Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve

Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve(Modiin)

Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve

Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve
自然与野生动物区 • 花园


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Florence B
以色列特拉维夫249 条分享
I just got back from Neot Kedumim with the kids and we all had a great time!
It shows the kids how they would do different things in biblical times like grind the flour, get water from a well, etc. They currently have a special exhibit of different sukkahs that are mentioned in the Mishna and talmud.
It's all outdoors and there are plenty of shaded areas and is located near Modiin.
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以色列Beit Shemesh59 条分享
We went on the family lantern tour of Neot Kedumim and had an amazing time. The tour guide, Elly, was engaging and informative. She described a number of plants and trees along the way, connected them to biblical times and explained how people used cisterns and harvested grapes in ancient times. She told a number of interesting stories that kept the kids engaged. The sunset was magnificent and my son really enjoyed using the lantern.
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Ido R
以色列Modiin89 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
The site is dedicated to ancient times of the Jewish nation. The kids enjoyed a lot from the tour. The loved to explore the trees and the plants. The guide was wonderful. The place has access to people with disabilities, located near Modi''in.
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以色列Rishon Lezion30 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
Были с маленькими детьми(6 лет, 4 года и 1,9), пешком, провели там почти два часа, всем очень понравилось, обязательно приедем ещё!
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以色列Lod2,366 条分享
luscious green, fresh air,great views,enormous territory,lots of solitude -we ve been on friday afternoon -only met occasionally 5 other people.great place for small picnic near the lake and feeling alone with nature near the big city.Payment at visitors center.Clean restrooms
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Steve D
印第安那Chesterton343 条分享
This was a great stop for us after flying in to travel to Jerusalem. We came in the afternoon and it was a very interesting stop. It had some great plant items and trees. Also, they had some very nice wine and olive presses. They also had a cistern which is operable so that you get an idea of what the time of Christ and earlier would be like. Very enjoyable.
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Sally K
Jerusalem205 条分享
I have been a professional Jewish Educator for over 40 years, over 30 years of which working in the field of interesting and engaging trips in Israel for Jewish educators, leaders, and families. Almost always I include a fun and interactive visit to Neot Kedumim! Everyone is looking for authenticity and this is the place where the people, land, and Torah/tradition of Israel converge in the most engaging and fun ways! It is unique in the world and every single time for every person I have brought here, it has been a highlight of their trip to Israel. SO roll up your sleeves and prepare for fun and authenticity in this special place, where every guide is excellent and every activity is fun and meaningful! I MOST HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE OF EVERY FAITH AND AGE COME TO NEOT KEDUMIM! It truly does not get better than this!
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Melinda W
弗吉尼亚温切斯特65 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
We visited Neot Kedumim with our tour group and absolutely loved it! The teens were able to pick olives and press them like in Biblical days. The group also had the opportunity to grind hyssop with a mortar and pestle to bring home. Our guide, Johanna, was fabulous! She knew her Bible and her enthusiasm was fantastic. We visited in January, the rainy season, although it didn't rain that day.
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以色列Haifa6,186 条分享
The park is aimed to revive the way Israel ancestors were living during the biblical time. On the path are some archaeological excavations and some restorations such as small water reservoir curved in stone and wells, oil press, wine press, water powered gristmill, vineyard and the watch tower, sakia and more. Many plants are also along the way. Unfortunately, lot of the labels are unreadable and along the way we found a lot of litter. The long path will be difficult in hot days since most of it is not shaded by trees.
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Washington D.C. Metro Area, United States15 条分享
We spent several hours here with our (adult) children and grandchildren, and are looking forward to a return trip. Plan your outing based on the weather. There is a lot of hiking to be done and in extreme heat it will be difficult especially for the very young and the very old. This is not a handicapped accessible outing, and participants must be able to walk or be carried. To clarify, this is an easy walk but not all surfaces are level. There are excellent tours and demonstrations. We particularly appreciated the detailed display about medicinal uses of plants in the past and present, and could have spent 2 hours there! Bring snacks and drinks, and plan for a great day.
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