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Veronica L
17 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
Impressive tour of the Jefferson Davis Presidential Home, Museum, and Library. Knowledgeable tour guide in the home. Self-guided tour of the beautiful grounds and cemetery, including the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier. The museum collection had so much that I did not expect. Very impressive displays.
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Yalonda M
6 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
I love learning about historic sites and this activity did not disappoint. You have a guided tour of the main house which consists of 9 rooms, and a library. A self guided tour of the gardens and then finish up with a stroll through the museum in the second floor of the visitor center. The guide was very informative about the artifacts and the house, and the museum is informative about everything else! Money well spent!
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scott r
马里兰银泉564 条分享
There's a fair collection of JD material in the museum, and history if you do not know it already, though I was left somewhat confused over whether he was actually impoverished after the war or merely only 'rather comfortable' (the former is emphasized, the latter seems more likely). Material generally accessible is not a deep dive, though one gets the sense a research librarian would discover more. As for the house, the guide did a good job of it, though you essentially stand in the main hall and view 3 of the 4 adjoining spaces (one closed due to hurricane damage). Back rooms are not open, which is a shame. What's there is nicely presented and again, the docent took questions, gave considered answers and did a nice job elaborating history of the house and how JD came to be there. It is a very large group, perhaps if they opened more rooms and increased frequency a bit visitors would have a better experience. In all though, I'm glad to have seen it and for the history buff this should be on the list. Interesting and seemingly incongruous that Oscar Wilde made a pilgrimage here / what isn't mentioned is that Davis was not impressed (I imagine he used slightly different words in private)
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俄亥俄Saint Henry104 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
The museum had a lot of great history and the house was neat to see. Our tour guide was very good. Gave plenty of history on the house. Beautiful area well worth the stop.
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393 条分享
Could have been more in the museum, but what they had was interesting and we enjoyed walking the grounds. House "tour" was ok, guide informative but you really just stand in the hall and view 4 rooms. Worth a short stop
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Soke-on-Trent921 条分享
excellent visit to the last home of Jefferson Davis. Nice friendly staff, nice lady tour guide, very knowledgeable.

Really enjoyed visiting here, highly recommended for history buffs.
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Nancy A
95 条分享
This wonderful old home is a joy to see. The tour guide was very informative and encouraged questions and discussions. The restoration work done after Hurricane Katrina is amazing.
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Jim G
密苏里圣路易斯599 条分享
We visited Beauvoir during a stay at Biloxi. Due to my interest in the Civil War it has long been on my bucket list. The Visitors’ Center presents Jefferson Davis’ life and is decorated with prints of War Between The States themed artwork.

During the half-hour tour of the mansion the guide explained the history of the house, both before and after the Davis’ residence including how the local environmental forces, particularly heat and hurricanes, have influenced and affected the mansion and surrounding structures.

After the mansion tour I walked through Varina Davis’ Rose Garden and the cemetery for Confederate Veterans and their spouses, including the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier.

The property is owned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and, as would be expected, Davis and Confederate veterans are treated with respect. The video in the Museum is strong on “The Lost Cause” but I would rate the rest of the presentation as within the realm of reasonable debate. Every grave in the cemetery is unapologetically decorated with a Confederate Battle Flag.

I greatly enjoyed my visit to Beauvoir and applaud the efforts of the Sons to preserve it and the history of the Confederacy. Tourists who would be offended by the sight of the Battle Flag or can only tolerate references to the Confederacy enwrapped in an apology should choose some other site. Those interested in the history of Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy or a balanced view of America’s past should not miss Beauvoir.
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德国Niebuell74 条分享
Gift shop, guided tour of the mansion by very knowledgeable guide, went in the old schoolhouse, 2nd floor museum, several Jefferson Davis historical items and paintings,
Civil War paintings and memorabilia … 2 hours to see everything, more to read it all
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印第安那印第安纳波利斯564 条分享
2022年1月 • 独自旅游
We were in town for the beach etc. had no idea that Beauvoir existed.
The house is very striking. Excellent engineering and gorgeous aesthetics.
The grounds are well maintained. The property is stunning.

Before you tour, you should take some advice from 8-ball in Platoon. “Free your mind, your a$$ will follow. Please be open to how the man lived his life post war. You can only live in the time you’re born into, just like we are.

The tour was very informative. The guide knew his facts but was very engaging as well.

There are many period artifacts. It is an elegantly displayed museum. I did not see many authentic pieces in the library but they may have been stored.
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