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Alexia H
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2013年9月 • 家庭
This past Sunday, I went on one of Dave's (owner) Segway tours with a total group of 8 people, including the tour guide, which was Dave himself. First, let me say that I have no issue with the Segway aspect of the tour. It was an interesting way to see the city and although a little nerve racking initially using it, you adjust to operating it pretty quickly (5 minutes or so). But please note, at the end of a two hour tour, my feet were killing me (FYI, I'm an active 29 year old). Standing in one place for two hours takes a toll on your feet. It wasn't unbearable, but just something to note. Now, as for the tour aspect...

While Dave seemed like a nice enough person, he gave VERY little information during the tour. Here are two examples that pretty much summarized the experience:

Towards the beginning of the tour we stopped by the Guardian Building. The lobby was open, but the rest of the building was closed, as this was a Sunday. Upon entering the lobby, Dave says to the security guard there, "So, what can you tell these guys about the building?" The security guard then provides Dave with a brochure containing history about the building, which Dave does not share with the group. It's not until I ask when the building was constructed that he pulls the brochure out of his pocket and reads about four sentences off the paper (it was completed in 1929 in case you were curious).

Second example: While on the Riverfront by the Renaissance Center, he tells us that although the Ren Center was built for $350 million by Ford, GM purchased it for a steal at $30M (he didn't know when). However, my aunt (who works at the Ren Center was quick to tell me that it was actually purchased for around $75M (according to myresearch, it was technically $76M). This is basic information to know when leading a tour.

Overall, this was probably the worst tour I've ever taken. I learned practically nothing about the city. I absolutely wouldn't recommend this to a friend, unless their sole reason for going was to ride a Segway, which you can just rent separately, without the tour included.

P.S. Dave did mention that he used to hire tour guides (who I assume knew some history of Detroit) to guide the tours, but he said it just didn't work out so he figured he'd do it himself. He then went on to admit that he wasn't a very good tour guide. Again, no problem with Dave, he was just horrible as a tour guide.
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2012年5月 • 好友
- Around $65 per person, for about 1 1/2 hours of tour is a great deal.

- At the beginning you get a crash course of operating the Segway and off you go !

- Tour guides are in the front and back of the crowd. On this day, the one tourguide's Segway malfunctioned and they had to go back to 'base camp'.

- You do get to roll around downtown Detroit and see sights that you may miss if you were driving past. You get a little history of areas, buidlings, etc. As well as tour stadiums, and the riverfront. The riverfront was by far my favorite aspect of the tour. Very cool experience, overall.

- The tourguide was friendly and attempted to wrangle all the various skill levels together.

- If you happen to go end up in Detroit and want a different way to tour the city, I'd definitely give this a try.
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If my 65 year old mother can Segway, you can too! This is a lot of fun for adults of all ages. It is a great way to see most of the sites in one or two hours. Tour covered from the stadiums to the riverfront mainly east of Woodward.
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2011年6月 • 好友
I had so much fun on Semseg's Segway tour of the city. For $60, the tour packs a punch. In just two hours, I learned how to ride a Segway--a battery-operated vehicle that cruises up sidewalks and pavilions of speeds of up to 12 mph. Sleeker than a bike, the Segway was easy to maneuver and fun to drive. I was surprised to see how easy it was. Once our group of about six learned how to start, stop, circle and reverse, our tour guide introduced us to the sites of downtown Detroit.

We buzzed by the delicacies of Greektown and its famous "oompha"-calling restaurants. We glided right up to the open-air fence of Comerica Park to see the Tigers lead the Mariners in the bottom of the Fourth. We rode by famous theaters, an historic R&B recording studio and old-world churches (one of which once served as the last stop on the Underground Railroad to freedom in Canada). We circled around city monuments, paying notice to a sidewalk emblem marking the absolute center of Detroit. We paused in the heart of the financial district to visit the Guardian Building. The glazed-tile and terra cotta building is a unique icon of the financial boom of last century's Roaring Twenties. Finally, we topped off the tour by cruising down Detroit's pretty Riverwalk, waving "hello" to Windsor, Canada on our right and to tourists on our left as we went.

The best thing about the tour was seeing so much of the city in a short period of time. We must have covered about five miles of territory, but it sure didn't feel like it! I learned more about Detroit's history than I could have imagined possible. Never again will I think of Southeast Michigan as only a suburban area that makes cars. Now I know Detroit is much more than "The Motor City."

Semseg's segways provided a chic and efficient way to see the city. And they were so much fun to drive! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
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