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马萨诸塞威廉斯敦224 条分享
It’s tempting to say that her production of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music is the crowning achievement of Julianne Boyd’s career as Artistic Director (and co-founder) of Barrington Stage Company, but that would be to ignore her many other exemplary shows including Follies and West Side Story. It is no exaggeration, however, to say that BSC has become the crown jewel of the Berkshires’ theatrical landscape. A Little Night Music is the latest evidence of this.

Rarely does one hear Sondheim’s demanding songs sung so richly, exactingly, passionately, and with such a sense of character as to convey their every nuance and cascading wit. It’s a glorious experience and an exultant tribute to the greatest composer/lyricist of musical theater in our time.

One could rave about each moment that has been meticulously polished as if in anticipation that Sondheim himself would be in attendance. The magic of this production, however, is that we feel his presence hovering above the jewel box setting and emanating from the collective energies of the cast, directed with readily apparent love by Boyd.

Rare is the actor who can sing with the bravura and humanity of Len Cariou who created the role of Frederick, but Jason Danieley is more than equal to the task and makes the part his own. Similarly does Emily Skinner in her wry dramatic performance of Desiree — and her singing eclipses all five actresses I’ve seen in the role. Moreover, she exudes such warmth below her ironies that it is clear why anyone would be drawn to her. The best performance I’ve seen, until now, of the Countess was Diana Rigg’s in the film version, and that Sierra Boggess made me forget that is no small achievement; she parries Sondheim’s witty barbs with aplomb and seduction. And her slit dress and leather pants, slyly devised by costumer Sara Jean Tosetti, further ensures that latter quality.

Mary Beth Peil, shines as the Madame Armfeldt to which all others must bow or aspire: regal and more beautifully sung than I’ve ever heard. Cooper Grodin is an essential Count Magnus of commanding voice and comic stupidity. Excellence is abundant in the appealing younger members of the cast who all sing winningly: Sabina Colazzo, Noah Wolfe and Sophie Mings. Aided by Robert La Fosse’s choreography, a chorus of five dynamic singers elegantly keep the plot flowing and smartly comment on the action. Music Director, Darren R. Cohen, was fortunate to be gifted with such a cast; his conducting was tight, with notable contributions from the string players. My only complaint with David Lander’s magical lighting was a spotlight on Cohen’s head that became a distraction against Yoon Bae’s enchanted scenery. And credit Leon Rothenberg for deftly balancing the sounds so that the amplification was as clear, human, and personal as such can be.

The audience with whom I saw the show almost rose from their seats at the conclusion of Send in the Clowns to which Skinner brought some refreshing nuances. But it was virtually every song that deserved such approbation in this stunning production. It is greatly reassuring that such timeless classics can still resound through the Berkshires

I can think of no more grand an exit for Julie Boyd from the theater she built. It is a blazing torch she passes to her successor.
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Drew M
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Show (Ain't Misbehavin') was great but make sure you know that when you buy a ticket at least for this show there is no mention that a mask is REQUIRED throughout the entire show. Thought this foolishness was over. In addition you will have the mask police watching you during the show to make sure it is properly in place. Very annoying and unnecessary.

Also be aware that if you are on the second floor in balcony and have any mobility issues you will have a huge staircase to climb and descend (no elevator) and there are no restrooms on that balcony level.
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佛罗里达博因顿海滩236 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We drove almost four hours to see Boca. I grew up in Florida and now winter in a 55+ community. The play was cute, could have been better. Personally I equate Boca with the top wealth - 55+, Boynton or even Valencia might be a better draw for a title.

What bothered me was the venue. The A and B sections were sold out so I picked “bubble” seats which said to bring our own chair. That day we were told the show was sold out. We get there and find there were only six people with “bubble” seats. Two didn’t show, two sat inside at the last minute, leaving us - I found this awkward.

I think with some minor tweaking, the show will do well in the “boca” market - I liked that the “mouth of the rat” translation was included
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弗吉尼亚雷斯顿15 条分享
We recently saw the play, Eleanor, at this wonderful venue. I would highly recommend this to everyone. It is beautifully written and wonderfully directed. We were spellbound for the entire play. Thank you for presenting it.
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Mark W
佛罗里达博卡拉顿2,725 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Aa Boca Raton residents, we were looking forward to “Boca” at the Barrington Stage. The concept looked promising, 10 retired New Yorkers, mostly Jews, in a series of sketches.

As residents of Boca, we could certainly imagine lots of good material. On a daily basis, retirees around us, almost entirely New Yorkers, mostly Jews, act in all sorts of hysterically funny and ridiculous ways. Lots of good material, all around - for sure!

Bits of the written play had a little promise, but overall, the play was silly, and fell flat. Although I never walk out of a play at intermission, I was tempted, although I didn’t. In retrospect, I should have walked out, because nothing improved. Surely, one of the absolutely worst plays in a long lifetime of play going. Really bad
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We saw "Who Could Ask for Anything More?" at the tent. The caliber of the performers was stupendous. The range and playfulness of their voices, and their choreography lit up the Gershwin repertoire even more. I will see other productions from this company. One note, There are cheap tickets to be had in "the bubble." The bubble is actually the parking lot. My party was quite upset that we were the only ones in "the bubble."
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纽约州纽约市840 条分享
It was wonderful seeing a live production after so long.
The production was held in a large tent with lots of space between rows and seats.
Programs were accessed through your phone, with posters on the tent poles.
The tent location is nowhere near their theater, so make sure you use your GPS.
The production was terrific, as were the performers. You can never get too much of the Gershwins songs. The melody's and lyrics are unforgettable.
Show is 75 minutes with no intermission
The rest of the summer lineup is just as exciting
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The performance was completed under a large white tent - (not sure if it would happen in bad weather). But it was a nice night out after being cooped up with quarantine. A huge challenge for this troop but they did a great job. We saw the The Hills are alive with Rodgers & Hammerstein. Limited seats and social distancing - very talented artists. Great tribute to R&H.
At this time, I would not recommend this for a large group traveling due to the limited seating. As time passes, that may improve or be coordinated with the Stage Company.
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I hesitated at first to share my review, for a feared it might make my future ticket purchases more difficult, but they deserve the accolades and I am delighted to share them with all.
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纽约州伊萨卡23 条分享
Great actors and costuming.The play we saw was a new one just hitting broadway so it was a treat as we did not travel to NYC often.
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