Bishop’s Bog Preserve Trail

Bishop’s Bog Preserve Trail(Portage)

Bishop’s Bog Preserve Trail

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Chris M
Port Clinton, Ohio, United States379 条分享
A different kind of bog
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
As a bog enthusiast, I try to visit bogs whenever possible. This one is a bit different than you might expect. First of all, despite it’s name, there were absolutely no clergy to be found anywhere.
Secondly, the trail gets the top billing, while the natural bog itself is downplayed.

This bog is located directly in the middle of a suburban development. In fact, there is a construction company right outside the bog, and there are “for sale” signs along the beginning of the bike path. The main, paved, bike path takes you through a scenic trail, but the dirt footpath that takes you to the bog proper is unmarked.

The Bog, despite being mere yards from developed areas, is quiet, scenic and relaxing. Mosquitoes are prevalent, but you’ve gotta expect that. Frogs can be heard, animal tracks are seen and the area is kind of surreal, primordial and very pretty. One of the highlights of this, as in most bogs, is the sphagnum moss, which allows lots of plants to grow which you don’t see in many other places. Kind of like a rainforest jungle in the middle of a residential development.

Walk involves hills and may be muddy but is not too strenuous. It is nice that the city of Portage preserved this area, but it is kind of disappointing that they seem to use and promote it as just another “city park” for the enjoyment of its residents, as opposed to the rare treasure it is. A lot of bogs offer educational signage and guides explaining the rare plants and animals that call bogs home and to explain the unique ecosystem and why it is important and unusual. This Bog has none of these.
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Bob H
1 条分享
A Beautiful and Significant Bog
This bog was one of the noteworthy sites in Clarence and Florence Hanes's "Flora of Kalamazoo County" (1947). It's a beautiful place that harbors the rare orange fringed orchid, at least three kind of carnivorous plant (northern pitcher plant and two species of sundew), pink ladyslipper orchids, and more. I've walked the boardwalk for many years--and yes, when the bog is saturated, you'll get wet feet and probably wet pants from getting squirted, as others have noted. In drier periods you won't have that problem, but wear water shoes and shorts when the place is waterlogged. After all, it's a *wet*land. Don't let a little water stop you from enjoying this little gem while you still can. It is being invaded on the east side by dense stands of glossy buckthorn, and I have noticed significant changes since I first began visiting there fifteen or twenty years ago. Last time I was there, two years ago,* the trail was overgrown and appeared not to have been maintained. But I just read a more current and hopeful writeup here from this year, so hopefully my last experience was just a fluke, not a sign of disinvestment by the City of Portage. This bog is unique, and it deserves to be fought for, not surrendered to invasive species.
* The question below, "When did you visit?" doesn't provide an adequate date range. So, sorry, I lied. My last visit was in August 2018.
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印度金奈(马德拉斯)35 条分享
Small Bog with an excellent paved trail.
2019年6月 • 家庭
The Bishop's Bog Preserve Trail is in a slightly secluded place. I love this place. I mean it has got everything going for it, a bog in the middle of the city, a long paved winding walking trail, a couple of Baseball diamonds, a dog park and a huge parking lot. We even saw a couple of deer roaming about unafraid of humans.
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Hk Miller
密歇根卡拉马祖县397 条分享
Bike Riding
2017年8月 • 好友
l ride my bike through the trails here. Well groomed and paved trails. There are lots of things to see. Long winding trails. Goes past the baseball diamonds. Easy parking and walking. Safe walking pathways.
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30 条分享
Exotic in the middle of busy roads
2017年9月 • 独自旅游
When I first discovered the bog preserve trail, I didn't know it had a bog. I just saw a trail and decided to walk it. Turning a curve, I saw trees jutting out of algae-covered water and felt transported to Louisiana. Since my first surprise, I've been back numerous times and have watched otters, muskrats, deer, swans, goldfinches, and ducks. Whether riding my bike or strolling, I always enjoy this short, tranquil ride.
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密歇根Portage129 条分享
Beware of boardwalk showers
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Ive known this park existed for a long time, but not that there was a continuous trail from Their Park through Bishops Bog and onward to South Westnedge and West Lake Parks. Beautiful area. Peaceful and filled with nature. The walkway through Bishops Bog is on Plastic Planking - can be slick and water covered in spots - and is quite narrow. What I didn't know - and found out the hard way - was that when you are actually out over the bog itself, with each step on the boardwalk - black, slimy bog water shoots up through the holes in the planking drenching you! Wasn't refreshing, as it stinks. As long as you're ok with that - you can certainly enjoy this park. Just be prepared!
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Ayla Aktan
Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan115 条分享
Gorgeous Place for Nature Walks
2016年8月 • 好友
Since this place is not near my house I don't come often, however, when I do visit I love every second of it.

When I was doing cross-country I sometimes ran here, to say the least, this is a gorgeous place to run. However, the downside is it's not huge if you want to run long distance, but a great place if you want to work out. Along with the gorgeous nature trails within the park, they have a playground, bathrooms, a picnic area with tables, water fountain, and a large field. Not only are there trails in the woods, there are a few trails on the lake where you can walk with some sitting areas here and there.

This is a great place for anyone who wants to enjoy nature, especially early in the morning during summers. Also, the facility itself is well maintained and clean.
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Cheryl W
印第安那Lakeville224 条分享
Wonderful park, great for hikers looking for the unique!
2017年6月 • 好友
This is a beautiful park with unique features including a very long floating boardwalk over the bog. We didn't expect the little holes in the boardwalk to squirt water upwards as we walked on the platforms. Best to wear waterproof shoes and quick drying pants on this hike, but it is beautiful in a raw natural way. Don't miss it just because you will get a bit wet. Bugs were not an issue for us. We had a group of 11 women and everyone of us loved this hike.
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密歇根卡拉马祖县76 条分享
Nice walk through a natrural bog.
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
There is a floating boardwalk through the bog and this time of the year it gets pretty wet unless you walk slowly....very slowly! Otherwise the water shoots up through the holes and gets you wet. Lots of wild life, birds and plants.
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Ethan M
11 条分享
All Roses have their Thorns
2016年7月 • 家庭
Lots of beautiful flowers and plants. Bring bug repellent. A mosquito almost bit my eyeball. Luckily a powerful blink saved my eye.
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