Monument Mountain

Monument Mountain(大巴灵顿)

Monument Mountain


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Joseph H
俄亥俄Beavercreek1,183 条分享
Started Foggy, But Cleared Up Nicely!
My wife and I hiked up to the peak via both the blue and red trails, then down via the red (first) and blue (second) trails. We started hiking about 1045 and the trailhead was quite foggy. We had clear skies once we reached the top - very nice photos. A member of the Trustees greeted us upon arrival to the parking area - very helpful. We're thankful we had a nice sunny day for this venue!
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Shari R
纽约州纽约市28 条分享
Beautiful but challenging hike
2021年9月 • 好友
Beautiful hike, but quite strenuous- stick to the blue trail unless you are in really good shape!
Volunteer Tom, at the start was very knowledgeable and shared some great stories as we kicked off our hike.
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纽约州加登市6 条分享
Hike was more difficult that rated
Parts of the trails were on cliffs and a little treacherous. Be careful and not all suitable for children. Bring a walking stick
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Amy M
纽约州纽约市9 条分享
Had a great hike
My husband and I were at Monument Mountain this past week and had a great hike. We got on the red trail quite by accident and forewarning to all, it is very steep. At one point we were forced to turn around because it was extremely dangerous and a sheer drop if your balance is off. No problem though...we turned around and ended up taking the blue trail down. It was beautiful in the forest...we did run into a snake though! Very nice man at the bottom of the mountain named Tom, who gave us a history of the mountain and lunch suggestions.
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Richard S
纽约州罗切斯特365 条分享
"Easy" trail was challenging for some - so is the parking area
The "easy" trail is difficult because of tree roots and rocks in the path - hard on people with bad ankles, knees or balance. It was, however, pretty smooth compared to the parking lot, which severely challenged my car's suspension. Beautiful view up the mountain, but not a great experience overall.
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Amy C
纽约州手指湖873 条分享
Three trails - three times the fun
2021年5月 • 家庭
A nice hike up the mountain. We went up the Hickey trail, crossed the peak using Squaw Peak, and went down using Indian Monument. There were nice views at the top, a nice stream to photograph, and wildlife to enjoy.
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4 条分享
Great views
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Very nice scenic hike in great Barrington. Went on a Sunday parking was limited. The variety of trails from easy to strenuous. Good nature hike
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boston76 条分享
Perfect winter hike
This was almost the perfect winter hike on a clear day. Taking the blue trail to the left of the parking lot we went parallel to the road longer than we expected but then turned into the woods with a gradual ascent that became briefly steep toward the end as we joined the red trail up to pulpit rock. Then along the ridge to another lookout at squaw peak and back down via incription rock to the yellow/orange trail for a quicker descent. Spectacular views and lovely walking through the snow-covered woods. Hiking boots--or boots of some sort-- are a must but the trail was well-enough packed so no need for snowshoes or spikes. It is slippery in spots so that poles might be helpful (went down some sections on our butts) but safe enough if navigated with care (and occasional handholds with a nearby tree.)
A stop in Housatonic at the nearby Berkshire Bakery on the way home made a good end to the trip.
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纽约州纽约市31 条分享
We did a nice 3 hour hike and enjoyed. Everybody wore masks! The hike was a challenge for old me but younger families
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
It was a lovely three hour hike, even with the masks, we did climb pretty high. With our tiny poodles, it was a bit harder. We enjoyed our Berkshire experience and would love to return.
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纽约州Castleton On Hudson2,963 条分享
EXCELLENT a hiking
EXCELLENT hiking spot. We did all three trails - all beautiful! Started with the blue, then red, and yellow. Great views and loved the Devils Pulpit especially, Some places it wasn’t clear where the trail was, but we never got lost. The parking is $5 with a credit card. There are maps there to take. I might not want to go when it’s muddy, especially now with all the leaves down, as I could see it might be slippery in some places. We spent a lot of time taking photos and spent 2 and 1/2 hours. totally recommend. Plus it’s close enough to Great Barrington to eat afterwards.
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