Old Burial Hill

Old Burial Hill(Marblehead)

Old Burial Hill

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Teri W
Pasadena26 条分享
Glimpse of history
2021年10月 • 家庭
Very interesting history and wonderful gravestones with a magnificent view. The terrain is a bit uneven for people with mobility issues.
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Audrey A
宾夕法尼亚梅迪亚5 条分享
Just go
This is a wonderful experience visiting this cemetery. The scenery is gorgeous! It's so picturesque. If you like death effigy's and soul effigy's you can see lots of graves that have them with folks buried many in the 1600s and 1700s. Fascinating.
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纽约州布鲁克林134 条分享
Historic graveyard with a lovely view
If you love history and old graveyards, I'd highly recommend stopping to visit Old Burial Hill in Marblehead. It's one of the oldest graveyards in New England, established in 1638. Many of the headstones are so old you can't read them or can barely read them, but many are fascinating. The view from the hill is quite lovely and overall, this is an incredibly peaceful place to walk and think about those who have come before.
Marblehead is a pretty small place in general and this is in the middle of a residential neighborhood, so there is not much parking at the foot of the hill. You'll need to climb some stairs (but not too many) and the ground itself in the cemetery is uneven, so wheelchairs could not access this and others with walking assistance devices might find this difficult to navigate. In general, please watch your step.
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boston17 条分享
Seeing the Names and dates on the gravestones chronicling families history, then seeing the same names on houses as you strolled through the narrow streets was fascinating. A fascinating experience
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田纳西孟菲斯115 条分享
Awesome to see, must visit
2019年12月 • 独自旅游
If you are a history buff and want to immerse yourself in the past, this is the place to do it. The graves here go back to the 1600’s , many are not even readable anymore. The ones that are give you a glimpse into the struggles that came along with being an early settler in our great country. I recommend taking white paper and charcoal to trace some of these. Wear good walking shoes and be prepared for the stairs. Definitely not equipped for wheelchairs
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加利福尼亚雷东多海滩69 条分享
Nice Walk
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
I love to walk through with my dog. I keep her on lead so she does not go onto the graves themselves!
We show respect as we walk around reading the grave stones & looking at the beautiful ocean around Marblehead!
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carole b
佛罗里达Seaside3 条分享
old burial hill
very beautiful and historic, and if you're there on a nice sunny day check out the sailboat races on the pond!
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佛罗里达杰克逊维尔126 条分享
Rife with history tucked away on a hill
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
A cemetery with Graves going back to the revolution. Picturesque setting to appreciate history, lots of interesting Graves markers coupled with walking paths and loamy grounds.
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爱荷华Johnston121 条分享
Worth the drive
2019年10月 • 家庭
We decided to drive to this location after a day in Salem. This cemetery was full of beautiful gravestones including those dating back to the revolutionary war. It was a stunning location and so rich in history. The kids searched for the area filmed in Hocus Pocus which they think they found! The town of Marblehead is truly a remarkable place. The streets and the homes were beautiful.
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纽约州布朗克斯211 条分享
What a Beautiful Place...
Met a local at Fort Sewell who recommended we go here to take a look. So glad we did. It was a really beautiful place. Many of the gravestones you can no longer read at all, they are so old. We walked to Redds Pond, and that is so picturesque! One of the gravestones, said that there were 3 babies buried there. It was a very moving place. My young daughter was picking bouquets of wild flowers and placing them on certain sites to honor those who were there. There was also a very friendly goose who seemed to be watching over everybody. Make sure you stop here and take a look if you are in Marblehead.
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