
Saw Elton John here. He's a living legend and the concert itself was unsurprisingly great, etc etc.

This review is about the stadium.

I've been to concerts at Giants Stadium and other huge venues so I realize going in that traffic afterwards can be miserable. Gillette Stadium is another level.

The stadium staff are super-efficient when you're arriving and direct you right into a spot. After you've spent your money and are trying to leave? A collective shrug and it leads to a chaotic free for all. The infrastructure of the surrounding communities is clearly insufficient to handle this additional traffic. They closed off all the local roads and alternate routes, forcing a lot of visitors to add another 45 minutes to their ride home. The parking and traffic system pretty much ruin the entire experience, unfortunately.

I will never attend another event here again. I'll stick to TD Garden and if there's another stadium act I want to see, I'll just go to MSG, as it's actually in a proper city and you can like, just walk back after the show.
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纽约州Southold20 条分享
Went to see The Weeknd. The venue is amazing! We had pretty good seats (Section 110, Row 22). Was pleasantly surprised that lines for food were reasonable where I was at. Huge negative is the traffic. Not unique to a stadium like this and a reason that I typically avoid events at big stadiums. We took Uber to stadium to get there 2 hours before start and it took 90 minutes to get there (our hotel was 7 miles away). Then the wait for Uber was 3 hours - we left 20 minutes before the show to get a head start to beat the bottleneck. No luck! It’s a hassle for drivers to get the venue so not enough riders to accommodate the crowds. Fortunately Patriot Place had some wonderful restaurants open so we were able to wait it out there for the most part (Bless you Citizen Crust for that yummy pizza). At 1:30am there were still crowds of people waiting for rides. But once we got back to room after spending $130 for the Uber, we were able to appreciate the wonderful evening. Having a car is better I guess, but the traffic is really awful. There is a commuter rail that could be a good option. We didn’t look much into it because we wanted to stay at a hotel closer to the venue and was cheaper. But may not be a bad idea to just look into commuter train that takes you to into a Boston hotel given the time spent waiting and the over $200 spent on Uber trips.
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Samuel S
2 条分享
Went to see The Weeknd last night. The show was amazing. This review is based how long it took to get home. We live in Boston and the train from South Station wasn't running despite it being a sold out show. We had to take the Commuter Rail to Walpole and Uber. We ended up having to leave our Uber 1 mile from the stadium due to traffic and we didn't want to miss the show. Getting home was a whole different story. We walked. A mile away from the stadium and 3 hours after the concert was over, Uber back to Boston were still $157 (when there isn't a concert or game, they are usually $70 from Foxborough to Boston) and don't get me started on Lyft which was double that. Our Uber driver said Uber drivers don't want to be near Gillette stadium when there is a game or concert since it takes forever to get in and out. Our Uber driver said if he had known there was a concert, he would have stayed clear. The designated rideshare lot is in front of the Bass Pro Shop about a 15-20 minutes walk from the stadium. Our Uber driver also said that after every game or concert, people are stranded without a ride home for hours. The ride he gave right before us was a 5 mile trip that cost them over $100. The parking and traffic system definitely needs an overhaul. There would have to be a huge name coming to the stadium for me to even think about going again. I can only imagine the train situation if it was actually running.
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Mandi E
缅因州Fryeburg46 条分享
We visited Gillette for the Garth concert and had a wonderful time . We had heard from several friends that it took them hours to get out of the parking areas so we left 15 mins early and it took us about 35 mins to get out . Great experience. Food is crazy priced and the sausage was terrible but all in all we had a great time . Staff was all friendly and helpful . We will definitely return .
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56 条分享
I attended a sporting event at this place. Beware! You will most likely park over a half mile from the gate. There are no shuttle buses for those who find it painful or tiring to walk long distances - and that just gets you to the gate. You then must walk up several ramps to get to the seating corridor. Then up or down from there. If you choose to walk up the 100+ stairs to Patriot Place restaurants, it is another tiresome trek. Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be on concrete or pavement the whole time. It's a good thing they have a huge screen, as the seats are far from the action - bring binoculars. For what it costs and the time you will spend in traffic, parking, walking, watching then returning after the event to repeat. Stay home - have a nice meal delivered, put your feet up, relish the short walk to your bathroom....
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New York City, New York48 条分享
We took a little trip to Rhode Island and decided to pass by the stadium as it was only 20-30 mins from East Providence. It was too close to pass up the chance to see it. There is a good amount of parking spaces (during down time, cant even imagine the crowd during game days) and some stores for shopping and a good amount of places to stop and eat. To see the stadium in person is much different then on television. The area is clean and well maintained. The bathrooms were clean as well, but it wasn't during a game or busy day. We enjoyed the area and the time we spent there.
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10 条分享
Wow. What an experience as a Patriots fan. We were fortunate to see a great game with good weather. Good amenities, friendly staff and wonderful atmosphere.
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日本杉并区16 条分享
アメフト ニューイングランド ペイトリオッツのホームグランド ボストンから車で30 〜40分ぐらい フットボール戦用のスタジアムです。ペイトリオッツの熱狂的ファンが集まるここがアメリカといったスタジアムです。
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马萨诸塞波士顿111 条分享
We enjoyed our annual trip to watch the Patriots play a home game. We were fortunate to have a warm December day to watch the game and tailgate before the game.

The stadium and rest rooms and concessions stand are all modern and sufficient.

We always park about 3/4 of a mile west of the stadium along route 1 so we do not get stuck in the traffic jam leaving the game.

Tailgating before the game is at least half the fun of the event.
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