Lakewood Shores Resort - Serradella Golf Course

Lakewood Shores Resort - Serradella Golf Course

Lakewood Shores Resort - Serradella Golf Course
Three day golf trip
我们四个人花了三天两夜在莱克伍徳Shores, 打三道菜。 菜都很不错,是最友好的了,而且盖乐思Blackshire Seradella Design很具挑战性的课程。 当我们到达Blackshire下雨了,他们没有在挡风Cart了。 我们问小伙子Cart Attendant的是他们是否还有挡风和他的回答是"他们忙于Cart Barn”。 当我们问他要取消下葬,一对夫妇,我们给他表现得好像我们问他到了他的右手边。 他小声在他的呼吸,因为他去看看Dig。 我猜他不会意识到不是一个很好的方式提示EARN。 除此之外,互动,行程部分Golf很有利。 我们非常失望,因为食物的餐厅。 第一天晚上我们吃了晚餐。 我要的煎鲈鱼是相当不错的,但Garlic肉酱意粉附带IT很冷。 另一个朋友点了鱼和薯条,他说那里非常好。 一个人点了牛排,但只能和一个人说这是小车道Cut Dry, 所以她不得不要求要把Mayo是水水润润的了。 早餐只有自助餐 - $8$13自助或欧陆式自助早餐。 这不是一个很好的选择,最后我们付了$8麦片,吐司和咖啡。 唯一的菜量是热狗和汉堡在露台上烧烤。 他们还会送薯片。 最好是能提供全套服务的午餐。 我们最后要抱怨的是这里没有制冰机。 如果你需要冰,你就得去前台接待,他们会向你收取$2个包! 我从来没见过这一家旅馆/汽车旅馆/度假村。 我在这个度假村住过两次,发现这里的餐厅和住宿是相当不错的,所以它看起来有些什么变了,因为这次旅行绝对是一个让人失望的地方。 我要说的是,大部分的员工都很友好(除了一个家伙Cart),但他们真的需要加强食物Quit ICE, 向客人收取费用。


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密歇根罗亚尔奥克55 条分享
2018年7月 • 好友
What has happened to Lakewood Shores? We have been going to all the courses for many years and for the last three the decline has been very noticeable. After our outing this year - we will not be back. Having an early morning tee time - and getting off 40 minutes late and 18 holes turning into five and a half hour round is the icing on the cake! Who schedules these times? Where are the rangers? Why the are bathrooms so gross? Where are all the beautiful flowers? What happened to the tee boxes? Where are the ready golfers - slow slow play? Hot dogs $5.50 really? Granted the weather this year was late snow, very dry and then rain and more rain, but lakes on the fairways after no rain days? Having golfed other courses in the area that are in better shape and less money, they will definitely get more business from our groups in the future.
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加拿大基奇纳23 条分享
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We were looking forward to staying and playing at at Lakewood Shores Resort based on promotional information and past experience of one of our group. We were quite disappointed with our experience this week. The lodgings and the general housekeeping of them was in our opinion poor. Beds not made, fridges not working and outdoor balconies very dirty.
The cost for breakfast buffet was quite expensive compared to good breakfasts available in nearby Oscoda.
The conditions of the Sarradella course was not great overall. We realize that there had not been much rain for a while prior to our visit but some of the what saw was not from just dryness. The Gailes course by comparison seemed to be in better shape.
The staff were very courteous and friendly. We were surprised at the poor marshalling on our final day which lead to long waits.
We will likely not return to Lakewood Shores and would not recommend it to anyone either.
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Joanie M
俄亥俄托莱多5 条分享
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Great course with unique flag set up- this is truly for golfers that are at any level of play. Can't say enough about the courteous staff and helpful people. 5 out of 5!
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密歇根底特律40 条分享
2015年7月 • 好友
Four of us spent three days and two nights at Lakewood Shores and golfed all three courses. The courses were in good shape, Seradella was the most friendly design and the Blackshire and Gailes courses were quite challenging. When we got to Blackshire it was raining and none of the carts they had in the lot had windshields. We asked the young man who was the cart attendant if they had any with windshields and his response was "they're buried in the cart barn". When we asked him to un-bury a couple for us he acted like we asked him to cut off his right hand. He muttered under his breath as he went to dig them out. Guess he doesn't realize that's not a good way to earn tips. Other than that interaction, the golf portion of the trip was favorable.
We were very disappointed with the food offerings at the on-site restaurant. The first night we had dinner. My fried perch was pretty good, but the garlic mashed potatos that accompanied it were cold. Another friend ordered the fish and chips and said it was pretty good as well. But the one who ordered steak could barely cut it and the one who ordered smothered chicken said it was so dry she had to ask for mayo to put on it to moisten it up.
Breakfast consisted only of a buffet - $13 for the full buffet or $8 for the continental buffet. This is not a great option and we ended up paying $8 for cereal, toast and coffee.
The only lunch offerings are hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the bbq grill on the patio. They were served with potato chips. It would be nice to offer full service lunch.
And our final complaint was that there were no ice machines. If you want ice you have to go the the front desk and they charge you $2 a bag!! I've never seen this at a hotel/motel/resort before.
I stayed at this resort two other times and found the restaurant and the accommodations to be quite nice, so it seems something has changed because this visit was definitely a disappontment. I will say that most of the staff (except the one cart guy) was all really friendly, but they really need to step up their food offerings and quit charging guests for ice.
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Tania B
佛罗里达群村9 条分享
2014年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Course is well maintained, flowers are beautiful. We loved playing there but disliked the treatment from the manager.
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Linda R
密歇根特拉弗斯城135 条分享
2014年8月 • 夫妻情侣
The Serradella Course is a flat open course that abounds with flower gardens. A nice course to play.
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Jackie C
阿拉巴马弗利445 条分享
2014年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Flat, walkable, very open. Tees, fairways and greens in very good shape. Few places to get into trouble, only 1 water carry, few traps, fair to seniors. Have never played a course without hole markers - nothing to indicate hole number, layout, yardage except score card. (Gailes was same.) Sprinkler heads were not marked either but they did have the cement discs at 200, 150, 100 and 150 stake - again, Gailes was same. Glad we had our gps. Tons of beautiful flowers, no bees (they spray). Real restrooms. Saw a ranger once. Beverage gal with just a golf cart and a couple coolers. Staff pleasant enough. This was our first time and was expecting something more like Crystal Mountain or Garland. Resort and Gailes also reviewed.
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London, Canada32 条分享
2014年6月 • 好友
Eight males stayed at this resort for four nights on a golf package. The accommodations were adequate (2 double beds) but couples might prefer a queen or king bed. We made a good choice selecting this course for our first round because it was quite open with rolling terrain yet challenging enough to make it enjoyable. The buffet breakfast was sufficient and had some variety daily so everyone began the day with a good meal. Although the dinner special was not always to everyone's liking, there were sufficient other items on the menu that people were willing to pay the slight additional cost and get the food they wanted.
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密歇根Grosse Pointe11 条分享
2014年7月 • 家庭
Nice course, wide fairways, large greens. Very friendly course for the average golfer. Nice variety and mixture of hole layouts day to day make the course different every time you play it.
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Dave T
密歇根荷兰村13 条分享
We spent three days at Lakewood Shores for our 27th golf trip with twenty four fathers, sons and grandsons. We played three rounds at The Gailles and two rounds at Blackshire. The Gailles was a great experience. The double greens, the pot bunkers, the "mean" bounces were just about as close to links golf that US courses can provide. Blackshire provides enough mosquitoes to satisfy a whole summer allotment in one morning. The food and accomodations are less than spectacular but the golf, especially at The Gailles more than makes up for that.
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