Whitney Center for the Arts
Whitney Center for the Arts
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很喜欢这里的艺术展览, 有的, 他们有新的展品, 每个月都在两 Galleries 。 顶级 Artists 。 我们参加了一个两 Cabaret Opera 的决定和表演, 也是一流的, 没有任何这样的伯克郡, 相信我。 这是一个小地方, 所以这是一个很私密的环境。 他们的活动让你感觉你是在欧洲 Settings“小酒馆”城市或花哨, 不像纽约或 Boston, 但是只要一半的价格, 但是高品质! 他们没有一个完整的厨房, 但是他们的小吃很不错, 价格合理。 我很喜欢他们的地中海拼盘, 而且 Salsa (玉米, 黑豆)和薯条。 还有其他的事件, 如有声读物 Arts 说话。 我参加的第一个说话 Book Event, 马拉奇麦考特是一名小组成员, 他的兄弟, 麦考特 Franck, 马拉奇已经写了几本书, 就是一个天才。 然后 Maria Loi, 还有一个著名的希腊厨师, 这是我第二次通话 Book 。 我还参加了他们的第一 Tallking Arts, 这很棒, 很随意而又刺激的审核 Artists 由一位著名的画廊, 克拉克 Lauren 。 我没有参加了他们的表演 Theater, 不过。 但是, 知道他们 Artists Programming 的质量和选择。 我毫不怀疑 IT 很棒, 因为我听到过很多人去过。 我等不及要参加他们的周日 Event 1st Jazz 。 没有服务费, 但更便宜... 不管怎么说, 如果你住在附近, 或者只是参观伯克郡, 一定要看看他们的活动, 你不会后悔的, 而且你肯定会感谢我后来! :)




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Lynda L
马萨诸塞皮茨菲尔德6 条分享
In the past they had Princess Songs and Tea, my then 4 year old granddaughter had a great time. The Princess' sang beautifully and tea and tea sandwiches where served.
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Dorian G
纽约州纽约市3 条分享
2015年2月 • 好友
Love the art exhibits @the Whit, they have new exhibits every month in both galleries. Top notch artists. Attended a couple of Cabaret and Opera Notte performances, also top notch, there isn't anything like this in the Berkshires, trust me. It is a small venue, so it is quite an intimate setting. Their events in "Bistro" settings make you feel like you are in Europe or some fancy city, like NYC or Boston, but half the price but high quality! They don't have a full kitchen, but their Tapas are pretty good at reasonable prices. I love their Mediterranean Platter, and Salsa (corn and black beans) and Chips. They have other events as well, such as Talking Books and Talking Arts. The first Talking Book event I attended, Malachy McCourt was one of the panelist, he is the brother of Franck McCourt, Malachy has written several books and is a genius in his own right. Then there was Maria Loi, a famous greek chef, that was the second Talking Book I attended. I also attended their first Tallking Arts, it was awesome, very casual yet stimulating conversations with artists moderated by a famous gallerist, Lauren Clark. I have not attended their theater performances, yet. However, knowing the quality of the programming and artists they select, I have no doubt it is great, as I have heard from many who have attended. I can't wait to attend their 1st Sunday's Jazz event. There is no cover charge but cash bar... Anyways, if you live nearby or are just visiting the Berkshires, be sure to check out their events, you won't regret it, and you can thank me later! :)
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