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Old Ship Church(Hingham)

Old Ship Church
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马萨诸塞Hingham13 条分享
Time well spent.
If you are a History buff and you are in the area this is a must see. You will see the Masonic connection without a doubt.
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马萨诸塞Hingham22 条分享
very old and historic
We went for an ecumenical Thanksgiving service in which many heads of local churches were represented. A nice way to come together to give thanks to God as a community. We sat in partitioned off sections for 4-6 people which were numbered. I guess in the pilgrim times these "cubicles" were assigned to family groups.
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马萨诸塞波士顿163 条分享
17th Century Puritan Meeting House
2016年3月 • 好友
This place is very, very special! A must see to appreciate it. The ceiling is like the frame of a ship. So much history within these walls.

They have tours with a guide by appointment only - Call 781-7491679 - so be sure to make arrangements before you come to Hingham. Also - walk through the adjacent cemetery - it is peaceful and just beautiful -gravestones are OLD and quite interesting too.
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马萨诸塞Hingham2 条分享
A Special piece of history!
2015年7月 • 好友
It I so interesting to see the inside of the Old Ship Church. It is not always open, so if you have the chance to go in with a guide, you will be on for a treat. The cemetery is also worth wandering around.!
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马萨诸塞Hingham27 条分享
Old Ship offers much to the town
2015年12月 • 独自旅游
Old Ship is not just a church to attend on Sundays. It is the oldest church in our country in a uniquely beautiful building. In addition it offers free concert during the year to promote the arts. On December 13, 2015 I was among the lucky to be in the audience to hear the madrigal singers from Lexington High School. Their voices were beautifully complimentary and the songs presented an awe inspiring experience. Thank you to Old Ship for promoting the arts.
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Ray A
乔治亚蓝岭174 条分享
One of New England's top sites.
2015年12月 • 夫妻情侣
If you want to feel the essence of early New England, this is the place. Hingham is almost as old as Plymouth, (settled in 1633, just 13 yrs. after the Pilgrims) and not only beautiful, but easy to see, and uncrowded. This ancient church is unique. Not the usual with a towering white steeple, (There are those in Hingham, too.) but built by ship builders like big four-square house. The spacious interior has the usual box pews common in early colonial churches, but the ceiling is what's amazing...with curving joists and beams built like the hull of a ship.

Behind the church, there's an even more amazing place..the huge, magnificent Hingham Cemetery. Hilly with ancient trees, we were there during fall foliage, and the views were spectacular. The graves are fascinating, of course. This is the home of the famous "sobbing angel" grave marker, and hundreds of slate headstones of the early colonists--with their "angel of death" markings, and some amazing, and some humorous inscriptions. Take the time, and walk around the church and stroll through. You've never seen a place like this!
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马萨诸塞Cohasset157 条分享
One of the last church structures of its type
This church was originally constructed by shipbuilders thus its unique shape. Try to visit when open, if possible.
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While a lot is known about the architecture of Old Ship Church, we cannot say for sure that it was shipbuilders that built the Meeting House in 1681.
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Kari L
Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States14 条分享
Beautiful church with amazing structure
The church is in the middle of repairs due to damage for the prior winter, but it was still very easy to see the beautiful interior and amazing structural elements. The attendant was very knowledgeable and explained the history of the church structural changes and use in the community.
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马萨诸塞戴德姆15 条分享
Beautiful Music, Nice People
2014年12月 • 独自旅游
Beautiful Music, Nice People, Very quaint. The inside of the church looks like an old wooden ship. A very old church.
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South of Boston60 条分享
Be Part of History
2015年6月 • 家庭
It is so amazing sitting in this church, viewing the hand-hewn beams soaring above while the choir sings. I have visited this church often, and can feel the pull of time, imagining the families through our history, what it must have been like during the revolution, the other wars, the times of peace. This building is a jewel of architecture. I am surprised that a movie has not been filmed here. If you are in the neighborhood, and want to know what a Unitarian Universalist church can be like, the minister, Ken Read Brown, weaves stories just right for the day. You are in for a treat!

There are also tours, so be sure to check before you visit Hingham.
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