Downtown Cinema 8
Downtown Cinema 8
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德克萨斯州韦科77 条分享
Super nice, super clean, great candy pricing, lots of leg rm., temp. inside is good, very nice, seats are comfortable and work, very inviting, everything in working order. Do wish they had early showings during the wk., but I get it small town and workers are probably mostly high school, hopefully in summer more afternoon movies during the wk. love to go early to the movies-but thrilled the theater is here, they bring in all the latest movies so that is super nice
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Melissa H
华盛顿奥林匹亚26 条分享
2017年5月 • 家庭
1st time here. Family of 5 with 1 teenager and 2 tweens. Spent $56 which included matenee and snacks. Not too bad for us. Clean and fairly well run by teenage kids. Good expierence for us. We would go again...They have cotton candy! !!automatic thumbs up for me.
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密苏里赫曼1 条分享
2016年4月 • 好友
This theater is a fine place to go and visit during a hot day in Kirksville, Missouri. It is a acceptable theater for this little town of course the quality is lower because of the lack of competition.
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Kirksville38 条分享
No matter the movie, you can always count on the popcorn to be hot and buttery. So take a friend and enjoy the latest show.
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Sean A
密苏里柯克斯维尔51 条分享
2015年12月 • 独自旅游
As the only movie theater in Kirksville (let alone a minimum of 30 miles in one direction, and much further in others), it's easy to see how Downtown Cinema 8 could allow things to slide. That being said, it is now bordering on being unusable.

Here are just some of many complaints:

- Website is ugly to the point of being difficult to read.

- Parking lot is tiny and difficult to back out of most spaces. (I understand this is a restriction of the lot)

- No online ticket sales so you never know if a movie is sold out until you get there. (Yes, I understand people did that for decades, but the technology exists now.)

- Ticket sales are now done from the concession cash registers so you have no choice but to wait in line behind people trying to decide what candy they want or waiting on their popcorn.

- Concession selection is tiny.

- (Specific to Christmas time) Lobby is filled with so many yard sized Christmas decorations as to make it difficult to navigate if there is even a slight crowd.

- Seats in the theaters are showing definite age. In the past two weeks I have encountered a seat so broken I almost sank to the floor - a seat with the majority of the left arm rest torn off - a seat that the padding was all but gone and left arm was taped down to hold it in place.

I understand we're a small town, but this just isn't even funny any more. As one of the few sources of entertainment in Kirksville it does actually represent us to a degree to people pondering moving here, going to school at our universities or potentially moving a business to our city.

The movie going experience has gotten to the point at Downtown Cinema 8 that I usually wait until I am out of town to see a film, or if I have no scheduled trips I most often wait for the home video release. Watching movies at home is not my preference, but DC8 has pretty much driven me to that in most cases.

Kirksville deserves better, or at least a business that seems to care about how it presents itself.
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