Tannery Falls

Tannery Falls(Savoy)


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chesa c
马萨诸塞Grafton60 条分享
Found this spot near to our rental and decided to check it out without mich of a plan. This usually goes one of two ways...a complete disaster or only sort of a disaster. But much to my surprise...no disaster, thanks in part to other reviews. ⚠️ there are no road signs for this. As others posted go as far as the pond, across from which is a clearing to park. The "hike" is well traveled and manicured w steps and some railings for about a half mile to the main fall. It was easy enough for my 4yo in crocs. It is a steapish climb out, but not terrible. Glad we took a chance and glad for other reviews that helped get us there!!
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卡罗莱纳州罗利4,381 条分享
Tannery Falls is a beautiful 80-foot waterfall in Savoy Mountain Forest. We visited for a short hike with our dog. The trailhead is down a gravel forest road under a mile from Black Brook Road (paved). The road is a little rough but should be driveable in most 2WD cars, just take it slow. There's a big gravel parking area and a short blue-blazed trail leads down to the waterfall. Near the end of the trail, it gets a little steep with some stairs. When you get to the base of the stairs, look to the right to see Parker Brook Falls. It's not quite as big or impressive as Tannery Falls, but really cool and unique as the creek flows down through jagged, angular rocks. Don't miss this cool bonus waterfall. The base of Tannery Falls is just another hundred feet or so on the trail, with a nice open area near the pool at the base to relax and enjoy the view. Awesome spot and definitely worth a stop if visiting the area.
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Gena F
马里兰Accident298 条分享
We spent the day touring different falls in the area and we are glad we made the trip to Tannery. The road to the falls is an old dirt road, very rocky but if you take it slow it is fine with a car. There is a very small fall on the left fairly early on the trail but keep going down. There is a larger fall on the right which we viewed first and then came back and went down the trail to the left to the very impressive fall. The trail is sorta of steep and has lots of stairs. It was such a beautiful area, our children loved climbing around on the rocks. I definitely recommend this hike but not necessarily great for people who might have a hard time with the steep steps, it was a trek.
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Finding the last bit of directions off Black Brook Road (approaching from the East) is tricky. The turn off Black Brook Rd onto Tannery Road to head west is not marked. Tannery Road is an okay dirt road. When you get to Tannery Pond, a large pond and wetland, park there. DO NOT drive the little road across from the pond. Walk on it less than 50 yards and it turns into a path which quickly reaches the ruins of the tannery/mill and then follow downward to more falls. Interesting jumble of huge rocks.
After the falls, we did not explore the condition of Tannery Road any farther west, but retraced our drive, now heading east to Black Brook Road, turned left and drove up to Route 2.
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马萨诸塞Winchendon10 条分享
We never made it to the waterfall the road to get there was impassable with a car. Unless you have a dirt bike or a four wheeler do do try. It says it is a road it even has signs for weight limits on bridges. DO NOT GO UNLESS YOU HAVE A HUGE TRUCK, AN ATV OR A DIRT BIKE.!
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马萨诸塞波士顿1 条分享
It's a very nice falls. There are two of them. On the one to your right that you first come to (it's not Tannery Falls) as you descend the mostly-stair-stepped route, walk closer to it over the rocks and you will see a swirling pool at the bottom of the first level of these falls. Don't miss seeing that.
Then you continue to go down and see Tannery Falls to your left. We took a lot of great pictures. It doesn't look like it but you can walk down along the edge of the flow. There are some nice views down there as well.
It's a very short walk from the parking lot, and not a long way down at all.
We did go down the dirt road mentioned in another post. It was fine. Actually very smooth for a dirt road. It's nothing that you need high ground clearance or 4 wheel drive or anything. Make sure you drive over the little bridge that goes over the water/lake on your left that feeds one of the falls. The parking lot is right on the other side with plenty of parking. We really enjoyed the short hike.
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Cheryl H
马萨诸塞富兰克林103 条分享
In the middle of no where and I mean no where! Asked a local, on the street it was suppose to be on and he had heard of it but never went. Website indicates parking fees etc, but let me tell you...don’t waste your time finding it...Last house on the left kind of area!
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Jacqueline C
罗德岛Lincoln127 条分享
When I arrived at the sign Tannery Falls , on a tree. I couldn't believe it. The dirt road I had to go down. It was one of the most dangerous roads I had ever driven down! When I arrived at the parking lot on the right, I was happy to be alive. In September, there was barely any water passing through the rocks. Just woods, and more woods. It was nice. It would have been better with a safe road, with pavement. And, of course, water in the falls. Unless, they improve the road, I would definitely not recommend this area.
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2 条分享
Was an easy find off tannery road approaching from black brook rd. 1/4 a mile for a great view. Would recommend coming in spring for a higher water flow.
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Massachusetts21 条分享
We did this short walk/hike the afternoon after severe thunderstorms. The driving route to get here is not well marked, so follow the directions provided by the Savoy Mountain State Forest campground if you are planning to park in the lot at the entrance to the falls. Because of the thunderstorms the falls were quite full and beautiful. The descent is quite steep and full of roots and muddy areas after a rainy day, so definitely recommend proper hiking boots even though the walk isn't long.
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