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Bob Thomas
密歇根兰辛4 条分享
Throw a stone in Old Town and you will find a unique Lansing store. Spend some time walking around, it's got a little of everything for everybody.
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密歇根Eagle66 条分享
This is a fun little shopping trip to take for some unique gifts and stop at the pet shop. I recommend doing this on a nice day so you can walk to all the stores.
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Shelby R
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2020年7月 • 家庭
Hello travelers!
Old town is an amazing place to stop both old and young, both by your self or with family! We have tons of amazing stores and amazing food! We have a river trail that extends throughout our town that makes it possible to explore our town by the river and by the fish ladder! We have yearly festivals that produce hundreds of people each year, and amazing music! We have our own art committee and have our very own gallery! We are also known for our huge murals! Theres so much to explore in Old-town and you should definitely do your research on coming here! Find information on the ILoveOldtown website and come and join the fun!!!!!
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密歇根兰辛92 条分享
Old Town is a collection of bars, restaurants and specialty shops on the north side of Lansing just south and east of the airport centered at the intersection of Caesar Chavez and Turner street. Some of the best restaurants in Lansing are located here. The specialty store seem a little forced but hey if they can make a buck more power to them. The whole Old Town area is clean, safe, well maintained, well lit at night and has a really fun atmosphere. I like window shopping at Elderly Instruments and visiting Breinke fish ladder. Dining at Sir Pizza and looking out the window at the river flowing by is an incredibly refreshing and relaxing experience. Preuss Pets pet store is filled with exotic animals and fish. The stores decorations are worth a visit alone. The staff is wonderful as are the customers. Golden Harvest Restaurant on the north end serves the finest breakfast food on the planet. Olympic Broil just up the road will sell you a burger and fries that you will remember for many hours. Cross the bridge going north on Larch Street and Old Town disappears in about a hundred feet. It is like an alternate universe that you need to seek out to find and even notice. Once you discover Old Town and its charm you will return often.
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Holli D
美国247 条分享
Park anywhere in the area, get out and just walk. Take time to visit the art and the small shops. Grab a drink or dinner/lunch and just relax for a few hours. There's a little something for everyone in the Old Town area.
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Shay G
密歇根东兰辛92 条分享
There are so many really nice shops to meander thru in Old Town. Love the vintage feel that the district offers.
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Lansing, Michigan24 条分享
The original depot, the barber's, the pharmacy, the market, Freddie's donuts. . .the storefronts may be gone but really the names have simply been changed. The key is that there are not chain stores here - only unique ones. Whether you're looking for vintage clothing, a unique hairstyle, rare and healthy pets, art works of all kinds, interesting foods, Old Town is the place to visit. Grab some popcorn, check out the fish ladder. There's something for absolutely every age and interest.
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William W
佛罗里达圣彼德斯堡1,065 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We had time to kill after checking out of our Lansing Hotel and before heading to Saugatuck, our final destination.

So found this area listed on TripAdvisor and decided to check it out. At 10am, no one on the streets. Didn't look like the stores were open yet and even if they were, they did not sound by Name or appearance to be anything of interest to us.

So we drove by without even stopping.
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密歇根Grand Blanc78 条分享
2018年12月 • 好友
The food in this area is great! Try Zoobies if you're looking for great pizza and The Creole for fancy cocktails and great burgers. There are so many places to shop and browse while walking around and enjoying the afternoon. Stop by Grace's for some quality shopping. It's beautiful in there with great choices for women! Walk out with something that will make you feel beautiful. The shop owners are always friendly. Thank you small businesses!
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Julie G
268 条分享
2018年10月 • 家庭
Hmmm... I went in on a Monday and not very busy. Didn't see much to do. Not sure what the hype about the area is. Sorry, I missed it!
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