Franklin Cider Mill
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Overall it is nice place for your regular fix of cider and donuts. However, parking is very limited and they are not clear on their donut menu. I was there with my work outing for the afternoon and was very disappointed for their donuts. I went up to the counter on my way out to order a dozen donuts. I said I will take a dozen cinnamon sugar donuts please. The counter person said we only have one kind and those are it. I said okay thats good. So I was handed a fresh warm batch of donuts in a bag closed ready for the road home. I live about 30 minutes away. When I got home, I was ready to eat a few and when I looked in the bag, they were PLAIN! So I was really upset that I spent the expensive amount for donuts I was told were cinnamon and sugar donuts. So I brought it to their attention, and they said the cinnamon is in the batter of the donut. I replied and said, you are misinforming customers. Any other cider mill serves cinnamon and sugar donuts that is on the outside. Yours here are NOT that and it should be explained better for customers. They are also very limited on their other products they sell. Only one type of pie was available and no half sizes. From what I remember in years past, this was a great place to go to. I wont be back any time soon that is for sure.
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Jacob M
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This is NOT in "Bloomfield Hills", it is in Bloomfield Township ... but you had might as well think of it as being in the Village of Franklin ... municipal disagreements notwithstanding.
This is a very traditional cider mill (previously a grist mill also). The apples used to be grown right up the hill at the old Pickering orchard about about 500 yards away.
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September 18, 2021

The Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is the place I used to try to stop, when The Franklin Cider Mill was opened during the September to November season and I was commuting between the State of Michigan and the State of Georgia. But now that I live near this Michigan Treasure, (IA) more Designated Visits will be planned into my schedule at The Franklin Cider Mill.

This year of 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic related challenges, I waited more than one week for Volunteers to Transport to me a Gallon of The Franklin Cider Mill Apple Cider from the State of Michigan's best apple blends; TWO Apple Pie loaves of bread and a large container of The Franklin Cider Mill Apple Butter but it was well worth the wait. YUM!

I have made the comment to one of the owners of The Franklin Cider Mill that their Apple Butter would have great competition from my memories of my 104 years old Grandmother's Homemade Apple Butter which I always will rank as a 10 out of 10. I now rank The Franklin Cider Cider Mill Apple Butter a 9 out of 10!

I received ALL of my Franklin Cider Mill Delights by 7 a.m. and by 8 a.m., I had already tried The Franklin Cider Mill Apple Pie Loaf Bread (both the oven warm version and room-temperature version), first with the Franklin Cider Mill Apple Butter, then with TWO DIFFERENT PRESERVES and finally, with a Premium Michigan Honey. To say that the different combinations were tasty would be an understatement!

It was a delightful day to just eat The Franklin Cider Mill products. So much so, I am already planning to use FedEx Overnight Express Service before the Franklin Cider Mill closes the weekend after Thanksgiving 2021.

My WOW ME RE-ORDER will include SIX SLICED Apple Pie Loaf Bread, so that I can make delicious vegetarian and/or meat sandwiches or simply serve plain to my Thanksgiving Dinner Guests. (IA)That FedEx delivery order will also include SIX LARGE Apple Butter and TWO Gallons of Apple Cider.

I am willing to share the Apple Pie Loaf Bread because the Bread is made with simple ingredients that I am familiar, can actually pronounce and no preservatives BUT I'm not so sure yet that I will share that Franklin Cider Mill Apple Butter, which "may last" me through the spring 2022!

I'm already starting to make more room in my freezer for that 6 LOAF ORDER of The Franklin Cider Mill Apple Pie Loaf Bread. (IA) That planned November 2021 Fedex Overnight Re-Order of The Franklin Cider Mill Food Products will NOT be a disappointment!

Ms. Sophia
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密歇根夏洛瓦595 条分享
Nice cider mill on Franklin Road. The place sits on a picturesque hillside next to a small river. We went on Labor Day and it was very very busy, and parking was hard to come by - but it was a sunny day and no one complained. The mill has some ancillary vendor operations which included some oversized hot dogs and a gift shop along with a few other things including music from a streetside DJ. This is a fun one hour diversion especially for young children. The cider was OK and the doughnuts are fine when they are hot. The Hot Dogs are good but $7 seems a bit stiff - but they were selling rapidly. I recommend giving this one a try.
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密歇根底特律297 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
We visited the mill on an absolutely beautiful fall afternoon. Of course, everyone else had the same idea, so the lines are long. That’s to be expected, so that really wasn’t a problem. We also expected the ridiculously high prices! The downfall was the donuts just weren’t all that tasty. I’ve had much better donuts at Long’s and Erwins.
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密歇根底特律40 条分享
The donuts are hot and fresh but very greasy but they taste good. The cider is cold and freshly pressed. Parking can be a problem on busy weekends. Kids love it and enjoy feeding the donuts to the ducks in the Franklin river. Some times the bee's are an annoyance howver.
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The apple cider is delicious (take home a bottle of the sparkling cider too) but I really enjoyed the donuts and took some home as well to enjoy. It's an outdoor space for the most part so wrap up warm fall/winter especially because the line into the store extends outside. There's a huge mill wheel to see and it's nice to sit on one of the benches and watch the ducks swimming along in the little river.
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2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
All time family favorite. One of the best cider mills. They also have lots of things to buy plus a great apple pie. Even have fudge from Mackinac Island
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密歇根罗亚尔奥克6,505 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
It was another busy and packed Saturday early afternoon.

Always on the hunt for the best cider and cider mill donuts.

This place is one that is usually packed and as per usual the Saturday afternoon I went it was packed as always. Lot was practically full.

The cider was good and the donuts too.

It's a fun place to hang out with friends and family and is often buzzing.
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俄亥俄哥伦布2 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
Great experience for all. Beautiful apples, great cider and fantastic doughnuts. Easy to find and near Detroit attractions.
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