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马萨诸塞波士顿422 条分享
Went back to the casino at Treasure Island on our trip to Vegas this summer. We were still happy to see that their table limits were reasonable. $10 and $15 blackjack tables paying 3:2 were still available, and they had a good selection of single-deck, double-deck, and 6-deck shoe. I don't think we necessarily won or lost a great deal of money this time. Dealers were friendly, and for people that were obviously new to the game they seemed to be helpful.

The only turn-off was that when we gave our players club cards to the dealer, the pit boss just looked at them, and gave (or tossed) them back to us. So, I guess you don't really earn any points of any kind by playing table games at TI because they apparently do not swipe cards or keep track of who is there at all. This is in keeping with the fact that out of all the times we have been to TI, we've never been able to get any type of player's club card balance on their machines or on their website (whenever we would call, they would say they "were having trouble with the system").

So, long story short: Treasure Island is a fun place to gamble, they have reasonably priced tables. You may win, you may lose, but just play for fun because you will not get anything in return from their player's club such as express comps or freeplay.
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Brian G
威斯康星麦迪逊249 条分享
We stayed at the TI hotel for the first time at the end of a trip to Las Vegas. Here's the good the bad and the ugly about this place. The staff at the hotel are great, there are enough of them everywhere except the check-in desk and they are friendly and happy to assist, and they really seem like they are happy with their employment. This is probably the best staff I've run into in Vegas in multiple trips there which should be commended. The rooms are good, clean, spacious and well appointed, with the exception of the air conditioning, which is straight out of the 1970's. It stands in stark contrast to otherwise quite modern rooms, with really nicely done bathrooms.
The biggest complaint I have was about the self-check in kiosk, which is becoming quite common at these hotels. I had called to arrange for connecting rooms. The young lady at the hotel explained that we would need to change from King single rooms to Queen doubles because those were the only rooms that had a connecting option. That was fine with us and asked her to proceed with this. When we checked in the room reservations seemed correct with the queen doubles, but we checked in at the same time on 2 different kiosks and didn't even end up on the same floor, let along connecting rooms.

I decided I would see I could clear the matter up at the checkin desk and by my count there were about 70-75 people standing in line at the desk, not worth the wait.
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Kelly H
新泽西北布伦斯威克217 条分享
We went to treasure island to see mystery circqe de solei. We decided to gamble a little before the show. Was a decent place. Not as smoky as some of the other casinos.
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佛罗里达萨拉索塔531 条分享
The hotel is centrally located on Las Vegas Strip. It's close to most things to do. You can take a bus to Fremont ast Experience ( you need to buy a bus pass ) if you're in ok shape you can walk the strip one way , one day and the other way the next day. There are many things to do here as well. We always stay here for the convenience and it's just a very nice hotel.
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墨西哥墨西哥城27,916 条分享
La ambientación de un barco pirata en la explanada frontal es un espectáculo, asemeja un parque de diversiones.
Al interior la zona del casino con mesas y máquinas de juego muy al estilo "Las Vegas" .

Es otro de los resort- casino a visitar en "The Strip"

Disfruta de
Casino at Treasure Island porque: ¡La VIDA...es un VIAJE!
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马萨诸塞波士顿422 条分享
Went back to Treasure Island again on this trip, and had a great time gambling at the casino. We were able to find both nickel and quarter video poker at this casino, which is always nice. Blackjack table limits were still pretty reasonable...in fact this casino has a wide selection of blackjack available: Single Deck, Double Deck, 6-Deck, 8-Deck, and they even had a table where it was 6-deck and the dealer actually shuffled the cards manually (not by machine). Most of the dealers and pit bosses were friendly, as were the cocktail waitresses. Will probably go back again in the future.
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Josh C
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卡罗莱纳州Hope Mills35 条分享
It’s ok if you like smelling like an ashtray…. People smoking weed at the entrance and rooms smelling like smoke even in a nonsmoking room!
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Melissa P
2 条分享
This was my 3rd time in Vegas but my 1st time visiting Treasure Island. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.
We went early April and sat at a Blackjack table. After getting Blackjack, my partner received a coin that had 15/3 written on it (After asking another patron after the fact, they said sometimes people like to write on them - seems that coin shouldn't have been in the mix then) - we we're confused what the significance was and wanted to check that he received the correct amount. Upon asking the dealer, his response was immediately "have you never played Blackjack before?". We responded yes, we've played quite a bit and hadn't seen this before. We then asked if this was a 6 to 5 or 3 to 2 table, to which the dealer responded "you get what you get". He seemed very unwilling to help and annoyed by us asking a single question. The whole table was our party so we weren't holding up a group and simply wanted some clarification - I can't imagine trying to learning at a table like that.
We went and asked to speak to a manager after since we felt so put off about our first experience, but the manager only said "Sorry" and just about left it at that. So many other casinos had dealers that were excited to interact with us and were willing to help, teach, etc. that we'll not be spending more time at Treasure Island.
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Cristina G
加利福尼亚波莫纳1 条分享
Careful on using their Valet Parking!!!! Had my purse stolen, in all lost over $1000 on brand new & sentimental items.... This happened MONTHS ago, left so many messages at their "loss prevention" unit and have not gotten any response.... Now I wish we hadn't tipped the guys that night, or even went to their casino.....
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