National Forest Adventure Farm

National Forest Adventure Farm(Tatenhill)

National Forest Adventure Farm
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英国特伦特河畔柏顿2 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
I went the the Adventure Farm recently for my friends birthday and in my personal opinion it’s a nice, fun day out for younger children but for older kids say from 9 upwards maybe even younger it’s not exactly targeted too because the majority of the activities there are aimed more at younger children, some of these are : The soft play area, Formula 1 cars and go carts and The bouncy pillows, I heavily enjoyed these activities when I was much younger from about 2-6, but not as much now as I have gotten older. Despite this, at the Adventure Farm there is a farm with many cute animals to feed and pet, in my opinion this activity is suitable for all ages.
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Morgan D
英国诺丁汉4 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
So the first time we visited was for the dinosaur experience

There were a few minor issues
Not with staff or anything just with some things we were expecting from the experience
So I messaged and they looked into them for us and agreed and said sorry and explained about what led to that (all completely valid) and then offered us a voucher for us all to come back again to try again for another day

I was thankful and we booked for Easter

And honestly the experience was AMAZING
We had the absolute best time
We arrived at 10:45 and left at 5pm
And there were still a few parks around the site the kids didn't play on

We will 100% be returning again now after the experience we had today all thanks to their amazing customer service and actually caring about their visitors and making sure they get the best experience with what they pay for

It made us feel really valued as customers and thats just all around a nice vibe :)
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1 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Decent enough. Was a good wander round feeding the animals and seeing the lambs. Some good play areas for kids but definitely tailored to older (which is fine). However the cafe was an absolute shambles, there were a lot of staff who didn't know what they were doing. Our food was forgotten so took about 40 mins to come and our drinks were missed so the people after us in the line were served first. Not helpful with a hungry toddler. The shop was full of toy tat but to be expected. Wouldn't rush back for the price we paid but was a nice enough few hours out
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意大利米兰661 条分享
Fattoria a misura di bambino, con tanti animali e diverse attività programmate nella giornata per far divertire i bimbi e farli interagire con gli animali.
Sono presenti dei playground sia interni che esterni.
Prima di venire controllare gli orari per le attività gratuite, come il "lamb feeding" o le coccole con i coniglietti. Pomeriggio molto entusiasmante, la mia nipotina non voleva più andar via.
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Julie T
Barnsley142 条分享
Great day out for the kids. There is plenty to do here, from feeding animals indoors and outdoors, watching lambs being born and feeding them with bottles to play areas galore and a great indoor soft play area. Outdoor play included sand areas, musical maze, jumping pillows, football areas and go-karting. You can dig with JCBs, ride motorised cars or play minigolf. A fun day for all the family.
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英国塔姆沃思294 条分享
2022年3月 • 家庭
We visited on the first Saturday they reopened for the season, and most of the attractions where open. The animals are well laid out and very friendly, it was really good for the kids. The cows were out favourite. The outside areas weren’t all open and the animal fields were pretty sparse so not much to do outside. The restaurant was busy but the food was really nice. The soft play is excellent for little ones and our children are both around 1 so they had a good crawl and an area which was perfect just for them. Would definitely revisit.
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Dan S
英国鲁奇利35 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Really great day with loads to do for my 2 year old inside and out.

My only criticism would be the lack of allergy information or alternatives in the cafe as my son has a dairy allergy and it took for me to hold up the queue while staff found out at the counter to find out. Food was good when it arrived.
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2021年12月 • 家庭
We have visited this Christmas experience the last few years and on the whole it is fantastic. However…

Far far too many people are squashed into enclosed spaces in the middle of a pandemic.

Groups should be smaller and gaps between the groups should be bigger.

We were able to see what happened in each room as the previous group left and not a single item was wiped over before the next group entered.

The only time hand sanitiser was used was the last workshop because it involved food, but immediately after that, everyone is herded into a very small space, to queue to see Santa. The space is far too small, with the a number of groups being told to keep moving closer to each other to get everyone in! At one point we were told “if anyone has a rucksack take it off so you can all move closer” 🙈😡

Felt very sorry for the elves, who were all very young and doing a great job, but were repeatedly moaned at by customers who clearly felt we were all being put in danger.

I would not be advising anyone to visit during a pandemic, until some adjustments have been made.
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England11 条分享
Went today at 13:10, overall pretty good though have to concur with the last reviewer about the things that let the experience down.

Young lady at the entrance was very enthusiastic, explaining about going into the portal to visit the North Pole, the whole check in and waiting room was well managed, another enthusiastic girl was asking my son all about his Christmas wishes, got a laugh when everyone entering got a green "good" light and one of the dads got the red "naughty" light.

Next room was the pre entrance to the north pole portal, another entusiastic lady, who got the kids involved as they checked the doors to see which one was the entrance, and using magic "Abracadabra" to get the portal to work, the actual portal, a strobe and some artificially covered real christmas trees was cool for the kids, a bit like going into the wardrobe in the Narnia films.

The shops area where you have 10 minutes, looked geared to allow the preceeeding group to get through, scenery was quite nicely done, but pair in sweet shop didnt look like they wanted to be there.

The young lady in the post office next, was simply awesome, really played the role well and had all the kids interacting.

The next rooms/games - bell ringing, toy machine and colours game, the kids liked, we both liked the talking polar bear who mentions your kids names and interests (from your pre arrival questionaire). Only slight thing is his mouth was still moving after the voice stopped talking, but no quibbles.

The gingerbread making room, felt very rushed, we were waiting a while to get in, and then it seemed they wanted you in and out ASAP, I get there is sequencing, but it did feel rushed compared to what had goe before.

Next the big man, when it was our time, we were taken to his room, the seasonal worker! seemed appropriately aged, was lovely with our son, and my son seemed in awe of what was happening. Our family were with Santa (or Dave from Burton!), for about 3 or 4 minutes and he was wonderful.... but thats where the whole thing was badly let down imho.

Santa said the elf had to check through the exit door to make sure no reindeers were in the corridor, in reality its obviously that no other groups of people are there, and after 20 seconds we were given the all clear, you walk down the corridor into a gift shop, selling the picture just taken with Santa, which we bought and then the kids are allowed to take one of the toys on the shelf for themselves (like most gift shops at the exits of theme parks or adventures), but after you take the toy, you open a double door and youre walking down an outside pathway of about 10-15 metres, that goes straight past the entrance to those queuing to get in at the start of the adventure.

From the moment you exit the Santa room, the whole narrative and story seemed to stop, just buy the picture and out the exit door.

From the moment you walked in, on numerous occasions, there was a narrative of the magic and traveling through a portal to the north pole, all the elves in the adverture, reinforced this as did the taking polar bear and even Santa himself, so to just boot you out without properly closing that narrative let it down. Or we've got your money, youve seen Santa, theres the door.

My son, as the other kids by the looks of it, really did believe they were going to the north pole and just as the last contributor said, my son said as walked straight outisde from giftshop, "how come we didn go back in portal and we are here again?"

Strong recommendation: Its not cheap, so please on the pathway outside the gifshop as you exit, just give a little bit of thought to trying to properly close the story loop of going to the North Pole you created. Put a few more snow covered trees, similar to when you go in the portal, to at least give parents the opportunity to tell their kids, its the portal to home etc.

When you invest so much into a believable journey to the north pole for the kids, make the return at least plausible. a double door from gift shop to outside really undid much of what was good before that.
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Jessica S
1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭

We visited National adventure farm on 11/12/21 specifically for the North Pole Adventure.

As a family of 2 adults and 2 children we paid £105.00 which covered the North Pole adventure and admission into the farm park.

Upon arrival we where really impressed with the entrance and the lovely atmosphere, there was music and plenty of snowy Christmas trees as well as other decorations dotted around. Staff where organised and it was easy to get our tickets and head into the experience.

Once we entered our experience we where in awe of the staff who with such enthusiasm gave our children there passports and elf coins and walked through a machine to see if they where naughty or nice! Our girls where so exited and as we entered the first phase of the experience (the portal to the North Pole) there was so much energy from the staff member you could see she was really enjoying her job and loved making all the children smile. At this point our children where bursting with excitement and as they entered a forest walkthrough into the elf town me and my partner looked at each other and smiled both of us wrapped in the magic and excited too.

Unfortunately once we arrived at the elf village the staff in the shops where uninterested and looked bored, they where youngsters probably on weekend seasonal work and you could tell. They didn’t speak or look at the children and just took their coins and handed them sweets - no interaction and our older child commented about it to us . We shook this off and joked some elves are grumpy.

As we entered the several experience rooms we unfortunately found more of the “grumpy elves” than happy ones and the magic began to totally draw from the experience and the children started to get bored and ask when they could see santa.

There where out of the 20 odd elves we came across just a handful who where truly happy to be there and playing there role well. Ribbons in the post office and Tick Tock on the bells where exceptional and if more staff had had there enthusiasm it would have been truly magnificent from
Start to finish.

Finally we where led to see Santa and this was truly wonderful although the Santa was rather young and very slim which again wasn’t too convincing to our 9yo but he was sweet and took time to talk to both girls before the photo.

We then went out the door and BOOM photo booth and a room of toys for the children to choose what they wanted. Again my 9yo asked if we had to go in a portal to the North Pole why we didn’t have to go into it to go back to the adventure farm so it would have been nice if Santa said something about the door being
Magic and taking them back or something.

Photo prices where reasonable.

Overall it was a good family afternoon out but we felt it went on for too long, instead of doing 3 or 4 experiences really well done, there are 9/10 done mediocre. Was it worth the money? We didn’t feel robbed and had staff been great all the way round then yes I’d say it would have been worth what we paid but we will not bother returning next year.

Another note is the groups where very large and it was very cramped all the way round at times there wasn’t enough for all the children to join in and so smaller children missed out as larger children races to the front each time.

Staff all wore visors which muffled three voices , microphones would be a good solution to this.

Another point is that although access to the farm is included many of the attractions where unmanned by staff and due to the weather this time of year so where not really accessible.
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