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威斯康星Necedah177 条分享
Food on a stick
Plenty of rides and food. Had great time and my kids loved it. So want to go when it is decorated for Halloween.
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Daniel H
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Long lines, fun rides, and the worst food you’ll ever eat
2021年8月 • 家庭
So the lines on most rides are quite long, with a few exceptions. They also allow cutting to the front of the lines if you pay double for you pass, which essentially slows down all the other people.

The food is the worst that I’ve had in my life, and is radically over-priced, especially given the quality. We’re talking about a $12 slice of pathetic, soggy, room temp. pizza, for example. I’m personally a vegan so I just didn’t eat anything there (but got food for my kids), which I recommend to everyone. I actually witnessed a teenage employee quite in real-time due to the frustration she was experiencing. They have a Caribou Coffee, but they had no clue what they were doing, they ran out of lids, and also charged me double for my coffees ($40+ for 3 poorly crafted drinks made on machines that were last clean who-knows-when). By the time I realized I was charged twice, I decided to write this review and not stand in another massive line to have it corrected.

Finally, the park itself was clean (they have nice landscaping), and they had plenty of trash cans, but had ZERO recycling cans - anywhere! I know it’s in the deep suburbs so they’re not super enlightened, but you need to be comfortable completely trashing the planet if you want to eat or drink anything there.

With a few changes, Valley Fair could be great - and I’d consider getting a pass there for the year, but as-is, I won’t set foot in that place again.
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Evan R
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Nightmare - save your money
2021年8月 • 好友
My most recent trip to Valleyfair was a nightmare. First, it’s obvious that the reservation system was a joke. I spent over two hrs waiting for one ride that had broke down 3 times in the span of the two hrs. When we asked the park attendant about it, he stated that upper management didn’t want to close it. On top of that I stepped on a shard of broken glass that went into my foot inside of a gift shop. All good vendors were practically closed and you had to wait 30-40 min just to get water (it was over 89 degrees the day I went). You had to wait 1hr plus per ride (even the less popular ones). With the shortened hrs and lack of staff, this place is going to be over packed and under staffed. Thankfully I did get a refund as I see many Patrons have not.
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We love it!
2021年8月 • 家庭
Valleyfair has always been a family favorite. It is small enough to navigate easily, and large enough to have awesome rides and a great water park. We have really appreciated that part this summer. Covid has obviously affected this park just like very other business this year. I think that they are navigating things very well. The staff is helpful and very friendly, the grounds are clean. No business in this area is fully staffed, but their employees are doing a great job. We appreciate the ability to go to such a fun and friendly place.
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Joan M
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Research carefully and plan ahead to obtain a better outcome.
We recently took our grandchildren to Valleyfair and wish to express a few concerns to the public. We purchased meal tickets and are telling everyone to not do that. It is costly and found out there were several food places closed down and when you ordered food with the meal purchase it did not include drinks. You had to purchase drinks separate. Don't be fooled. Bring your own food/beverages which would be cheaper, and healthier. Lines were long when trying to order food and to get on the rides. Be prepared to wait a very long time. We don't think that adults who do none of the rides or swim should have to purchase a full price ticket. Very few food vendors near the Splash pool. Many of food vendors located near the gate where you enter. Our grandchildren enjoyed the rides but the lines are long. Way to many people are allowed in. Again, if you have lots of money you can order a fast pass lane ticket.
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Insanely Crowded, 1+ Hour wait time for any ride !
2021年8月 • 家庭
Worst experience ever. I don’t know what the point of making a reservation in advance was for. The amount of people here was insane, worse than any year prior to Covid. Lines are about an hour long. My kid only got to go on 5 rides in the 6-7 hours we were there. We left early because the crowd in was intolerable. The water park should not have allowed that many people, it was worse than any floor seat concert I’ve ever been to. The wave pool had people lined should you shoulder, if you fell you’d be falling on 2-3 people behind you. No place to sit, the tube ride was almost 2 hours just waiting in line. Half the concession stands were closed. Honestly, I just couldn’t believe they allowed that many people into the park and because hours are reduced this year people were lining up to get in and staying the whole time to get their money’s worth, which made it that much more insane than I’ve ever seen.
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佛罗里达埃斯特罗2 条分享
Rides frequently break down and food was deceptive and awful.
The rides were OK, but the high chair swing ride was closed after we waited 1 hour and 40 minutes. They said it was too windy. But there wasn’t even a breath of air in line. Possibly there was some wind up higher—though the flags weren’t flying. I think the ride broke down. My daughter waited 50 minutes in line for a roller coaster that broke down.

The food at the Snoopy restaurant was awful. The picture of the hamburger in the basket showed lettuce and tomato but mine didn’t have any and they said they didn’t have any vegetables. Also there was a statement that if you bought the hamburger basket for about $12.99, that I could purchase a 20 oz. soft drink for $3.99. But they charged me $5.25 and said the rest was tax. I DON’T THINK SO!

I asked for a manager. Jon, the manager said that the signs are all wrong but he had to charge more than the sign. But he offered to mention it to his manager. What a waste. They had no napkins no ketchup, no vegetables. It was awful—a dried out hamburger and soggy fries. Jon did agree to give me a drink of water in a 3 oz. cup.
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Lissa S
明尼苏达Burnsville6 条分享
Don't go here
My son went to Valleyfair with a church group. He waited in line for the WIld Thing for close to 2 hours. When it was his turn he was told that he had to take off his string backpack and put it in a box. In doing so, his leg twisted and he dislocated his knee. He was taken via ambulance to the hospital and spent the rest of the day in the ER. This was yesterday, and today I called them and asked if we could get a refund, and the person I talked to didn't ask how my son was doing or anything. She stated very RUDELY that Valleyfair does not give refunds. They obviously prefer lawsuits vs. paying a $35. refund. I will never allow one of my kids to go here again. They could care less about the patrons and only care about money.
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Great Fun!
I've been to many, many theme parks across the country, so I would like to think I know a bit when it comes to reviewing these and Valleyfair is one of the better ones I've been to. There are a very diverse selection of rides for kids, families, and thrill seekers, and a waterpark to boot. The day I went (Friday July 23rd) was a hot day, but the water rides were there to keep me cool (especially the river rapids ride- I got sent under both waterfalls and got absolutely DRENCHED :) ). The roller coasters were very diverse and interesting, ranging from the tame Wild Mouse to the 200ft tall Wild Thing. Interestingly though, I found Renegade to be more intense than any other of the coasters...

One bit of advice: do NOT buy the ridiculously priced $4 water bottles- any drink stand will give you a cup for ice water for free and it's colder and tastier than bottled water anyway.
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Complaints that are longer then 100 letters
2021年7月 • 家庭
More negative then positive. Which ended up to long for this review. 3 screen shots of the review are attached.
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