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Catherine N Wilde
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Slowly recovering from the hurricanes of last year, still gorgeous
The archaeological park is busy cleaning mud off the monuments from the hurricane last year, which left standing water and mud up to three or four feet up the surface of the monuments. However, since the last time I visited (4 years ago), they have updated the signage and are working hard at cleaning the park up after the hurricanes. It's a great place to visit, located in the middle of banana plantations-- if you drive on the main road around 3pm you might even see the banana train carrying bananas across the street :)
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Noely Dubón
危地马拉Melchor de Mencos17 条分享
Maravillosas Estelas
2020年6月 • 独自旅游
El sitio arqueológico de Quirigua ubicado en el departamento de Izabal se puede ver mucho lo que es la vegetación. Muchas plantas diferentes que dan una vista hermosa al lugar. Esté lugar es reconocido por sus Estelas altas , la más alta es de 10 metros llamada la estela E. Está estela también está representada en la moneda de 10 centavos de Guatemala.
En este lugar hay un pequeño museo donde explican sobre la historia que tiene el sitio. Es recomendable ya que si te gusta mucho la historia te interesara todo sobre esté lugar.
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德克萨斯州奥斯丁54 条分享
Exquisite Mayan Art
The Quirigua Archaeological park features perhaps the best rock art in the Mayan world--certainly on a par with Copan. The stelae and altars are sublime--the iconographic and artistic qualities of the rock carvings are exquisite. The site also features a small acropolis with interesting buildings, but the site lacks the monumental architecture seen in Tikal or even Copan. This is a relatively small site (completely surrounded by banana plantations) so the average tourist easily can manage the site in a day.

I would recommend that you read up on the site before you visit. You also should be able to hire a local guide,

It is easy to get there by tuk-tuk from the town of Quirigua or from Los Amates. You could also take the bus to the turnoff for the park, but it is a good 20 minute walk to the entrance. I recommend that you stay at the Posada de Quirigua in the town of Quirigua.
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Michèle D
法国亚眠1,655 条分享
Beau site !
Ce site est grand et bien entretenu. Mieux vaut avoir un bon guide qui saura expliquer pourquoi la présence des stèles, les statues, les constructions, le calendrier maya, etc... A noter : la magnifique végétation avec des arbres gigantesques et la présence de nombreux iguanes sur le site !
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東京都1,038 条分享
新大陸の古代遺跡の中で最も高い11.7m の石碑を初め、8世紀後半に建立した数本の大きい石碑があります。
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俄罗斯莫斯科2,343 条分享
Cozy ruins
Quiet, cozy ruins - we were the only visitors. And here there is something to see - these are perfectly preserved steles with inscriptions.
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Cesare M
意大利卡尔皮672 条分享
Distesa verde con sorpresa
Quando arrivi, ti ritrovi davanti ad una bellissima distesa di prato verde con delle capannine, in alcuni punti il prato e cosparso di petali gialli caduti dagli alberi, poi avvicinandoti scopri che sotto la capannina ci sono delle antichissime stele con incisi i simboli del periodo, alcune altissime che raggiungono i 10 Mt. Molto interessante da visitare.
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英国Market Weighton164 条分享
Small Maya archeological site without the crowds
This is a small interesting Maya site with some interesting carved Stella's in particular one which is the tallest known at 11metres. It is quite an atmospheric place with a small museum on the site. The atmosphere is enhanced by some rather tremendous trees on the site. Well worth a visit en-route to the larger more well known sites.
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Jasmine38Chichester UK
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Interesting minor Mayan site if you have the benefit of an explanation
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
This is the smallest of the 3 UNESCO Mayan sites in Guatemala. It's interesting for its stellae which are mainly dedicated to the primary ruler of this city back in around 750 - 800 AD.

We visited with a guide on a cruse ship excursion. Its 1.5 hour bus ride each way from the port. Our guide provided lots of interesting information and explanation. Without this I'm not sure we would have found the site that stimulating although it's in an attractive setting and not too crowded.

We spent around 1.5 hours here with our guide. Alone we would probably have spent considerably less.
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荷兰Vlissingen369 条分享
Meer van verwacht
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Dit archeologische park, gelegen in het oosten van Guatemala, valt tegen. Het is maar beperkt van omvang, maar de prijs van Q80 pp doet meer vermoeden. Er staan wel enorme zuilen rechtop die de moeite waard zijn, maar de middenplaats is erg beperkt. Mocht je in de buurt zijn en even de tijd hiervoor vrij kunnen maken dan zou ik het doen, anders gewoon van internet bekijken.
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