Dunn's Falls Water Park

Dunn's Falls Water Park(Enterprise)

Dunn's Falls Water Park
6890 Dunns Falls Rd # A, Enterprise, MS

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Angie (Ghost Talk)
路易斯安那州卡温顿38 条分享
Beautiful Falls
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful waterfall. Definitely has a lot of steps. I do think for $3 a person they could do more upkeep of the place. Allows pets.
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Brannon E
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Lack luster, totally disappointed and sick to my stomach
Please dont get me wrong, this place is beautiful, always has been. But, I used to come here with my family and friends back in the 70s, when I was a kid, and comparing then to now, its very depressing to look at, and the pure greed that has taken place here. Also, it was so natural back then compared to now. There was a beautiful, clear, sand bottom stream that fed the mill and falls back then, but the engineers screwed that up, and rerouted it to feed the wheel, which make the wheel work again, to please all the freaking tourist, etc, but totally messed it up when they dammed it up and made a complete mudhole that people actually swim in now. Give me a break! This place is still beautiful but SUCKS now, because of all the changes to the natural landscape, and messing up that beautiful, cool, water sand bottom stream that ran through the woods. Thats just one thing they messed up, many more things for sure. It makes me sick, the pure greed and lack of care that these people have done and showed towards this once beautiful, natural place. My heart breaks from seeing it now, and comparing it to what irt once was. A beautiful, natural place where we could go and have fun all day. At least I have the memories. Thank you for messing this beautiful place up, in the name of money. Makes me sick to my stomach. Well, at least I have the memories. Thats all I have. So sad.......
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路易斯安那州肯纳38 条分享
Nice stop on our road trip
I had seen the sign for these falls on I59 on my last trip through Mississippi and made a mental note to add it to a road trip through Mississippi that I was planning with my 81 year old mother. The falls are a short walk from the parking lot which was great since I had to go back for bug spray as the mosquitoes were quite bad. You walked around a pond and over a walkway with views down over the top of the falls. We visited the first 2 floors of the old grist mill. Wish there was more info inside the mill. Next, we took the stairs, some a little steep, to the bottom of the falls. My mother handled the stairs just fine with a walking stick for added balance. The view was definitely worth it especially since she is not able to hike the more moderate trails that are usually needed to reach a waterfall. You also get a nice view of the Chunky River. Looks like a nice place to kayak or go tubing. Visited the restrooms and were on our way again!
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7 条分享
Love the history
2021年1月 • 家庭
Great place to visit and hike around. Love the mill and the mechanical history. Wished all the trails were open on this trip. Hopefully next time
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mary f
密西西比州Ocean Springs38 条分享
I was looking for a day trip to just see something different from the usual during the pandemic. My county was in bad shape as far as our COVID numbers. So we took a 2.5 hour drive to Dunn’s Falls.

Pros: Easy to find. Close to a great entertainment and music museum in Meridian called the MAX.

Cons: Although it was an interesting little snippet of history, there was a lot to be desired, such as shade, somewhere to rest, a bank to sit and put your feet in and most importantly, soap in the restroom.
We saw the entire thing in 20 minutes as we took our time. The temp was 90 + degrees and extremely humid. There was an overturned trash can. It needs some development. $3.25 per person .
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Michael R
密西西比州比洛克西26 条分享
History on the Chunky River
Went here on March 21, 2020 and was not disappointed. It was $3.25 per person to get in. We toured the grounds and took a trip down the boardwalk by the lake to the picnic area. Very tranquil. We then explored the first two levels of the old grist mill. Very neat old relics of the past were on display in both levels. The views from the windows were scenic as well. After travelling down the flight of stairs to the bottom (which were at times a little steep), we made it to the main attraction. We walked out onto the plateau beneath the waterfall and stared at its majesty. If not for the mill and water wheel, you would think this was a natural waterfall. We spent a while taking photos and videos of the falls and the nearby Chunky river, then we hoofed it onto the hiking trail nearby. The trail is a beaten footpath through the woods running beside the Chunky river. There were a couple of spots with downed trees and washout, but we navigated through or around them. The end of the trail is the Boy Scout camping area. Not much there except a nice view of the Chunky river just before it takes its bend towards Dunns Falls. Another place to check out nearby is Stuckey's Bridge. It's about a 20 minute drive northwest of Dunns Falls. It is a pretty old iron bridge across the Chunky river from the early 1900s. It has a history and is supposedly haunted, but we didn't experience anything while we were there.
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3 条分享
Worth a stop
2019年11月 • 家庭
Not a water park. It’s a rustic historical site that allows you to get up close to historical artifacts. Wide, peaceful hiking trails along the river. Not fancy and needs a little maintenance but worth a visit. Very picturesque.
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Denise E
密西西比州格尔夫波特83 条分享
Pretty Neat - Once is Enough
2019年3月 • 家庭
Make sure you have cash or a check. The old mill on the property is pretty cool to see and the waterfall was cool too. The stairs going down to the bottom of the falls are pretty bad, so be very careful. Enter the old mill at your own risk, some of the boards are in bad shape. I saw some people fishing and some were in the water but be warned, there is not a life guard and you swim at you own risk. I enjoyed the nature of the area, some neat trails to walk through, however seeing this once was enough for me.
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Paul S
Marion1,565 条分享
Cash and carry
2018年9月 • 家庭
wasn't sure what to expect from Dunn's Falls as where I come from "water park" means lazy rivers and giant waterslides. In Mississippi it apparently means "natural feature involving water." At any rate, my wife loves waterfalls and Mississippi isn't known for many. We had the time, so I eased the rental up the Savoy exit on I-59 and followed the signs, which like so many point you in the right direction but don't give you a distance. I would estimate it was about four miles by the time we wound around, crossed over above the interstate, and then went down the hill to the large dirt parking lot at Dunn's Falls. The first impression was underwhelming. There were no other people or animals on the grounds around the dilapedated buildings, rickety walkways, and brackish water in the pond. You cannot see the actual 65 foot falls unless you pay the entrance fee and walk to the top, although I suspect that there may be another way to get around to the bottom. Be that as it may, the owners have a right to make an income from their property and I was willing to pay the $3.50/person admission fee. However, at least on our visit, the water park is cash only. What kind of business operates like that in this day and age? Have they not heard of the square? I can't remember the last time I wrote a a check and I don;t carry any cash at work or on the road. Needless to say we didn't stay very long and were not impressed.
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密西西比州Como13 条分享
Falling to Pieces ☹️
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Don’t go thinking you’ll be seeing a working water wheel. The building is held together by termites. You can see huge gaps in the floor. The stairs and ramps are covered in moss and the railing is falling apart as well. So dissatisfied! It needs lots of work, the site and story are interesting and full of history. A fixer upper waiting to be revitalized .
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