Red Rock Hma

Red Rock Hma(Jean)

山 • 自然与野生动物区 • 山谷


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Jim T
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2021年11月 • 好友
Not a trip for everybody. This really requires a good four-wheel-drive with off-road tires and some knowledge of the area. Many times the horses are found on private property unless you’re with somebody who has received permission you will never get to the bands. There are several bands of horses scattered over many square miles of territory and you never know when one of them is going to pop into view. Remember that these are wild animals and you can’t just walk up to them. Don’t try to feed them carrots or any of that type of stuff because they have no idea what those food items are. If you go there go only with the intention of viewing the animals and hoping that you can get some photos. These animals are protected by the Bureau of land management and the volunteers that help monitor. You will need a really good telephoto lens in order to get good photographs
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Jim T
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2021年3月 • 好友
The Red Rock herd management area is one of 83 areas set aside for the management of wild horses and burros across Nevada. They cover an area of approximately 15 1/2 million acres set aside for the management of almost 13,000 animals. This particular area covers over 157,000 acres of BLM land along with a mixture of other private and public lands for a total of almost 162,000 acres. The animals in this area are grouped in several bands ranging in size from less than a handful to about 15 animals. Hey survive in the typical Mojave desert shrubbery that consist of various bushes and grasses. The mountainous portion contains pinyon pines, juniper and sage brush.

These animals hold a protected status and a strict distance must be kept from the bands. Most of the area is interlaced with rugged four-wheel-drive trails and should not be attempted by standard vehicles. Please adhere to the establish trails and do not venture off of them.
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