Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum(布兰森)

Titanic Museum
专业博物馆 • 教育机构 • 历史博物馆
1-2 小时
低至 $39.50
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Myrna C
巴西里约热内卢219 条分享
O local é muito b estruturado, da arquitetura as informações e a forma interna do museu. Clareza, beleza e a simpatia de todos atendentes
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138576611 条分享
When I saw the Ukrainian flag, shortly after entering, I was disappointed from a historic standpoint; the flag was created in 1991 & something the actual passengers wouldn't have identified with.
The Titanic collection was very good & I enjoyed the actual Titanic Museum in itself, but there was SO MUCH emphasis about Jewish passengers & the Holocaust that I didn't expect to be there. I was disappointed that the museum's primary focus was on them. At the bottom of every sign about Jews, there's a phrase, "Intolerance is a virus, too." I don't believe a mask would help stop that either.
There's a small section, near the end, about the preachers on board (all but 1 perished) and how one of them gave up his life vest, while IN the water, & continued preaching for people to give their lives to Jesus. I had never read about them before.
I'm glad they had a room dedicated to the musicians! They were amazing, gifted men who all voluntarily perished with the ship. The last song played, according to survivers, was "Nearer my God to Thee".😓
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The current Ukrainian flag has been in use since 1848 and officially adopted in 1918. It was outlawed when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and was brought back in 1991. So the Titanic Ukrainians would have recognized that flag, even though Ukraine was part of Russia in 1912. As for the Jews: We honor 2,208 passengers and crew every day. However, with that many people to honor, we try to shine a spotlight on those passengers that might otherwise have been overlooked among the masses. To do this, we frequently change our focus to a new group of passengers and crew. In 2016 we focused on the musicians aboard (and you still see the remnants of that display in the Music Gallery). Every November we celebrate the Veterans (the military showcard is up year-round). Each March we explore the Irish aboard. The Memorial Gallery holds the remnants of our Religious Christian Heroes display that you enjoyed. Right now, we are focused on the Jews aboard. Which brings us to the Holocaust. WWII began only 27 years after Titanic. Several of the passengers and crew – Jews and not – were involved in WWII and the Holocaust. Some passengers and crew fought during the war or had family or friends who fought or died. Two of the Jewish passengers were closely connected to Anne Frank. One Titanic passenger was a POW held in a concentration camp. One Titanic crewman helped evacuate Dunkirk. One Titanic survivor was arrested as a spy – by both sides of the war! So yes, we have displays involving WWII and the Holocaust. Because they ARE relevant to Titanic. Because Titanic isn’t just a ship that sank in 1912, it’s the people who were there. Over 2,000 Titanic passengers and crew had lives outside 1912, and as a Titanic Museum, we honor those lives – their ENTIRE lives.
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Kirbi H
6 条分享
I loved how interactive it was. We all were so curious to see if our character we were given at the start would survive. I learned a lot and my 16 year old daughter actually really enjoyed it
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Lia from Branson
密苏里布兰森2 条分享
I visited the museum with some friends and it was beautiful.I noticed immediately the fairy houses for the Irish and it was lovely but what really made this amazing was the holocaust remembrance. I was so blown away by all the artifacts that I might’ve even teared up.
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爱荷华Ankeny283 条分享
You never know what you are going to get with attractions like this in a resort area. This had been highly recommended and I would add it to anyones Branson list. It looks small but there is a lot of stuff inside and a few neat Titanic items. It will be very interesting to anyone (I would suggest probably not for little kids but I don’t know) regardless of what your knowledge is. This is one of those places that will leave a memory for a long time.
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德克萨斯州阿比林7 条分享
History is fascinating! This museum knows how to draw people’s attention by involving you as you enter with a passenger card. The exhibits are presented in a logical manner with written information. However, there was an audio speaker that gave both child & adult information, too.
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Nicolette C
乔治亚Douglasville8 条分享
It is small to what it looks like on the outside but packed with lots of info. It will be crowded so definitely book early to avoid the crowds. Great history of the people who were on board and the actual artifacts and displays. Gift shop prices were reasonable. Look at Groupon for tickets prices some days were 2/1. Really enjoyed the museum
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Martha H
1 条分享
Very interesting, but never understood why the Ukrainian flag was displayed since there was no Ukraine at that time. I was also puzzled as to why it centered on the Jews and Holocausts rather than the Titanic. But the biggest puzzle of all were the "fairy" displays . . .
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4 条分享
Not a very large museum but they made it interesting! It doesn’t take a very long time, only about 1.5 hours and the photos are amazing.
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路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日7 条分享
It was very informative, and the re-creations of the inside of the ship were beautiful. It is a self-guided audio tour. I am giving only 3 stars because I didn't really feel it was suited for kids under 12. They had a different audio tour for kids, but the little ones there didn't seem to be too engaged. Most of them we saw there were bored.
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