Casino at Fitzgeralds Hotel

Casino at Fitzgeralds Hotel(蒂尼卡)

Casino at Fitzgeralds Hotel

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michigan276 条分享
Nice To Visit Every Time I Come To Tunica
We come to Tunica every year or two to go to the casinos. We did not stay here this time but have stayed here the past two times we visited Tunica. I get some of the reviews here but people need to remember we are still in a pandemic whether people want to believe and accept it or not. There is lack of staff everywhere due to businesses having a hard time finding employees to hire. The casino resort I did stay at this time didn't have daily maid service or an open buffet for this reason. No, it probably won't be like it was before the pandemic but people hollered because the casinos were closed. Well, now they are at least open and trying as best they can with limited personnel.

My impression of Tunica the first time I was here years ago was someone thought this could be the Las Vegas of the middle south that would draw in people from nearby states and people who wanted the big casino resort experience without the cost and bustle of Las Vegas. It may have been novel at first but as time went on, places started to close, such as Harrah's, Isle Of Capri, Resorts and others. I just don't think the area was able to support the dreams people had. Without the business, you can't keep places pristine and updated as time goes by. At least most casinos update the slots with newer machines. I believe the simple fact is that with less and less people going to Tunica, the less the overall upkeep and remodeling will happen. I see huge parking lots everywhere with few cars in them. Without a lot of customer's to support the casinos, like they do in Las Vegas, the tighter the slots will be and the less upkeep will be done. Sure, maybe the corporations like Caesars and Boyd can afford it overall, but they may take the stand that in Tunica with less people and business, why bother updating a resort casino that people will still go to anyway.

This is still a nice casino that I enjoy going to. I like that they have a casino on the ground as well as second floor. They had newer slots as well as older one and was fairly clean in the casinos. Yes, the slots were tight but not as tight as a couple other casinos in Tunica. Perhaps some places are trying to make up for money lost when the casino's were closed, but they all have to remember if they are so tight people won't come, they won't make any money! If they are loose enough for people to win now and then, they will come back. No one likes to walk in and drop all their money in 5 or 10 minutes. At least give some pay backs to keep them playing for a while on their money.

Last thing in general. People should expect a clean place to play and stay. They shouldn't expect 5 star quality and amenities on 2 star prices, but at least they should have a clean room and be able to have fun. Even 3 and 4 years ago when we stayed here there was a bit of a smoky smell and my CPAP had that odor for a week or two when I got home, but we also paid only $12 for Sunday and Monday night with a veteran's discount. You do get what you pay for and if you want better accommodations, pay accordingly for them. People also have to be a bit tolerant of the current situation and realize there may not be enough people employed to keep rooms as spotless as in the past. I've seen many bad reviews referring to the fact that other Tunica casino's are already closed up or demolished. The surest way to get all the casino's closed down is to nit pick at every little thing and give them a bad review. People need to be honest but also fair in their reviews, especially during these stressful times, otherwise Tunica gambling may close down completely and then how far will you have to go to find a casino that may even be worse? As it is, there are 6 casino's left, 7 or 8 if you count Isle Of Capri in Lula and the one in West Memphis. Right now there is still some competition, but for each casino that closes up due to bad reviews and lack of business, the more the remaining casinos can tighten their slots knowing people will still want to gamble and they are the only choice left in the area, Be honest but fair.
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路易斯安那州拉法叶174 条分享
3 Nights in Tunica Resorts
I have been to a lot of casinos in the past. This was above average in cleanliness, ease of parking and appearance. It was off season, so it was not crowded.
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Jason Chauvin
路易斯安那州霍马365 条分享
A Shadow of its former self
2021年6月 • 独自旅游
The 1st floor of this casino is fantastic, the 2nd floor not so much. To much cigarette smoke on the 2nd floor and it happens to be next to the 2 dining options here which did not look appetizing to me. I'd rather go to McDonald's. I did like there selection of slot machines on the 1st floor. They remodeled this casino since the 1990s and apparently looks like they screwed it up big time. The casinos design in the 1990s was perfect. How did they screw that up. The casino also seemed bigger and more spacious in the 1990s, what happened? It's tight spaced now. You will either bump into a slot machine, trash bin, or a person trying to navigate thru this maze. I only give it 3 stars because I know it's potential and it's not being met here.
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4 条分享
Very disappointed
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Our first visit to The Fitz & we won't be back. After checking in at the hotel, we had to wait in our room for over an hour until maintenance came to resolve a problem with TV & Refrigerator. If you want a drink in casino, good luck! The bar is not open & only way to get a drink is via a waitress & evidently they don't have the staff because while playing the slots for hours, we were never approached by a waitress to take a drink order. We then ordered a thin crust pizza at The Bazaar & it was not cooked correctly. The crust was limp & if you could pry a slice off the bottom of pizza box, you had to roll the slice up to be able to eat it. Bottom line is it was not edible. To end our dismal evening we attempted to buy beer at The Market to take to our room. Nope, they clearly advertise that they sell beer however the cashier told us they no longer sell beer.
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Jewell N
俄克拉何马州塔尔萨43 条分享
Birthday Weekend
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We haven’t been here in a few years. We were really disappointed at how unkept it was. Had a horrible smell and the whole casino seemed dirty. Sure not the way it was the last time we were there. Needs updating and a good cleaning.
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伊利诺伊州Kankakee75 条分享
Its a casino
This is one of the nicer casinos in the area but that really isn't saying much. I didn't when big but really who does at a casino. I did manage to break even. This place is no substitute for the Vegas experience but if you are in the area its worth checking out.
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Billie R
加利福尼亚拉蒙纳186 条分享
Best in area but still expensive
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a fairly good time. The Craps table has $10 minimums. Machines were somewhat loose and we were able to play for some time on a couple $100. Place is clean.
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Tom T
威斯康星密尔沃基380 条分享
2020年7月 • 好友
Staff and security is very inconsistent at the door with Covid-19! Social distancing not enforced. The place means well by having every other machine on and having machines spaced apart. But after a 3 day weekend and a group tour there, they allow people to sit around on the slot machines that aren’t playing. They even allow people to tilt the chair up to save the machine. The group tour that weekend just invaded the slot machine area with no social distancing or playing them, some machines available didn’t have a chair. What’s worse the casino floor staff are just standing around chit chatting with the is a joke, casino manager should be fired, employees are not even trained properly...this place wasn’t at full capacity, I couldn’t fathom if Covid-19 wasn’t around and all the machines were back in order. I stood for half hour watching the room and all the chaos, it doesn’t take long to see how this operation has no organization...stay away
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马萨诸塞波士顿394 条分享
The Place Looks Great
It's been at least a couple of years since we've been to Fitz's, and I have to say it looks great! We've always enjoyed going there in the past, as their staff was so friendly. When you walk in the front door now, the first thing you can tell is that they have really done some improvements. The carpet looked brand new, they've added a sports book, and on the top floor there is now a Fuddruckers!!!! They have put some money into cleaning and remodeling the place and it looks great. Staff was friendly as always and they also made the necessary modifications for COVID-19. We didn't win this time, but we have won quite a bit there in the past so it's all good. We'll definitely be returning the next time we're in Tunica.
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St. Louis, MO37 条分享
Cleanest casino in town
2020年6月 • 好友
We spent 4 nights in Tunica as a girlfriends Covid Getaway! This casino was the cleanest. Someone was always wiping the seats and machines.There was plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes around if you wanted to wipe your own machine. All casinos required a mask to get in and if you didn't have a mask, they would give you one!
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