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上午9:00 - 下午10:30
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上午9:00 - 下午10:30
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Kirsten H.
密苏里堪萨斯城90 条分享
We’ve done our fair share of escape rooms and this one was definitely not my favorite. We did the DaVinci code and got out in 23 minutes. I believe the instructions at the beginning took longer than it did for us to escape. Also, we’d booked a different room and only after we were given our instructions and after we were left alone to start did he realize the mistake and offer us the room we booked. At that point we’d already started so we finished. It was still a fun time but maybe a bit to easy for “experiences” escape room enthusiasts
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伊利诺伊州Western Springs1,018 条分享
We are escape room enthusiasts and have done about 170 rooms. We went to this escape room and did 3 of the rooms in a row. We are a family of 4 with teens. I'd recommend escape rooms overall for groups with the make up. We find that different people have different strengths and different puzzles that each person is able to solve. We did 'The Da Vinci Code', 'A Dream' and "221B Baker's Street". We all liked the Da Vinci Code best. Why? We like when rooms keep puzzles to the theme of the room, and when there are unique puzzles. Our second favorite was 221B Bakers street - we think this is just because we all love Sherlocked themed rooms. There is a unique reveal (we can't explain or we'll ruin it) that we really enjoyed also. They were busy because it was the week of spring break. We weren't able to do them all back-to-back, but they did call us when a group was done early so that we could start early, which was great!
Location: This is right near several other museums in the old train station. $10 to park, and that made parking fairly easy.
New to escape rooms: If you haven't done an escape room before, it's like a 3D puzzle, with many different types of puzzles. You never know if you'll get something like a cross word, fill in the words, sudoko, or many, many other unique to game type puzzles. You are not truly 'locked in' in most rooms, it's just on your honor. If it's your first escape game, definitely let your game master know since there are hints and nudges the game master can provide to help with your first room. It's also good to start with the easiest escape room (or highest escape rate room). Great experience.
One unique thing at this escape room is the picture area. It allows you to take a picture that looks like it's sideways when you are done. Look at the "look book" before taking your pictures at the end!
Game masters were attentive, friendly, and help with the pictures at the end.
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Rebecca K
堪萨斯奥拉西3 条分享
The staff went out of their way to make sure it was COVID safe. We have done several rooms at Union Station, but 221B Baker St was by far the most fun we have had at an escape room! You will not be disappointed!
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Angela S
密苏里Lamar25 条分享
We booked a time while driving up to KC. The host got us started as soon as we arrived. My two boys - 10 and 13 - had a great time working with us to find clues. With them, we tried an easier difficult and ALMOST made it out. We would all definitely do this again!
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laura a
密苏里Blue Springs21 条分享
Everyone needs an eacape these days. My family would definitely recommend Escape Room Kansas City. So much fun and very professionally run. We will absolutely be back to try some of their other rooms.
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堪萨斯欧弗兰帕克1 条分享
I really ejoyed the time that I spent at Escape Room KC! The workers there were incredibly kind, and they even shared my enthusiasm on all the rooms after we played through them! They are incredibly focused on guest experience, with myself and a friend having one of the rooms have an impassable error, and they had to come in to fix it for us, joked about it with us, and they made sure to take care of us, giving us the best experience possible. Thank you all for a great time!
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密苏里圣约瑟夫1 条分享
I know it’s tough to maintain these rooms with everyone trying to take them apart but our room was definitely needing some attention. All gadgets worked as designed so we had a fun time and did escape the secret agent room with 15 minutes to spare.
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密苏里Parkville27 条分享
Did the “terminator room”, and had a blast. Love that we could reference an iPad for clues. Also enjoyed that just my family got to solve the game without other families, much better experience that way!
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Kim J
60 条分享
Horrible waste of $200 for the group and we love escape rooms. Why? Worthless clues. 2 of the 3 clues given by staff when we asked for them were things we’d already figured out and were NO help. Intentional misdirections including instructions to “call a coworker”. Looked for phone. No phone. Supposed to somehow know to use the walkie talkie that’s used to communicate with the staff for clues. What?!? something marked as an item to leave alone was actually something we ended up needing to use to move forward. What the __?!? An item essential to moving forward had such weak old batteries that it wouldn’t work. Staff had to come in a physically move the item to make it trigger and was then rude about it. For $200 buy some new batteries!!! We were all dissatisfied but staff, including the management on duty, truly didn’t care. Go to Breakout KC. They are WAY better!!
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德克萨斯州奥斯丁23 条分享
We love escape rooms, and were visiting Kansas City with a plan to do the Dream room on Monday evening and Judgement Day on Tuesday morning. However, after our Dream room experience we did not return. The game coordinator was the the complete opposite of enthusiastic or interested in our customer experience. The room itself was poorly put together- items were broken, left open when they should have been locked, clues were faded. In order to successfully complete the room you had to rely on outside clues or "hints"- which in our opinion, makes it a less than legitimate escape room. Also for the price, we've seen much better designs for much more interactivity. We were extremely disappointed. As veterans of these type of rooms, I recommend looking elsewhere.
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