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缅因州山漠岛3 条分享
2023年9月 • 家庭
Very overpriced farm, which offers less than a mediocre experience and tasteless food. We are not coming back!
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Wendy H
马萨诸塞普罗温斯敦12 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
My spouse and I visited the farm with our kids and grandkids on Saturday, August 19th. My spouse had recently injured her knee and was having difficulty walking longer distances. After we paid our $260 for our family, we learned that the train had stopped running despite the pictures on this website. Since there were 2 golf carts parked right at the entrance, the 2 of us asked if we could get (half mile) ride to the orchard, where we would meet the rest of our family. Being in the hospitality business myself, I wouldn't have waited to be asked seeing a SENIOR walking slowly with a brace on their leg. RELUCTANTLY and BEGRUDGINGLY, one of the women gave us a ride but didn't offer a ride back. Aside from their lack of consideration...$20 per person regardless of age is not worth it. Our family won't be retuning.
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Amy C
3 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We have eaten at The Lookout a few times in the past and were recently reminded why we vowed to never eat there again. While Lookout Farm is an absolutely lovely setting, especially on a beautifal day or evening, it is hard to reconcile that with the mediocre food, high prices and lack of commitment to any farm-to-table or environmental principles. The magnitude of plastic and aluminum single use disposables is absolutely staggering (and they do so without apology), as is the lack of use of farm fresh ingredients. In addition, they make zero effort to accommodate people who follow a plant-based diet, a dietary choice I would think a farm would understand is important to some people. And finally, there is the lack of recycling. While I fully understand that recycling is not currently a meaningful environmental solution, it would help their environmental image as a farm to at least look like they care about our planet and the climate crisis.
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纽约州纽约市3 条分享
In summary: Feeding Trough, Environmental Disaster, & Just 'OK' (but super heavy) food.

You know, I'm rarely moved to write a bad review--would rather write positive ones--but this place rubbed me the wrong way on a number of levels.

Went with a few friends for their brunch in the Greenhouse to check it out.

The person at the front lackadaisically leads you to a table, doesn't explain anything.

The entire greenhouse looks a bit grimy. Pieces of food and wrappers littered around some tables on the crushed gravel ground. Actually no greenery--the place is bare, save for some old small christmas trees.

The 'dining' is completely hands-off, as if one is sitting in one's own house or apt.

There's a QR Code taped to the tabletop, and one discovers one is supposed to order everything through the Toast Takeout Food App, as if one were ordering delivery. When you get on the App's page, it says you need an account to use it. You actually don't, can just click through, but no one has explained, and you have to find someone to ask.

No way to customize food items, ask for anything particular (like, for instance, adding two eggs). The only 'water' option is your run-of-the-mill drugstore bottle of Poland Spring for $3.50... Later, by looking around a while, you discover a help-yourself water cooler in one corner.

The brunt of the people working there are pretty apathetic & indifferent, like acquaintances hanging out in a high school parking lot.

*Everything* is brought in plastic and styrofoam. Ev-er-y-thing. (See photos.)

One would think that a Farm, you know, would care about the environment. But, no. It seems like they're willfully trying to destroy it.

Why use silverware and china--man, that, like, takes time to wash; and "time is money"--or even paper plates or biodegradable containers--man, that, like, is harder to order--when you can just create the equivalent of a plastic-filled landfill every day.

The coffee cups are styrofoam. Who uses styrofoam anymore.

During the meal, noticed one person apparently cleaning by walking around with a rake and raking some food pieces and errant plastics underneath the gravel.

The food is 'just ok.' A few items were decent. But super heavy, with a processed-wheat feel, and like soaked in butter and whatever else.

None of the ingredients *seemed* 'locally sourced' or 'farm fresh.' Were they using any of their own ingredients?

Everything was a bit overpriced. (Even accounting for inflation.)

Do these people *want* to run a Farm? Or did they inherit it and are just going through motions? Are they misguided? What's going on here?

Can't speak to their other enterprises, but guessing at least some must reflect what's going on with the dining dynamic.

Really want to support local businesses--but we need *responsible* businesses.
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马萨诸塞波士顿2 条分享
Worst attempt at apple picking ever....20.00 per PERSON to pick apples...go to HONEY POT instead...and NO, i dont work for them.....
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马萨诸塞662 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
Ripped off..you should be ashamed. Charging 24$ per person to enter the orchard ?? 4 people 96$ even if you don't want 4 bags of apples. AND THE BAGS ARE TINY. What a joke. We ended up leaving in disgust and anger especially after driving an hour
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Danielle W
MA8 条分享
2022年9月 • 家庭
Not great for families. Good for food, brew, & gorgeous scenery. We’ve been trekking here with the kids for over 10 years. It used to be the best place to go for families. It was always overpriced, but we didn’t mind because they had such a great kids area & trains. No more trains, walkways are limited & closed, and no kids area. Playground closed & no kid’s entertainment. No longer worth the price for families.
Clearly they rethought operations & survived covid, so good for them. The restaurant is great, scenery is still amazing, & beverages are great. Better for day date or outing with adult friends. Last family outing here for us.
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马萨诸塞South Dennis57 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Extremely overpriced! The u pick bags is about 1/2 a peck and holds approximately 4 lbs of apples and cost $20 on weekdays and on the weekends if you pre-pay. Otherwise it is $24. The same size bag at the market is under $5. Plus everyone over 4 years old must have a bag to enter the orchard. We had 4 people cost us $80, because I pre-registered. Otherwise it would have cost us $96 to pick apples. I could buy the same 4 bags at the market for $20. Didn’t want them from the market wanted the fun of picking them, but it wasn’t much fun when your bag is full after only picking about 15 apples, which takes no time. We had lunch at the farm. Ordering is easy using QR code, service good, food overpriced. We wanted barbecue, but that isn’t available until after 2 pm. Had chicken sandwiches, which was a decent size, but not worth $15.00 and don’t come with fries or coleslaw. Just a bag of chips. Hard ciders were good. Would be nice if website showed size of the little tiny bag you get to pick apples and stated that barbecue wasn’t available until after 2 pm. The farm is beautiful, the tiny well manicured trees are well labeled, but there are plenty of other u pick farms were each member of your party isn’t required to have an individual tiny expensive bag and can enjoy picking a lot more apples at a much more responsible price. I know they have overhead in running the farm, but their policy that everyone over 4 years old must have an overpriced bag is ridiculous. Love apple picking, but will not return to Lookout Farm to do so. Extremely disappointed. Google other farms, which are more reasonably priced and have things for the kids.
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Lynda H
马萨诸塞波士顿29 条分享
The dining venue is lovely and we've gone to two concerts and enjoyed the setting. Plenty of separation between the picnic tables. You must use a QR code to pull up the menu. Once you order, servers deliver your items to the table. The service is quick and friendly. The food is very uneven. We went to enjoy the BBQ and 4 out of 4 had dry, chewy pulled beef sandwiches. Also, the side is a bag of Cape Cod chips. No beans. No cornbread. No cole slaw etc. Basically best to order some apps and beers and eat your dinner elsewhere. Too bad, we wanted to love it.
Also agree with another review about the wasteful disregard of the environment by using plastics for everything. That alone would keep me from returning for a meal.
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3 条分享
2022年7月 • 好友
Food mediocre. Beer delish. Reservations not needed. Meh - just kids running around. Nothing special
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