Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum(Farmington)

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
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Gary R
Arlington, TN198 条分享
Marvin's is an interesting mix of new video games and some oldies-but-goodies. If you enjoy playing away from your computer, check it out. The old pinball games are great fun, as are some of the older video games.

They have a snack bar so you can stay longer and still not walk away hungry.

It's a fun way to spend part of an afternoon.
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Joseph K
威斯康星麦迪逊10 条分享
2021年7月 • 家庭
Amazing! We have been waiting to visit for years. My kids are giant fans of Tally Ball and this place did not disappoint. We loved all the old fashioned machines and spent over an hour just examining the random things hanging on the ceiling and wall.
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Greg S
密歇根利沃尼亚29 条分享
The place is a cornucopia of games and eclectic machines from the early 1900's to modern videos. The assortment is quite a collection, and both young and old alike will find much to keep occupied for a few hours. The place seems small until you start looking around and realize they have stuff EVERYWHERE! Most everything takes quarters, and there are ample dollar bill changers on site. Some of the modern games had no instructions and were a bit hard to understand (Japanese style with lots of lights!) But n the whole, the kids had a blast and everybody was nice even when you bumped into them walking by. I would recommend going here on the weekdays, as the weekends are really crowded yet doable.
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密歇根法明顿希尔斯20 条分享
I have been going here for years. I took my kids when they were small and now my grandkids enjoy vintage game machines. Give it a try. I think you will enjoy this landmark
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Brian A
30 条分享
If you take your kids here, you'll never get them out again until they run out of quarters. This place is amazing and a little frightening. It's cheap fun and well worth it but bring quarters. There is a refreshment stand inside that sells pizza and plenty of seating for a large group. Like I said, if you take your kids here you'll never get them out.
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Kay G
密歇根Swartz Creek114 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Was interesting full of coin operated machines the old style it was good but not something that would be a all day thing but I enjoyed the old coin ops no entry fee just what you spend on machines we were expecting more with all the hype not as big as we thought but was very interesting
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俄亥俄托莱多11 条分享
Let me tell you, I have visited Marvin's six times now and I have never sickened of the experience. Each time brings happiness and a great sense of nostalgia. I can't think of many places where you can get such entertainment for FREE.

Okay, if you are unfamiliar with MMMM, let me tell you a secret: Bring your kids and stray them away from the video games, the ticket machines, and the prize counter. That stuff exists in any ol' arcade. The genius of MMMM is the historic stuff that you don't see in any museum, at least not here in the MidWest.

Filled with vintage arcade games from England and around the world, MMMM has games that are merely movement-entertainment - stuff that would have been relished when they were created (anytime from the 1870's - the 1930's) back when kids didn't have television, smartphones, and youtube. Any movement machines were scintillating to watch and operate. Having your child watch this stuff now might seem boring by modern day standards, but explain the history to them! Read the explanations on the museum-like displays. Some of the stuff is downright gruesome, but thrilling nonetheless. Some wooden figure machines replicate dance or jest, but some machines even demonstrate hangings or torture (clearly marked with caution signs)... It's a testament to the history of how blunt people were with their kids when it came to death. Not like today's candy-coated Disney history, Marvin had collected a great selection of amusement from a bygone era.

Peruse the vintage circus posters, take in the massive Cardiff Giant in the back, have your shoulder massaged by an electronic "Vibratory Doctor" and watch your hand sliced off in a visual treat that fools even some older kids!

And if you're cheap like me, you can walk around and see most of this stuff for FREE if you merely wait to witness someone else plop a quarter in the machine. But I brought my 10 and 13 year old here last week, gave them a mere $5 each and we enjoyed ourselves for 1.5 hours, believe it or not.

Top Honors for MMMM.
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Eric M
加利福尼亚庇斯摩海滩310 条分享
Actually a working arcade with vintage machines and signage. They have quite a few of the fortune teller machines in different configurations, almost everything was operational. A lot to see in a small area.
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Keith A
23 条分享
2018年11月 • 家庭
Great place to share your childhood with your kids. All kinds of neat games and memorabilia. Totally fun experience.
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Cindy L
佛罗里达Bushnell801 条分享
Plenty of staff to assist when we had problems with the machines. Lots of fun playing old arcade games. Available ATM machines to get quarters for the games.
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