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Pamela W
英国黑潭8 条分享
There are things I think people should know if booking a holiday with Oxfordshire narrowboats. The actual boat trip was very good it is just the company we have problems with.
The arrival introduction and instruction was lacking . We kept asking questions and both the lady going through the route and the man on the boat kept saying they would go through it afterwards. They never did. As such we were missing vital information that we had to work out for ourselves. I wish I had made notes of what we asked so that I would have remembered so that I could have reasked . It shouldn’t have been necessary. It was things like hot water for the showers ,how to navigate etc. They showed us a model of a lock instead of taking us through one . That would have been impossible to understand if you had never been through them before.
My son got locked in the toilet at the boatyard . He set off the alarm and no help came . Eventually we realised and got help . They needed pliers to open the door. They just said it’s happened before ,you’re not the only one.
The toilets really did smell and leak. We considered calling them out but we’re put off by all the extra charges listed in the booklet £50 an hour for misuse which we hadn’t .
We did enjoy the boat trip for 7 nights and were able to sort out any problems ourselves. We would just have liked a friendlier more helpful reception.
When we returned the man waited for every boat to come in and then informed them they were the wrong way round.
He proceeded to shout incomprehensible instructions and arm movements. I’m not sure if he wanted to humiliate the driver on purpose . It seemed like that .
Then without us knowing as we unloaded the boat they filled up with red diesel . There was no proof of how much they put in not even on the receipt . It all seemed a bit dodgy another way of making more money. There seemed to be a lot of that.
We paid £89 for 56 litres.

I’m not sure we would go with them again. Changes are needed if they are going to make it better.
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英国伦敦15 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
A lovely day out and a great new experience on a narrow boat day hire heading south from the Lower Heyford base along a beautiful stretch of canal. The company is great - we even mistakenly booked at their other site ( take care, the website allows this too easily) but they fixed it in a jiffy without question and refunded the difference.
The efficient and professional team was absolutely delightful on the day and made the operation of the boat and locks a fun and safe learning experience for the two of us. The boat was clean, comfortable and in great shape and easy to operate, though previous experience on the water and using a tiller made it less nervy! Some lock paddles and gates can be a bit of work for someone not too strong but there’s usually help around from other boaters.
We had a great day - they even provided some sun! We didn’t have any catastrophes, but a minor bridge scrape - no lost deposit - and the price was amazing value ( weekday rate), especially for a small group (which would also make the locks easier) - we were just two. Highly recommended! Thank you Oxfordshire Narrowboats!
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Alexandra Smith
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2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
For our first-time hiring a canal boat, 3 valuable lessons were learned:
1.It is not a driver's test & a 30-minute induction cannot prepare you for winds, shallow waters, or narrow passages. Leave your car lessons behind - you WILL scrape the sides sometimes, and as Phil & John supportively point out, you will be fine.
2.A list of pubs are given to you for each leg of the journey & a pint is a welcome end to a hard day working locks!
3.Turning, or Winding, is not really a 99-point turn, only about 19.😂
The boats are safe-inspected for everything, and most have new motors.
The only thing we wish we had was a change of linen & instructions for _where_ to fill up the water at a list of easy places to pull in.
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英国南安普敦9 条分享
We had a great week earlier this year on the boat Oxford - but contrary to their literature, I have to question 'Super Silenced Engine' - this was my 4th holiday and following my previous, this was as loud an engine experience as you get. So disapointed as reading their literature, that point was a deciding factor. I have the video of beautiful trees and waterways with the audio being the growl of the diesel engine below a (18mm?) sheet of chipboad deck, certainly no hospital silencer I think they are called. This Friday ... off on my 6th adventure, but with an alternative that I know will be a bit kinder on the ears!
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英国布莱顿133 条分享
2021年9月 • 家庭
Rented a boat for the day. Really helpful staff gave you all the info you needed and a good demonstration on how locks work.

Definitly try if you are thinking of renting one for a holiday, they are tricky to control
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Richard B
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2021年8月 • 家庭
Nothing better than the light and shade of an English canal in the early morning with you first cup of tea to hand and the world passing you by a 2mph. Gorgeous holiday and the people at Oxford Narrow boats could not have done anymore for us. This trip was rebooked 3 times over the pandemic and was worth the wait.

I would also recommend The Bell in Lower Heyford. Fab food.
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英国肯特21 条分享
Very good long weekend spent with 9 others onboard a Deddington.
Pre booking, advice on our journey down the canal to Oxford, places to stop for lunch or dinner, times to each place, where to moor, basic training (we had never operated a narrowboat before) to operate the boat, the locks, the lift bridges was all given with a professional, courteous and pleasant way.
Lovely tranquil way to travel and stay overnight in Oxford.
We are hoping to repeat the experience next year. Maybe from a different location.
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We are so pleased you had a great time :-)
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jan c
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2021年8月 • 家庭
We, three
adults and a nine year old child, had a wonderful few days cruising towards
Oxford. We collected Deddington from the Lower Heyford boat yard on Monday
2nd August, the whole booking in experience was very efficient as was the
tour/instruction process of the boat and it's features. We'd asked for the
three cabins to be arranged as doubles and appropriate bedding was supplied
for each bed. I have to say that the mattresses, actually sofa cushions,
were pretty hard but we all managed to sleep without too many complaints.
The galley had everything that we needed apart from a sieve and also oven
gloves, I would have brought my own had I been advised that they weren't
provided. Deddington was spotlessly clean with plenty of storage space under
the seating area and two perfectly adequate shower rooms, glad that we took
our own air fresheners with us, the after flush smell was a bit pungent! The
journey towards Oxford is very rural with only one or two places where you
can stop for a canal side meal or drink, we moored right outside The Jolly
Boatman near Thrupp on the one occasion when we didn't want to cook on the
boat. After two and a bit days of gorgeous weather the rain set in on
Thursday afternoon and so we decided to return the boat that evening instead
of staying with it until Friday morning, no problems at the yard, we
unloaded, paid for the fuel, collected our car keys and was soon on our way
home after a thoroughly enjoyable narrow boat cruise. Peter & Jan
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Lovely comments, thank you :-)
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英国布里斯托尔5 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
0 is not allowed as a rating or minus 5 either!
Yes reviewed by someone hit at full speed via one of the companies boats called Chalford on a blind corner june 27th . Fleet manager came , took couple of pics then ignored me for a month before promptly sending my statement back on to me claiming the fault was all mine!! Even though first thing hirers did is admit fault plus my 2 dogs jumped off onto the bank in fright due to the extreme impact yet they tried lying to say I was in middle of the canal !!!?
Unprofessional, fleet manager has lied and it's a very unfair situ as I've just bought the boat this year as well and they chose to lie due to me not having camera or any photographic proof instead of doing the honest thing . This could easily relate to you being had over by them if paying out deposits etc sp check the small print
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We are sorry to read that you feel you've had a bad experience relating to our company. We are most stringent about the rules on the waterways with our guests and do our very best to respond to any issues as quickly as we can. As you can see from our reviews, we are rated very highly as a holiday company and certain that this is due to our professional attitude with both our guests and any other contacts. If you have any issues in future please do email or call us and we will do our very best to attend to it in a timely manner.
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Sizzler B
英国米尔顿凯恩斯76 条分享
We were warmly welcomed and given a good tour of the boat with a guide as to how to operate it. Then we were accompanied up the canal a for 10 mins to get us used to things. The boats are very well kitted out and very well looked after and although it was a hot ( over 30oC every day) trip it was all ‘plain sailing’. Just be prepared not to be able to travel as far as you might think each day or it becomes a chore. If you are told it will take three hours ….. it will take at least four.
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