Museum of Mississippi History
Museum of Mississippi History
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Intro narration by Morgan Freeman is a great touch! I remember him saying it would lesson racism if it weren't talked about all the time. I would agree. Before the Into is over it would be a nice touch to show a video flyover of Emerald Mound. This would tie into the Indian Artifacts that are the next thing you see. There is a model of the mound, but they need to let you know this is the second largest mound in the country, not just “one of the largest.”

WWII is the war we are most connected to and yet it has only a tiny space. Mr. Turcotte's diary has a map of the POW camp in Poland where he was kept. It would be nice if t hey would turn to this page. Also, they need to show the type of bomber he was in. The Russians were coming and bursting shells could be heard. The German soldiers let those who could walk 30 miles to the nearest prison camp walk. No one wanted to be captured by the Russians. The Germans had no trucks in which to carry them. Then the front lines came again and he had to walk miles once more to be safe.

As you walk into the “First Peoples” the dugout canoe is now illuminated so you can see it. Thanks. A video upstairs has a woman talking about slavery. She says “They were subjected to rape by the Master.” This was not common place and only serves to divide us. Rather, we need to be bringing people together.

Mississippi has beautiful homes that are known world wide, especially Natchez homes. It would be nice to see them as part of our history. Architects revere the columns of Stanton Hall. Longwood is everyone's favorite, and it simply must be shown! It is the most beautiful house in the country to me. At least on the outside where it is complete. The last time I toured it there were a dozen people from Spain and another dozen from France. So much history! I think it is worth mentioning that some of the biggest slaveholders were Yankees. Dr. Duncan went back up North in 1863 after all his farms were completely destroyed by Federal troops. Animals killed or stolen. And he was a “Unionist” with papers to show it! Melrose is now part of the Natchez National Historical Park. So many more!

There is a small picture of Waverly near West Point. It has the most beautiful and interesting stairs. These need to be shown. You are instructed to visit the home if you want to see how a wealthy MS family lived before the Civil War. Why not show us here?

Thanks for removing the guitar belonging to an abusive musician. Now how about showing one from BB King or Elvis? Gibson guitars used to make the “Lucille” model in Memphis, because I took the factory tour. Fashioned after BB King's guitar. We could at least get one of those if we can't find a guitar the BB King played.
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密西西比州Madison233 条分享
2023年6月 • 独自旅游
What a great museum! Really good way to understand the state's history. In the same building as the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.
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乔治亚亚特兰大91 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
Staff was so nice and knowledgeable about explaining how to maneuver through the museum. Please spend a couple hours!!
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路易斯安那州Gretna478 条分享
2023年6月 • 独自旅游
This museum definitely display authentic relics of history. It thought a lot about what happened in our country in the past.
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Elizabeth T
英国雷丁4 条分享
2023年4月 • 家庭
A very nice museum! I loved the vintage pieces and learned new things about the state. The Civil Rights Museum is excellent also.
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John C
加利福尼亚森尼韦尔11 条分享
Great presentations about history in Mississippi. It does not sugarcoat slavery and Jim Crowe in its past. It also covers the Civil War and Civil rights movement in Mississippi, which was an epicenter for many of the integration battles. One ticket gets you into both museums.
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宾夕法尼亚雷丁631 条分享
We visited here and the civil rights museum which is on the other side of the building and included in the ticket. The history museum gives a great overview of the establishment and people that make up Mississippi. If you've gone to other history museums in the south, it is very similar, but still very well done.
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Chuck Buck
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Museum of Mississippi History was by far our favorite of all the places we visited in Jackson. It is located in the same building as the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum so you can see both in the same stop. The building also has a nice casual restaurant that was very reasonable. If you plan to see both you can easily spend 5 or 6 hours here.
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加利福尼亚Nipomo483 条分享
The museum shares space with the Civil Rights Museum. Both museums are excellent and each museum is worth 1-2 hours of time. As history museums go this one is updated and full of well presented displays and lots of video. You can bring families here but the displays presented are more for an adult viewer than a child viewer. I wanted to get an overview of Mississippi history that did not white wash the dark side of the states history. This museum was very even handed. It presented a chronological history of the state that highlighted the states accomplishments but also fully told the history of the native Americans and enslaved persons on whose backs much of that success came. Very informative and well done. Good job Mississippi.
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I love history but found this a depressing place as it focuses on racism. I felt marginalized by the Introductory Video that described one group oppressing all other groups. It should be introducing the first area, Indian Artifacts. I suggested a flyover of Emerald Mound, the second largest Indian Mound in North America, but they didn't even respond to my letter.

The WWII section is so tiny. The Civil War area is more concerned with placing blame than anything else. I expected Klan robes the Civil Rights side, but in the middle of the History side is overkill. The Music section features Ike Turner who reportedly abused his wife Tina, breaking her jaw. He has both guitar and suit of clothes on display. Neither for BB King or Elvis.

There is small church-like room, but our Christian heritage is largely ignored. We have some of the most beautiful and historic homes in the nation, but these are overlooked. The Civil War area ignores the misery of the common people who were burned out for no reason - their homes, towns, farms, everything, leaving the state in economic distress for generations. Is it fair to blame our state for slavery when the U.S. Congress is who approved it and had to end it? The North had the votes to end it anytime. What took them so long? So much wasted space and missed opportunities here.
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