Alice & Jack Wirt Public Library

Alice & Jack Wirt Public Library(贝城)

Alice & Jack Wirt Public Library

Alice & Jack Wirt Public Library
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Steve S
2 条分享
Visitor Beware
I thought this library was good but was concerned with a conversation I heard this week. This involved one of the library staff members who was talking with two of his friends that were visiting the library.
This library isn’t known for being quiet by any means so I guess that’s why the staff member figured it was acceptable to have a prolonged conversation. Since I was sitting right next to his friends and there really wasn’t any effort to keep the tone to a low level I heard rather surprising and disturbing news about the Bay City Michigan Library. One of the visitors was telling the staff member about the large amount of paperwork his does at his job. The library staff member said they do a lot of paperwork at the library also, his friends found this amusing and asked how paperwork can be overwhelming at a library. The staff member went on to tell his friends that the police are called in 8-9 each week to the library and this creates an enormous amount of paperwork.
I’m not sure if the staff member was just trying to one up his friends but even if he exaggerated the numbers by double this was very concerning to hear. The staff member didn’t go into any detail about the incidents at the library so I’m not sure what the severity of the events were.
I just wanted to visitors aware that you might need to be cautious when visiting the Alice & Jack Wirt Library in Bay City, MI.
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Bay City, Michigan37 条分享
great place for looking up information.
great day looking up information on the internet. i would recommend this library to any age to use, They have great helpers.
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Essexville110 条分享
A great place to visit
2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a big library that can be enjoyed by everyone. There are programs for children, teens and adults going on year round. The children's area has a big boat that kids love to play in. They also offer a lot of other unique toys for young visitors. There is a small area where you can buy used books. But in late July, the Friends of the Library hold an annual used book sale. There is an elevator to the second floor. A fireplace can keep you warm while you read your book. You will find our staff to be friendly and helpful.
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Gordon S
MI41 条分享
good spacious
it is spacious and got lots of place to sit and relax. got conference rooms, kids area, computer lab.
i prefer upstairs by the windows for better view and quiet.
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印第安那Peru1,507 条分享
Nice resource....
2018年8月 • 独自旅游
This is a well-conceived library complex; offering a nice resource to the local community, and visitors.
The building is architecturally interesting, and well maintained. The staff are friendly, informative and accommodating.
The children's section has an ark and stuffed animals; providing an inviting and comfortable ambiance.
There are a number of computer terminals for public use (which was very helpful for me one day).
Overall, a solid option for those needing, and/or simply enjoying, a libraries offerings.
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46 条分享
Beautiful library
2018年3月 • 家庭
Beautiful well kept library, built in recent years, with comfortable seating areas, plenty of open room, private study and meeting rooms, and well informed and professional staff. The library makes very good use of its space and serves the community in various forms from children's projects to a wide range community interests.
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Jo G
卡罗莱纳州阿什维尔184 条分享
Iconic building for book lovers
2017年12月 • 独自旅游
In a city best known for its glorious late 19th century buildings it is easy to neglect some iconic 20th century ones. The city library and it's garden us an architectural gem. As well as a glorious book collection. A joy to visit.
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Gorgeous Building
2017年9月 • 好友
We had a meeting for work at this library and it was my first time inside. Wow! What a gem of a library for Bay City. The library is well staffed and has a warm and inviting atmosphere! The staff was very helpful with our meeting in setting up and helping with IT issues. I would highly recommend a visit to this library.
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密歇根贝城1,748 条分享
Pleasant Gem of a Library
2017年7月 • 独自旅游
This library is a comfort to visit. The garden area is open and the kalideoscope has flowers planted in it again after being left empty for years.

A nice addition in the entryway is to see how the solar grid is performing. That is way cool.

Many nice reading nooks for all ages. I especially like the room over the entrance with floor to ceiling windows on three sides. A nice relaxing place to enjoy a good book.
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密歇根贝城96 条分享
My home away from home
2017年5月 • 独自旅游
I am a genealogist who does lookups for people who live away from Bay City. This library has a whole room for genealogists!! Very nice to have all the materials in one area with microfilm readers and computer terminals. I also love the new book area and the knowledgeable and helpful librarians. When I was a girl many years ago it seemed like the librarians' job was to tell you to shut up and to guard all the books and keep them on the shelves. These librarians want the books to circulate and are willing to help you find just the right ones for you--if you're writing a paper for school or just reading for pleasure. Besides the collection at Wirt the library is hooked into the White Pine cooperative and the MELcat system and can probably get you the book you need within 5 days. And don't kid yourself--not everything is online!! Speaking of the digital world Wirt also has ebooks to download--my daughter told me that, I like to hold the paper book in my hands. Bring your family--bring your friends--I guarantee they'll find something to check out and it's all FREE!!
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